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Found 9 results

  1. Hello again everyone, i haven’t been on much since I’ve joined, life is interesting right now. I am in the process of trying to modify my 40g breeder set up so that it is easier for maintenance. briefly, the story goes like this. About 7 years ago i fell on my shoulder and after going to dozens of doctors since then I’ve only recently been diagnosed with, basically a pinched nerve that has to be surgically resolved. Who knows when that will happen. The symptoms include not being able to reliably hold my arm up parallel to my shoulder without losing all feeling in the pinky and ring finger. Its a degenerative issue, so i hadn’t noticed how difficult it was for me to deal with until i weekly began needing to remove the glass lid from our 40g tank in order to gravel vac, and cutting my hand several times when my fingers went numb and i couldn’t maintain a grip. I also can’t see inside the tank to clean it with the lights off. first I was going to try to make those pendulum lights like the kingofdiy’s but he doesn’t really tell you anything about the bulb that goes in the lights. Or actually what products he uses at all. I bought These e26 light cords so that i could hang them over the tank, thinking i could just adjust their height when i needed to move them out of the way and i wouldn’t have to reach up too much to do it. The light bulbs i got don’t seem to penetrate the water column at all, despite being 100w (or the led equivalent of 100w incandescent). I have all low light plants and don’t want to spend $40 for a plant light bulb, that seems ridiculous honestly. The other modification is to get a lighter lid. I was going to make a polycarbonate lid, in 2 parts, so it is easier for me to lift for feeding and such but it has not been available in my area for a while. There are the clear polycarbonate sheets that are more like glass but they are only .08 inches thick and that seems too thin. At least its not the kind cory used in his video about diy lids. We want to purchase clown killifish in the future so the lid is important, otherwise i’d just leave the lid off and get a python hook to top off the tank every few days. Plus it would allow me to put my hang on back filter on the side instead of the back of the tank and it would be way easier for me to get to it to clean. It wouldn’t look at good but, beggers can’t be choosers lol. Does anyone have experience with this stuff? i really appreciate everyone’s help once again, i want to make maintenance as easy as i can so we can keep the aquariums because they truely give us joy.
  2. Hey, I'm getting ready to house/ breed some platys in my 10 gallon! I'm also getting ready for the fluval 3.0 nano thats coming on Monday. My original plan was to not have a lid to begin with and possibly later get a glass lid. But I've heard many stories of platys jumping out of tanks. So my question is, would you consider them "jumpers"? I know all fish jump, but would you especially want a lid for these guys? Or do you guys think its fine if it goes lidless for the first few weeks to a monthish? Thanks so much!
  3. What kind of lids do you all recommend for a 10 gallon? I'm not really a fan of hoods because they restrict options for lights. So yeah, I would like to hear what lids you all like.
  4. We have a top fin 36g bow front. It comes with a strip light fixed to the inside of the lid. The lid is solid and black. Is there anyway I can take out the stock light strip and upgrade to a better light? If so, any light recommendations??
  5. I've watched a bunch of videos on making lids out of corrugated polycarb they use for greenhouses. Has anyone used cast acrylic or lexan? I have extra of both for free. Since some tanks are now acrylic it seems that could be used and have better light transmission. Thoughts??
  6. I'm looking for a glass top for a "standard" 20G high, it's 24x12. I have a HOB, heater and airline tubing that needs routing. There are so many brands online and they all say the same thing, but the co-op doesn't sell them. I don't know which to get or what. Can anyone recommend any? The end goal is to replace my hood with a glass lid + separate lights so I can properly grow my plants.
  7. I purchased a 29 gal kit on sale for Black Friday. It came with a silly plastic lid with an led light strip built in. I want to replace it with glass but just realized the opening is a odd size. I need a 28.5 x 11. Does anyone know where I could find an odd sized lid?
  8. Will floating do better in an open toped tank or one with a lid on it
  9. Hello all! I didn’t want to cut up anything to make my own lid and cover for my tank but I was wondering if anyone out there can point me into a direction to where I can find a lid and cover for my 40 gallon breeder that won’t leave a big hole for me to have to cover up still. Any and all recommendations are appreciated!! BTW it’s a 40 gallon breeder if you didn’t see it in the title
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