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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all, I just got a 25 gallon aquarium and i decided that after 4 years distance from the Disaster that was my first guppy tank I want to try breeding livebearers again! I have been looking up things online to try and decide what livebearer you go with. Guppies are Way more plentiful where I am, with swordtails being the next biggest in stores. I am personally interested in either Veriatus platies or trying out guppies again... I am apprehensive about guppies since even though I did my research last time it ended in a massacre out of the Blue and I can't handle that type of loss again. But thats where you lovely people come in! I am hoping that you all might have some tips and tricks to tell me as well as help me figure out which fish to get. i like the look of veriatus platies but they are hard to find around here but i also like that guppies are a bit smaller. The problem is I have no clue why my last guppy tank failed, one male just became super agressive and became the sole survivior in the tank over the course of 3 days. that was a 10 gallon though so it may have just been the size? a shame i just had got my first generation fry.... But anyways I've rambled on long enough! I would love to take a real departure from only doing betta tanks so I really appreciate the help!
  2. 55gl 4 months old at 80ish, one canister, one hang on the back with aragonite and a mesh filter bag. stocking, duckweed, hornwort, bell pepper and an unknown plant. pestnails, 12 MTS, 10ish guppies 3 Pilates 4 Molly's and a 7-in pleco, (bad test strip ph7.2) retest 4x ph6.4, gh 300+, kh 120ish. A 0, NI 0, NA 30-40 Does anyone know why my guppies and platys are all hiding up in the corner directly under the outlet of the canister filter, cuz the Molly's and the Pleco are still running around just fine only changed 5gl 3 days ago and the only thing different is I did not add salt back to the water I changed, and some of them are diving to the bottom and rubbing into the sand like trying to wipe something off of themselves for about a week, hence why I changed water and did not add salt, so I don't know what they're doing, do 1 of y'all of know (edit 3 I think I have bad strips and kits, strip 1 ph 7.2 - 7.6 strips 2,3,4,5, 6.4, 7.6 6.4 6.4, api test kit low ph sold 7.6, high ph 7.8 maybe a 8, so still idk I guess the mystery just gets thicker)
  3. My yellow guppy fry were easy to sex pretty early because the females quickly developed noticeable gravid spots. I don't remember seeing that on other live-bearers, even light-colored ones. I haven't owned others though; I've just looked at them in stores. I separated my guppy fry as soon as I identified who was who, but although the spot is bigger on guppies who've given birth, it's obvious on all of the females. I'm just curious if other light-colored live-bearers are the same. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I am thinking of breeding some guppies in a 15 gallon aquarium with my German blue rams. The aquarium is heated to 84 F at the moment. Would guppies be able to breed and thrive at such a high temperature, or would it need to be lower. Interested in anyone's opinion on the ideal temperature to breed guppies for maximum production and fish health....a range would be nice to know also if possible. Thanks guys!
  5. I recently set up a 20 gallon tank with Endlers and Blue Neocardina shrimp. I bought the endlers as a group on aquabid with 2 males and 4 females with a few fry. Most of the fry have grown out to be males. It looks like the males are starting to gang up a but on the females, so I guess my QT tank will be getting a population of males while I figure out what to do with them. I have 2 questions. First, how often should I pull males to maintain the proper male to female ratio? I am planning to pull some out tomorrow to balance the ratio. Second, is there a set if conditions I can maintain to help favor a higher ratio of females to males? I've seen some internet articles that suggest cooler temperatures will cause a higher female ratio while higher temperatures will favor males. Does anyone have any practical experience with controlling the male to female ratio of Endlers?
  6. Here is my current set up. I am a bit worried my Ph might get too high with the limestone... please let me know your thoughts on what you see!
  7. There are lots of questions here, but I'm really just looking for ideas. I'd love thoughts on any/all of these. I'm looking at setting up my first big tank--a 75 or 90 gallon depending on the best deal I can find. I'd like to do a mix of livebearers--guppies for sure and then thinking of adding in a few platys or mollies. We have the hard water for it, I think guppies are some of the prettiest fish out there, and I'll have a perpetual supply of fish that's always changing. I like that the platies/mollies get a somewhat larger and can add some variety, but guppies are definitely my favorites. I started out with 5 community guppies from Twin City Guppies and ended up with the 2nd generation of males all being dark blue/black delta tails and very pretty females with large yellow and black tales. I'm planning to move some of these over out of the smaller tanks, but I'd also like to end up with some more color. The females are virgin at this point and could be mixed with anything. Right now everyone's pretty but also all the same. So here are my questions: 1. Do I just get the cheap assorted guppies at my LFS this time and pick out the colors I want? Throw one each in with a female in a breeding box for an hour and see what I end up with? 2. Do I spend A LOT more money on higher end breeding pairs the colors I want when I'm not planning on trying to breed true--just wanting variety? Will they end up imparting better genetics and make better fish? Anyone have a good source suggestion for these if that's the case? I honestly don't think I'm prepared to spend $50 plus shipping for 2 fish from Twin City, and I can't pick anything out for the community selection. I could see swinging $20-$25 a pair if it would lead to better fish down the road. 3. How many guppies/platties/mollies would you recommend starting with in a 75/90 gallon tank? My thought is to start out "slowly" with livebearers--I know the population will EXPLODE after about a month--and then add a single angel to manage fry population and because I've always wanted one. I'm hoping if the tank is planted up a FEW fry will make it but not enough to overrun everything. People with lots more experience--think that will work? My LFS is an hour away and only accepts guppies for donation at this point, so there's not a big market for fry, and I'd like to keep my water changes down to about weekly--not daily! 4. Unrelated to the fish--does anyone have suggestions on substrate/plants that would look particularly good with this kind of setup?
  8. Help an addicted brother, without currently any fish tanks in his life, out!! I really like livebearers especially Swords and Molly's. Show me what you got and how your tank setup looks like, so I can get inspiration for when I finally move to a house with space for a small fish room! I would really love a colony breeding swordtail tank!
  9. Hello everyone! I purchased my first 20gal tank a few months back and stocked it with 8 guppies and snails/shrimp. My ultimate goal for the tank was to simply have a thriving planted ecosystem and after binge watching co-op video’s I was excited for the challenge. I’ve surprised myself with how well the tank has come along, 3 weeks ago I discovered fry in the tank which seems to be the ultimate indication that you have a happy/healthy tank! I happily purchased a 5gal for the 20ish fry because I read that other females may eat them. No big deal, right? Well, 2 days ago I had 2 more batches of fry and now have 40 to 50 fry in the main tank and about 20 in the secondary tank. After realizing I have 5 females and some quick math there seems to be many more fish in the future if I continue the trend. Any suggestions on what to do with the fry? I’m also wondering if separating the fry is part of the issue. Should I have a “survival of the fittest” approach and let some get eaten? Feed less often?
  10. I have a 20 gallon tank with 3 juvenile Mollies and a Platy. Ph is around 7, Kh and Gh both sit around 120, 0 nitrite and about 20pmm nitrate. My Platy has been hiding by the heater for the past few days, but the other fish have acting normal. Yesterday she finally swam to the from to the tank and she looked, honestly disgusting. She was so swollen in her belly that she was seriously the shape of the boot chicken nugget at Mcdonalds. I watched her horrified as she pooped out these little yellowish transparent balls that were defiantly eggs! They didn't look fertilized, but it happened at the worst time because I had to take my sister to get her wisdom teeth out! (the universe really likes to play you like that sometimes). By the time I got back she had sadly passed away. She was a good fish had had over 40 babies for me when I first got her. (Her name way Molly because I thought she was a Molly when I first got her which is another story entirely but in my defense she was over 3 1/2in long.) I have one male lyre tail Molly, but i've heard they're infertile. I haven't had babies in the tank since I got him, but the other two female (common) Mollies have been looking rather big, so I assume they're pregnant. It's possible maybe he mated with her and the babies weren't viable so they all died, but 1. I feel like that would have happened slowly over time and she went from normal to grotesque overnight. And 2. I feel like there would have been something in the eggs if that was the case. Another option entirely is that she was filled with internal parasites and they were erupting from her body and now my whole tank is at risk. There might be some validity to this because my ladies seem to be bigger some days than others. Like I'll wake up and be like "man, she's GOTTA have those babies today" and by the end of the day I'm like "Yeah she may have another week." (but I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in the slightest. I'm kinda winging all of this and I've had my fair share of troubles.) All the fish have really solid poops and sometimes they're pale looking. I've had some Mollies pass away in the past, but it was shortly after I got them and seemed to be an issue with their slime coats. I've treated the tank with 'Rapid Cure' somewhat recently which is Triethylene Glycol, Polyvinylpyrrolidone K-29, and Malachite green. I have some Prazipro on the way to treat the tank just in case. Does anyone have any suggestions about keeping my other fish happy and healthy? I've had such a hard time with my Mollies and I have a second tank full of babies that I'm terrified of hurting.
  11. Ok so we had fry and they are starting to look orange after a few weeks... now this platy looks pregnant and I’m assuming the black dots are eyes and her belly is getting square... is she pregnant and how long until she lets them out? Also fun fact I’ve had these guys for 3 months and honestly they both look like females.... life finds a way
  12. Got in some really cool killifish this week plus more of Deans famous Midnight Rams! Frogs, Inverts, and Snails African Dwarf Frogs Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Yellow Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snails Nerite Snails (Zebra) Mystery Snails (Gold) Bettas (All Betta Splendes are male unless noted) Black Orchid Crowntail Halfmoon Dragon Scale Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Super Halfmoon Black Avatar Betta Imbellis (aka Peaceful Betta or Peacock Betta) Wild Goruamis Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gourami Sunset Honey Gourami Pearl Gourami Cichlids Super Red Koi Angels (Dean Bred) Philippine Blue Angels (Dean Bred) Gold Rams (Dean Bred) Midnight Rams (Dean Bred) German Blue Rams Corydoras and other Catfish Corydoras Hastatus (aka Black Diamond Cory) Corydoras Loretoensis (Loreto Cory) Pygmy Cory (Wild) Sterbai Corydora (Tank Raised) Panda Cory (Tank Raised) Albino Marble Hoplo Catfish (Tank Raised) Plecos Long Fin Blue Eye Bushynose L264 Sultan Pleco L067 Lot Spot Pleco L34 Medusa Pleco Common Colombian Otocinclus Loaches Reticualted Hillstream Loach Tetras Black Neon Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Cardinal Tetra (Wild) Diamond Head Neon Tetra Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Neon Tetra Eques Pencilfish (Wild) Red Arc Pencilfish (Wild Peru) Rasboras Neon Green Rasbora Brigittae Rasbora (Chili Rasbora) Exclamation Point Rasbora Strawberry Rasbora Barbs and other Cyprinids Odessa Barb Siamese Algae Eater (Tank Raised) Panda Garra (Wild) Danios Kyathit Danio Ricefish Daisy's Blue Ricefish Livebearers Assorted Male Endlers Yellow Tuxedo Endlers Pairs Fancy Male Guppies (Cobra Green, Cobra Red, Japanese Blue Lyretail, and Neon Metallic Blue) Vienna Guppy Pairs (Locally Bred) Flexipenis Vittata (Really Cool Livebearer and will school) Sunset Platy Marble Swordtails (Came in Halloween colors) Killifish Simpsonicthys Constanciae Pairs (Very interesting fins on this SA annual) Norman's Lampeye Killifish Six Barred Panchax (Very comparable to Golden Wonder Killi in body, nice yellow on the males fins) Oddballs Endlicheri Bichir Pao cf. Leiurus (aka Chao Phraya Puffer, treat as a specimen only puffer tank)
  13. Hi, I'm a 13 years old kid from WA, and my name is San. I have recently saved up enough money to buy myself 10 platinum angelfish, they're currently in quarantine. My plan is to put them in my 350 gallon heavily planted tank with guppies, platys, endlers, swordtails, corydoras, plecos, 1 pair of kribensis, snails, three 6 inches SAE. Can the angels live with these fish? Most people on the internet said yes, but I just wanna make sure.
  14. I want to get endlers soon and put them in my 5 gallon planted tank that I use for quarantining before I move them into my 20 gallon planted tank. My normal tank parameters are 7.4 pH, 3 dGH, and 3 dKH. For my best chances of success, should I raise all 3 to higher levels and slowly bring them down over a few months before putting them into my normal water in the 20 gallon? What products should I use to do this? And how high should I get them? Thanks everyone for the help!
  15. Hi all, I have recently had succes breeding my Ginga Rubra guppies (admittedly accidentally, but Ill take success when it comes! Haha) I now have several big, fat, healthy adult guppies to be the basis of a colony. However, I noticed that one the females has not gotten pregnant and has an unusually shaped anal fin. The coloring clearly indicates this is a female, but the anal fin is long and slender like a male. I was able to get a semi-decent picture but its still difficult to see- but you can clearly see its very different from the smaller male. Is it common to get intersex guppies when breeding? I am very nervous about culling too much and just ruining everything. But I guess if this one isn't breeding anyway, I don't need to worry. Very interested to hear everyone's insights.
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