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Found 8 results

  1. I have two QT tanks side by side. My plan was to give both their first dose of Expel-P today. After putting the first dose in one tank, I got distracted by a ruckus/dog brawl in the other room and when I came back I treated the other. Then I realized I might have put them both in one tank. I literally could not recall. Should I do a water change, or is two packets in a 10gallon not going to hurt the fish? Anyone know? Okay, once I was done panicking I looked it up on the Fritz website and they say Overdosed? Expel-P is very safe and should not have any adverse effects. Perform a water change if distress is observed So I will follow that guideline and watch the tank closely.
  2. I followed Select Aquatics instructions to the letter for 2 days of treatment to my 55 gal tank. That was Sat & Sun. The water turned quite cloudy yesterday. Today I tested the water & got some really weird readings. Last TH, pre-treatment vs Today's numbers: Ammonia - .25 / 1.0 NO3 - 60 / 10 NO2 - 0 / 0 Kh - 40 / 100 pH - 6.8 / 7.0 Does that usually happen after this treatment?
  3. Hi folks! Can I use levamisole and Seachem Neutral Regulator together? Levamisole has been drastically lowering my pH too much.
  4. Hello! I am planning to use levamisole to treat Eptylis and is wondering how long should I treat my QT for. On the instruction page, it's suggesting me to only do it for 2 days and leave the medication in the aquarium on the 2nd day to be gradually removed at the next water change. I know that this is a very strong medication but I am wondering if this is the most effective way to do. I am open for any suggestion
  5. Long story short, I ended up with camallanus worms in at least two tanks. Since my fish were no longer eating, I opted to dose twith levamisole. Per the instructions from Select Aquatics, I dosed twice over two days (25% water change + 1 dose, 25% water change + 1 dose.) I used the 15 gallon spoon for my 20 gallon long (it holds ~16.5 gallons of water after substrate, hardscape etc.) so I'm reasonably certain I didn't overdose. No inverts were impacted, and my remaining fish have been passing worms like crazy. Since then all my tank's inhabitants have been acting normally, albeit with reduced appetites. However, since the levamisole treatment I've been able to detect ammonia in my tank. It's been cycled and running for close to a year with no issues and the only change I've made in the last several months is the application of the de-wormer. I've been monitoring it over 4 days now, and I'm consistently seeing detectable and rising ammonia levels in the water. I vacuumed the substrate thoroughly for each water change to help remove any dead worms, and to remove rotting organic matter in general. I would be very surprised if built up organics were the cause of the current ammonia spikes. The tank is very lightly stocked, thanks to the worms, but there's clearly not enough of a working bio filter to keep up. I've tried bringing media and filters from other cycled tanks in to help things catch up, but that's been no help. My concern is that the levamisole has wiped out my bio filter and since it's still in the water, is wiping out any new bacteria I introduce. I'm at a bit of a loss in terms of ways to remove the medication from the water. I had some carbon on hand, and I've added that to my HOB, but I'm not sure if there's more I could be doing. Other than carbon and water changing, is there anything I can do to speed up the process of clearing the levamisole from the tank? It seems like its presence is wiping out any beneficial bacteria I introduce. I'm also not able to find anyone whose experience with levamisole mirrors my own. Most people seem really happy with the treatment and don't experience a cycle crash. Any thoughts on what might've caused my treatment to go haywire? Thanks in advance for any advice! Battling these worms has had me bummed out for weeks now. I felt like I finally had the upper hand once I managed a diagnosis and treatment, but it's gone all pear-shaped on me.
  6. I've had these rainbowfish for ~4 months now, and they've been bulletproof until today. I noticed one of my females resting near the bottom of the tank and sort of swimming in place. She looks normal, except her fins are tucked and there's something dangling just in front of her anal fin. https://imgur.com/a/qigpHlv So far, she's done this twice today. The first time lasted ~30 minutes before she swam up and was back to normal for a few hours. As she was swimming up she was flaring her fins a bit. Second time was about an hour ago and she just recently went back to swimming normally. I have a hard time believing this is normal behavior, but nothing in the tank has changed for weeks. Tank parameters are 0/0/20 8.0pH 78F in a 20 gallon long with several other forktail rainbows, none of whom are acting strangely. They're fed a varied diet of frozen worms/daphnia, live baby brine shrimp, BugBites flake and VibraBites. Could this be related to spawning behavior? I've found a few eggs in the sponge filter, so I know they've spawned in the past. I'm guessing parasite, just based on the dangly bit attached to her body, but I figured I would throw it to people with more expertise diagnosing things like this. Thanks for any help with a diagnosis!
  7. At the end of August we did a treatment of Levamisole for wasting disease in our guppies in our 55-gallon tank. (It has been running for 10 months.) We repeated that treatment 2 weeks later. The last treatment was 9-12. Since the first treatment, our ammonia has been out of control. I understood that with the die-off of parasites, that could affect our ammonia. So we did copious water changes with each treatment. But in the 10 days since the last treatment/water change, we canNOT get our ammonia to come down to zero. We've done 3 water changes just to keep the numbers to under 3.0 ppm. We are also having a perpetual cloudiness, which I believe is an algae bloom, following a die-off of bacteria after the treatment.) During this time, after the treatment, along with water changes, we have trimmed plants, removed BBA and hair algae, and cleaned the sponges (2 medium Aquarium Co-op sponges), all in an attempt to figure out what was causing ammonia to be out of control. We removed dead fish and snails promptly, as well. We also chose to remove the heater at this time. The water temp remains 73-74 at all times, according to the thermometer. We also added 2 pieces of decor that had been in a previous tank and had been outside on our porch. They'd been out of that tank for 10 months, so we were not concerned that they had any live bacteria and/or parasites, etc on them. One thing I'm wondering, if you'll notice the picture of the side view of the tank. We have both ends built up like this - with the white rock, covered by substrate. At the beginning we lost a few baby guppies down in the rocks, but as the substrate settled, the rocks have been completely covered and none of the fish, snails or loaches could get down there in the white rocks. Since the 2 Levamisole treatments, I've noticed the black patches growing on the rocks. I've never had that before. I'm wondering if I killed off something that was keeping those rocks clean and now that algae(?) is affecting my ammonia levels? My current parameters are as follows: Ammonia - 2 Nitrate - 5 Nitrite - 0 GH - 200 Chlorine - 0 KH - 100 (although that has fluctuated greatly in the last week - from 100-180.) pH - 7.6 (this has fluctuated from 6.8-8.0 in the last week) I've added pictures for you to see the black algae, as well as the cloudy tank. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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