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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, Ok here's the issue. I have a single Scarlet Badis (Dario dario) that is extremely picky about what he eats. So far hes rejected X-treme flake, X-treme nano, Vibra-Bites, Bug Bites color enhancing flakes, and frozen cyclops. He does however love Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS) so i hatch very very small batches (1/32nd of a tsp) continually. Hes fed for 2-3 days then fasts during the 36 hours a new batch hatch, however hes alone in a planted tank and seems to always be finding little critters to munch on and seems perfectly healthy. If you aren't familiar with them they he is less than 3/4" long and has a truly small mouth. My problem is its very hard to keep BBS alive for the several days it takes for him to consume all of them even though i hatch very small batches. not only that but hes just so small that he cant consume the .5ml of BBS I usually feed. so they end up dying off and hopefully eaten by my Amano and not sucked into the sponge filter. So here are my questions: Does any one have any tricks to getting Darios on frozen or prepared foods? Is there a freshwater alternative to BBS that i can feed and leave for him to hunt as he gets hungry and wont die in a matter of hours like BBS? Can Daphnia be hatched from eggs and fed like BBS? (I know Daphnia cultures can be maintained, gut loaded and fed but i understand them to be difficult to maintain and almost certainly need a large amount of water, sun, and green water to succeed and even then they can easily crash.) Is there a worm or small crustacean or anything like that I can culture in freshwater for him? I know this is oddly specific but maybe others are also having the issue and I figured this group would be a great shot at getting some guidance. Thanks in advance!
  2. Just an FYI-...I raise flightless fruit flies for my daughter's dart frog. We currently have more than can be eaten by that little guy. I decided to dump some in with my rice fish to see what would happen. The flies are small enough they can kind of walk around on the surface tension of the water. They didn't last long though. Once the fish noticed what was going on they went bonkers gulping them down. Tried some in the guppy tank, same thing, feeding frenzy. I'm not sure if this is a common live food, but they're easy to culture and inexpensive if you're raising them yourself...
  3. The past 2 months I have been experimenting with a microworm culture feeding my small tanks at home. So far the fish go crazy for it and I've had a lot of luck just adding bread and water. So now to the title of this, my idea for @Cory is in his new pond/farm set up at his new home is to experiment with suspending a microworm culture above a few of the ponds. My thinking is it would operate as an autofeeder of sorts and if you can make the culture the correct size it wont overfeed. If anyone has tried this or has any reasons why it wouldnt work I would love to hear them!
  4. I've finally decided to take the plunge with culturing nematodes and purchased a pack of 4 (microworm, banana worm, Walter worm, and vinegar eel) cultures for a little shy of $15. I want to share my methods and possibly receive advice! I've already viewed Cory's videos on vinegar eels and microworms but I know there's far more information out there. All of the cultures came in VERY active from shipping. The surface of the culture medium was shimmering with nematodes in everything except for the vinegar eels. I'm having a hard time viewing inside the bag and it's the only culture that didn't get set up tonight. I'm waiting until tomorrow because I definitely didn't forget to buy apples this week 🙃 My medium of choice is instant potatoes with some water. I've prepared 3 cultures and plan to set up my backups early next week when I finally get some time off work. I lightly poured the culture starter that I purchased over the medium that I prepared and poked 2 holes into the lid of each container with a pen. I have poly fill but these holes are so small I can't actually get anything onto them. Advice and feedback are welcome! Maybe it's because I didn't set up the culture, but it honestly doesn't look like there's anything in the vinegar eel culture. I'm hoping life will be more evident tomorrow, I'm sure there's something and I'm not sure what signs to look for.
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