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Found 4 results

  1. So I've been trying to figure out what the typical lifespan is for a mystery snail. I lost two out of the three I had. The first one was large when I purchased him (so I'm assuming had some months behind him), and the second I had for about 6 months before he passed. I still have one left that's totally fine. Is it normal for mystery snails to only stick around for six months? I've been making sure to feed them and their shells were healthy and strong. For both snails that passed, they would hang on the glass in the same spot for about 4 days straight, then eventually fall down and never move again. Is it just luck? I'm thinking about trying some different larger snails, if anyone has any recommendations for snails that live 1 year or longer I'd love it.
  2. I LOVE how quiet the nano airpumps are and get good flow through my filters with them. That said, I've had two pumps from the coop that I've used less than 3 months die recently. The second one was just this morning and I'll need to replace it ASAP. Anyone else had this issue with longevity? The pumps aren't expensive, but if I'm replacing them every couple months, that sure adds up fast! The noise of other airpumps drives me NUTS, so if the nanos have longevity issues, what are your recommendations for one that might be more durable that either comes quiet or is easy to make quiet?
  3. Hey everyone, I've been breeding guppies for a couple of months now, but my females died after birth. Is it true they die once they gave birth once? Or is just a myth? Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, however the first gen fry came out perfect then mom dies, second gen fry only one 1 survived and mom died ☹️ .... after a ammonia spike of dead fry dad died. Only one female survive and she was so sad, she lost her coloration and I try hard to save her and she did survived. I got some new guppies to the scene and she is very happy now... Anyway I'm all eyes and ears 🧐👂
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