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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, while cleaning up my tank, i scratched the floor and its leaking. how can i seal the leak. any videos or advice. Thank you for the help
  2. My api test kit bottles leak every time I shake them for the nitrate test are the faulty or is this normal because I do not want to poison my fish or myself via my hands that are covered in test chemicals.
  3. My 16 Gallon tank had plans for today and in the early morning it started leaking. We caught it early but the bottom, glass, had cracked. And yes I had fish in there, guppies that thrived, the plants thrived - yes even the snails were happy go lucky, I'd finally got the tank seasoned, algae started growing. The balance was there. I felt so proud. Yesterday I sat just watching, the life circle. I've had quite a few losses in my life recently, so this was a great comfort. But not this morning. Disaster happened. I managed to save the fish, some of the seasoned water and the filter. It wasn't just a small leak. 16 Gallons doesn't sound that much and not even a third hit the floor. A third of 16 Gallons is a lot. After being childish (I contemplated going to bed and stay there), I called the most serious fish store in Sweden and asked "Do you have a 16 Gallon tank for me?" They're very eager to help me, not because they think I have a great personality (or what do I know?) but because I'm good business for them. That's definitely more than okay with me. I heard that Cory had to explain that he runs a business and when you run a business you want to sell things. My father ran his firm for 50 years and of course he wanted to sell things, but he always found a satisfaction in getting what a particular customer needed. That was important to him, not just selling stuff. He made money and the customer felt well treated, special even. Where was I? I got a new tank, some new guppies (I get that the staff thinks that money is i not a factor for me, it really is, but I've inherited some money). The new guppies are fabulous, including fabulous money wise. Some of them are some panda variety, females - and one of them is a "Karen". And she doesn't have to talk to the manager she deals with it herself. Males try to show how fancy they are, she's not impressed (the females have already became so stressed by the males, well this Karen isn't having it.) - she attacks the other females if they dare to even look at the food tablets. I've named her "Big Bertha". I've got a 190 Gallon tank that I don't dare to get going. 16 Gallons leaking is one thing. Maybe I have to give it some time. Otherwise I'll have to get rid of it.
  4. Am I the only person forever anxious that a tank will leak? Many days, I look at the silicone and glass more than I look at the fish. As my username says, fish calm me. But the actual glass boxes drive me nuts! While I absolutely don't want to have a leak I could've prevented, I also don't want to be more anxious than is appropriate for the threat level. I guess I'm wanting to know if this diligence is warranted. Got any fact-based thoughts on the matter?
  5. I have a ten gallon tank and every time I fill it with water within a couple of minutes the water level drops about a half an inch i fill it back up and same thing everything around the tank is dry as a bone any Ideas as to what is happening?
  6. My tank started leaking!!! I ran to store and bought a 20 gallon to switch over fish and plants. That was not a fun task. I’ll just say this...Zebra Danios suck! two questions. 1) how long will my plants live floating like this? I hate to say it but I care more about the plants than the fish eek! 2) I’m super paranoid about flooding. Are there any good ideas for secondary containment if the next tank leaks? I live upstairs for a unit and don’t want to flood neighbours if I miss a leak. thanks
  7. Hello! I'm looking to setup a 60-80 gallon glass freshwater aquarium. I've had a tropical fish aquarium in the past, but it's been awhile. What I've been finding difficult is locating a aquarium and a stand I like. I live in the Seattle area so finding local stores is not bad at all. I've looked at petsmart and petco, and been somewhat scared off but the reviews of leaks. I've looked a bit online, but; seems to be a limited large aquarium variety. Any suggestions are most welcome to help me find a tank and stand!
  8. We all have aquariums; some more than others. They come in different styles, designs and fabricated materials. But did you ever have a tank outright bust open? Or perhaps even a slow leak? Always wondered what the percentage of tank failures were, compared to aquariums in operation, for many years.
  9. Hi! I hope someone can help us with this issue! We recently inherited a 240 gallon tank, which we love but we've been noticing lately that we are getting occasional bursts of bubbles from the water return nozzles in our tank. We found that the water return pump/tank might be the culprit. Then noticed more bubbles today, checked the pump tank and the water was this low, with the pump making a gurgling (sucking water) noise: I filled the tank back up to the appropriate level and within an hour the water level was all the way back down to that same low level. Thoughts, suggestions, should we have gone with hamsters (LOL!)? Thanks for any and all advice!
  10. came home yesterday and my wife noticed our 10gal in the bedroom had water at its base, i figured it was probably a seal and dreaded having to dismantle the tank and fix it, after further inspection i noticed water dripping from the top and down the side.... ive been pretty cautious about wicking water from the tank and check the cords and airline quite frequently wasnt them. but there was some algae growing on the lid and the sponge filter was splashing ever so slight water onto the lid and the algae travled across the lid and up the light bracket and out of my tank. must have only been doing it for a day because it wasnt that much water. but enough to swell dresser a little.
  11. Before class I was in the process of moving my 10 gallon tank to a higher table right next to the stand it was on to make space for a 29 gallon. BUT in the process I managed to further crack the tank when there was just a tiny sliver on the top edge under the black trim. Luckily I had a spare 10 gallon and used it to redo my tank. Lots and lots of broken down aqua soil and almost a silt like substance. But in the panic of it all I managed to put the 10 gallon back onto the same stand it was on and forgot to place it onto its new stand. Do I have to completely redo the process and remove everything just to move it a few inches over onto a taller table? Anyways during class the explanation to my teacher of why I was busy was... complicated. Anyways here’s some pics of the new ten gallon.
  12. My neighbor just now gifted me with a 58 gallon aquarium he has had for 25 years or more. It has lovely woodgrain trim. He said the yellow tape was 'to keep birds from flying in to it'. Recently it started weeping a bit (a small leak). It is not really clear where the leak is. Should I scape away the old silicone, or just slather a generous bead on all the seams? Anyone had success with repairing older aquariums?
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