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Found 6 results

  1. I recently got platies. Two have given birth so far. Guppies and endlers seem to have their whole drop in as long as 12 hours, start to finish. But I'm pretty sure my platies will have a single one. Then a day or so later, give birth to the majority. Then another day or two later, push out a straggler. I've heard that least killifish will have babies in slo-mo, but platies?
  2. So I have a pair of red wag platies in a 10 gallon with some guppies...I have been wondering if and when I would see my first platy fry. Mom was bigger than dad to begin with (as is normal with livebearers) but pretty small compared to some adults I have seen. Mom is dropping now. I see 10-15 fry so far. They are distinct from guppy fry which is fun. They are...gray? I know guppies are not born the color they will be, and guppy females can be bred when you buy them so it is a grab bag and this first drop could be any kind of mongrels. At what age will I know what I have? Edited to add: closest bet gets the entire drop as a prize!! (A joke, this is against forum policy)
  3. After a grueling, messy 30 minutes to catch 20 stressed out endler juveniles from my livebearer tank and barely making a dent in their population, I'm getting a little worried that I'm massively overstocked in my 36g or soon will be. Current plan is to set up a smaller, bare bottom tank, go back in a couple days and catch as many fry as I can to help isolate them and sell them off since my local pet store isn't offering any money or store credit for them, then starting again with more population controls in check. Current thoughts are to feed less and not work so hard to harden up the water, just enough keep the plants happy. But are there some good fish out there who'd be happy in a 36g livebearer tank who'd snack on some fry but leave the parents alone? A single angelfish? A pair of dwarf gourami? Something else?
  4. It seems that a month after my swords or platties give birth, I find them dead and their stomach open. Just like it had exploded open. It doesn't happen to every female, just more often than it to be an isolated fish, Parameters are all 0-.5. Water changes happen at least once a week, sometimes twice. depends on parameters. I have 7 platties, and 5 swords, 3 pygmy corys, and 5 amano shrimp and a couple snails in a 29. Lots of fish potentially means increased water changes. and the tank is well p[anted.
  5. Hello, I am thinking of breeding some guppies in a 15 gallon aquarium with my German blue rams. The aquarium is heated to 84 F at the moment. Would guppies be able to breed and thrive at such a high temperature, or would it need to be lower. Interested in anyone's opinion on the ideal temperature to breed guppies for maximum production and fish health....a range would be nice to know also if possible. Thanks guys!
  6. What livebearer is producing the most fry on regular basis? Thanks a lot and Happy New Year!
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