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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! So a few days ago was my birthday, and like any nerm would do, I woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and watched some fish spawn, lol. For context, I've never deliberately bred fish before, but I fell in love with these leopard danios and their goofy attitudes, and saw how easy they are to breed, and decided to give it a shot! The danios are still in QT, so it is easy to net them out and move them around. I fed very heavily with live baby brine, and a mix of xtreme flakes, spirulina flakes, bug bites, etc. that I feed to everyone. Within a couple days, the female was BIG, and they were already spawning. So I set up a 5 gallon, made some spawning mops, and moved a pair over one evening after feeding BBS. The 5 gallon sits at around 6.8 pH, crazy hard water, and around 78-80 degrees without a heater (yay Texas summer). Not really sure the parameters matter though, since these guys seemed ready to go at a moment's notice. In the morning, I noticed the male was a bright, bright yellow, but the female was...not having it. So I grabbed the other large male, and POW. Crazy show, and they mostly spawned within the floor mop, the hanging mops were largely ignored. After about 30 minutes of this, I moved them all back over....where they continued their spawn. I left that though, as I'm not ready to move them to their main tank. Now the eggs look to have begun to develop (about 48 hours now), and I have infusoria cooking up for about a week now ready to go. I will update once they become free swimming! Let me know if you have any tips about successfully raising these guys up!
  2. Years ago I inherited a single giant danio and his non-stop racing back and forth drove me nuts, and made me think I'd never have another danio. But... While I've been looking locally for fish for my new community tank, I've really admired the teeny long-fin leopard danios. They are so darn cute and in both shops who had them, they were practically standing still--not racing at all. But both LFS had them in very small tanks so I didn't know what they might do in a long swim space. If you keep these guys, how would you describe their usual behavior? I'm not thinking of adding them to my community tank--I'm just interested in them and wondering whether I might like a single-species tank of them later, like a 20g long. TIA!
  3. Hi all, I have an established 55 gallon community tank with good water parameters. Zero ammonia and nitrite, 10-20 nitrate. I have 7 leopard danios as part of the community. One has been bloated like this for about 4-6 weeks. She acts normal and eats everyday. None of my other danios are like this. Any thoughts on what’s going on? Thanks, Dean
  4. Long story short, I got a shipment of leopard danios a week and a half ago, and it was a bloodbath. 10 arrived, and only 4 remain, 1 girl and 3 boys. I'm planning on breeding them to replenish the herd, so I've been hatching BBS and feeding heavily, and I set up a separate tank with spawning mops and began an infusoria culture. Well, they beat me to it - and I spotted one little fry in the QT today. Question is, should I move it out? The breeding tank still has .25 ammonia in it to clear, although I put seeded media in there. The water is largely the same, but with all tanks, not EXACTLY the same. Will the lil one survive the move? Surely he will get eaten soon anyway. Thanks guys!
  5. Hi all, The tank is roughly 10 gallons (42 litres) and planted, I've got 4 female guppy's, 3 leopard Danios (was 4), 1 baby pleco and some (6) guppy fry. I treated the tank for fin for with aquarium salt roughly 2 weeks ago, I've done 2 30% weekly water changes since dosing. The fish all look healthy and aren't showing any signs of fin rot anymore and look all healed up. I did the second water change on Thursday and then Friday evening I noticed one of my Danios had died, his belly was open and looked as though it had ruptured. I checked the fish after the water change and watched them eat, they all looked healthy (including the danio that died and there were no signs of dropsy or a large stomach so no indication of what caused this death). I checked the water parameters and they are all good (ammonia -0ppm, nitrites - 0.25ppm and nitrates 10ppm). Today, when feeding the fish I noticed one of the Danios had what looked like a cyst/blister on its lip that appeared out of no where. None of the other fish are showing any indication of this ( I've included images to help). Sorry if the images aren't very clear, this is the best I could do with the danio they're so quick! Does anyone know what could have caused this and how I should treat it? Also should I isolate the danio or treat the whole tank? Thank you 🙂 Arthur
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