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Found 5 results

  1. Hi friends! I'm in the planning phases for my new 75g tank. I have settled on an Amazonian river biotope blackwater theme for this tank! My plans for stocking are: Angelfish, Rummynose tetra school, Hatchetfish school, and a school of Corydoras. As for plants I am currently only really eyeing: Amazon sword, jungle valisineria, Scarlet temple, s. repens, dwarf chain sword, and Amazon frogbit. (I am open to more plant suggestions if anyone has any!) My question is about lighting this tank... I don't think I can justify spending $250+ on a single fluval 3.0 when the tank/stand combo cost me only $200! I have a 3.0 on my densely planted 29g and while it's cool, it's definitely overkill and I run it at 30%-40% brightness at most. I get the impression that deeper tanks like my 75 are a different ball game w/ PAR levels. Could I get away with a single 48" finnex stingray? Should I use 2 due to the width of the tank? Alternatively, I've heard of great success from people improvising lighting by just using 6500k floodlights rathet than planted aquarium-specific lights. Have any of you tried improvised low-tech lighting alternatives? What was your experience?
  2. Thought I'd share my DIY light for my 5g tank. I wanted to see my rice fish from above so I ditched the lid and made this light instead. Its growing flame moss and floaters quite well. I took a couple feet of this [1] (probably <2$ worth) left over from a project and slid a generic ebay "COB" style daytime running light for cars (~$2.50) into the housing. It came out really well. I think the light level is just right for what I've got here. If you turn the voltage up past 12 V (a running car would be close to 14) it gets VERY bring VERY fast too. If the specs are to be trusted its about 350 lumins (Directed straight down) and 7000k color temperature. [1]:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M09PBYX Here's a photo of the light module.
  3. Hi Everyone, I need to have a good light for my 35 gallon tank while all the available lights in my country are using white LEDs, so I am going to a DIY light and was wondering which LEDs should I use, should I go for White + Warm (Yellow) + Blue or White + Red + Blue + Green or should I use some other combination? Thanks
  4. I’m looking for a good budget light for a 40b I want a fluval aquasky but I wanted to see if I could get anything that’s the same for cheaper (the aquasky is $110) if not not really a problem
  5. So when first setting up my tank I bought a nicrew RGB 24/7 automated aquarium light. Unfortauntely I have not had the best of experiance with this light. The only thing I kind of like about it is that there is a timer so that I don't have to manually turn it off and on. But the light is either constanlty on sunrise or sunset or night mode making it the color look orange, or blue. Only from 12am-4pm will the light be on white. Because it turns on at 6am at low itensity and then 2pm being the highest intesity and then turns off at 12am being the lowest intensity. The ligh is on for 18hours a day (If i did my math right 😉 ) because of this green water is on the next level, I have already had two outbreaks. But I can't change the intesnity of the light, it is 0% customizable. so time to change the light The Fluval 3.0 is of interest to me but is to expensive for right now. So after the possitive reviews I have seen on corys channel I have decided to do make a buy on the Finnex Stingray Aquarium Light. I wanted to see peoples experiance with this light. Is there a timer or do I have to buy a smart plug? Is there a dimmer?
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