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Found 9 results

  1. I multitask while watching the livestream. I also hangout on the forum. If anyone one is up for it, we can talk about the livestream amongst ourselves (which starts in a little less than 20 minutes).
  2. Does anyone know if the live stream earlier is planned to be a regular time/day now and does it replace the usual time on Sunday? It was at 1am here so couldn't watch it as had to be up for work at 4am. 😞
  3. That he uses during the live stream? I know so body here will know what it is so I can order one? Thanks For your time John
  4. Anyone else watching the live stream? I hope this post isn’t redundant—I looked but I didn’t see one already made. Cory looks like he has a decent amount of energy! That’s good to see!
  5. and you'll always find the answers you seek. I've been researching mosquito larvae as a food source and hadn't found a definitive, "yes, you can grow and harvest regular old mosquitoes and give them to your fish." Then last night I was listening to and old live stream about fish foods and Cory said those magic words - I can just fill up a bucket and grow my own! The truth...is out there.
  6. I'm watching the Halloween stream, and Dean needs a few props. What if Cory had a little rolling prop cart? How would you stock it? Battery power unit or UPS USB Nano Air Pump Airline Tubing Check Valve Never Clog Air Stone Coarse Sponge Filters Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery Ziss Premium Breeder Box Ziss Egg Tumbler Brine Shrimp Eggs Easy Planter @akconklin Live Aquarium Plant @akconklin What would you add? Maybe a tiny demo tank with some water? Food? Hardware? (Don't quote.)
  7. Since the inception of this forum, the Co-Op live streams have been more fun and relaxing to watch, lurk, and chat. In 'the before time', I remember just hoping that Cory might see my question and answer it. Now I see lots of folks who I know from here, and I like trying to help people in the chat with questions that Cory has answered a million times, so we can hear him answer new questions, and discuss new topics. I also like watching Candi and the other moderators work. I'll see a troll post or a spam post, and start a countdown in my head: 5, 4, 3, deleted! Thank you!
  8. Who is going to be watching Cory's live stream today? I am so excited!
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