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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 75 gallon established heavy(ish) planted tank with the fluval plant 3.0 light, root tabs, ferts, and co2. I also have a mix of tetras, Plecos, and rainbows. My light period runs on a 1 hour sunrise, 6 hours of daylight, then 1 hour sunset. I go to work, and only see my tank (somewhat) lit up for about 20 minutes. By the time I get home, my lights are out. I’ve been hearing about the 4 on 4 off method. Could I switch my lighting period with no negative consequences? Or could it cause and algae bloom or plant die off? I would really like to be able to come home to a lit up tank, just not at the cost of creating problems. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I have a moderately planted community 50 gallon tank with CO2. Currently have light and CO2 set to come on at 7a and turn off at 2p. That allows me to feed the fish in the morning before I leave for work at 7:30 and give the plants enough light but minimize algae. Plants and fish are doing well but I don’t get to enjoy the tank in the evening when I get home, usually around 5p. Can I split the time up that I’m running light and CO2 between morning and late afternoon/evening so that I’m able to get more time to actually see the fruits of my labor? Looking for any suggestions. Thanks.
  3. OK aquatic botanists... I’m puzzled. If you break up your lighting during the day (4 h AM, 4h PM) can you prevent algae growth? I’m playing with the total light, nutrients, balance. Really fun actually, but now I’d like to consider light splitting. does it make a difference? Debate! thx, emily
  4. I think I understand some of the benefits of using light siestas and have seen a lot of the programming complexity people get into. I have a Finnex Stingray for my 10 gallon as well as an outlet timer. What methodology do you use (and what variables play into) determining an appropriate on/off cycle?
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