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Found 4 results

  1. I'm new here, so I hope this is the right category for my question. All of my tanks, including new ones with nothing in them yet, have very high pH. I tested the well water right away, but it's perfectly normal. I assumed the gravel was the problem because it wasn't proper aquarium substrate, so I drained the tanks with that gravel, cleaned them out, and put new substrate in. Still high pH. My platy tank has been set up for over a year now with no problems, but just this morning all of my fish suddenly started dying. I tested the water, and the only problem that showed up was high pH. Nothing in this tank has been changed recently, so I really have no idea what would have caused it. I moved the fish to a new tank (still high pH, but it was the only option), and it looks like all I can do is hope they don't die. I have tried pH down, adding driftwood for tannins, changing gravel, and so SO many water changes. My questions are: Would a pH of 8.2 be enough to be killing all of my fish? What could be affecting the pH of every single tank, as the only constant is the same water source (which, again, tested at about 7.0-7.2)? Does anyone know what else I could do to lower the pH?
  2. Thanks for the time first off. I have a general question so holding off on pics etc.. Recently my beautiful black mollies stopped being active. When coming to greet me they sort of just waddled up to the glass surface.(nose up, tail down, and shimmying up instead of the normal swim behavior. I did dose the mollies 24 hours ago with Mardel Maracyn, and half a tble spoon of salt. They are showing signs of improvement and swimming better already! Did some research online. Ran into live bearer disease, and some causes. One which I think is the on going issue for my babies is the lack of calcium. I have a water softener installed on the house. So I know they are deficient. I know they like hard water and will do well in relatively high ph. My tap water is in the 8.2 to 8.4 spectrum, Id like to add crushed oyster shells to the tank to get in some calcium for them. I'm choosing this because I already have it for my chickens. 🙂 Also, because in my research it will just dissolve, letting me know when I need to insert more. My concern is the effect it will have on my ph. My mollies are fine where they are ph wise, but I have no idea how high or how fast the crushed oyster shells will send my ph, or the affect on my fish if the ph goes north of 8.4? I am looking for some advice on how best to proceed with adding some calcium via the crushed oyster shells.(unless there is an easier/safer method) Also, if I am on the right track here, how much would I put into a 20L with 8 black mollies? I have to find a way to get the calcium into my tanks with live bearers. Please help. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all! I was an avid fish keeper (along with my Dad) 15+ years ago while I was in high school. We kept oscars and from time to time other things, including a feeder goldfish who was the only survivor of a fire that gutted a restaurant. After being scooped out of soot filled water, Mr. Food went on to live for over 10 years in a large outdoor tank (we were in Florida). For the past 9 years I have kept a 125g (30g brackish water, the rest land) paludarium for land hermit crabs. That has only ever grown mangroves and kept fiddler crabs from time to time. Recently I decided to get back into fish and it has been a wild ride! I have a 10 gallon guppy tank, and a 29 gallon paludarium now that unlike my other is mostly water. I have about 20 gallons of water in the tank plus another part of the system that I guess can best be described as a sump, but is a 12 gallon tub I plan to grow some semi aquatic plants in. This is a total work in progress, but I did include pictures! Basically what happened was I planted it about 5 months ago, threw in a bunch of trumpet snails out if my brackish tank, then 4 months ago got 5 tiny panda cory. They are such picky eaters, one died before I got it to eat, I should make a whole post about that! I know I should not have bought basically large fry sized fish, but it was all I could find. While I was making progress there my guppies started dying. They were imported from Thailand by my LFS as a special order, but some extra were for sale that I bought. Thanks to aquarium co-op (and girl talks fish) videos I learned all about what to do and treated them for parasites. They kept wasting away until eventually levamisole was the magic cure. As soon as I dosed that the two remaining guppies pooped out a mass of worms and it has been smooth sailing ever sense. I treated the corys too, because they are in the same room. The guppies look a little beat up, but they are now eating, swimming, totally acting normal and spitting out more babies than I know what to do with. One single fry they dropped in the first month before they really deteriorated made it too. Now I have so many that I have moved a bunch to the 29 gallon to grow out. Once I was confident that everyone was treated I got two hillstream loaches and quarantined them for 30 days, which ended a week ago and they are now in the 29 gallon as well. My goal is to concentrate on getting the rest of the plants I want, getting the semi aquatic stuff going in the sump and playing around with some hanging plant stuff. I know most experienced aquascapers probably could do 100% better, but I am enjoying taking it one step at a time and playing around with it. Also in their first 24 hours these loaches ate 75% of the algae in the tank. I don't think I will be scraping this glass ever again. I included a picture of the 29 gallon and a shot of one of the surviving guppies! Note that the filter/all equipment is tucked away in the sump. Also any good tips on taking better pictures of fish? I have the newest galaxy note and it is good at taking pictures of everything else! -Annie
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