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Found 16 results

  1. A few weeks ago I ordered some Male Endlers for my shrimp setup, knowing I'd have too many and would spread them around all 3 of my tanks. I added the 3 largest to my Endor tank, which already had a plakat betta, kuhli loaches and a nerite snail. Parameters have been stable for a long time and everyone seemed healthy. I lost 1 endler the next day - despite drip acclimation I think the stress wa too much. The remaining two did great and were always together. I mysteriously lost one yesterday - no sign of distress... and no body. Everyone else is fine, water tests good. Soo... the remaining endler is alone. He doesn't interact with the betta ot loaches. Should I move him into one of the other tanks with more of his kind?
  2. Hello all, Recently I was watching a coop video (may have been top 10 loaches), but not too sure. I remember Cory saying something to the effect of he doesn’t believe kuhli loaches add any bioload at all. Obviously there must be some bioload, but nothing crazy detectable. With that said, how many would you add to a 10 gallon planted tank. It currently houses a betta and a mystery snail. I could easily relocate the mystery snail if it will be an issue. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. My dumbest acting fish are my kuhli loaches. They swim in circles for hours.....then I won't see them for a few days. I never see them eat....I don't know how they survive. What is your dumbest acting fish?
  4. I'm wanting to keep Kuhli Loaches in the same tank as my ADFs. Would there be any problems?
  5. I am having a heck of a time catching about 7 kuhli loaches in one of my planted tanks. Does anyone have any good trap recommendations to catch these guys and gals? Bless, these little critters are not the easiest to catch.
  6. Need help with know what this fish is bought it with kuhli loaches is it a kuhli loach or something else
  7. I have a 60 gallon planted aquarium. I try to maintain about 78 degrees and i have a light setting that only has white/green/red light from about 9:30 to 3:30. My last test strips didnt really reveal any issues other than very slightly high nitrates. The ph seems to be around 6. I have 8 tiger barbs 1 Rainbow Shark 6 neon tetras 8 red danio 4 otto cats 2 nerite snails Over the last 3 days 2 of my 6 khuli loaches have died somehow and are just curled up out in the open. im not sure what the issue is. one is currently curled up right now but still breathing and will probably be dead shortly. None of the other fish seem to be having issues and i have already done about a 10 gallon water change and added 10 ml of API stress coat.
  8. Hi, so I was looking at a local aquatics shop earlier and noticed they sold kuhli loaches - but the species name was Pangio Semicincta, rather than the Pangio Kuhlii that I usually see mentioned. I was curious and did some googling, and I read that most of the p. kuhlii commonly found in aquariums are actually mislabelled p. semicincta. Is this true? Or is the species that my local shop sells something completely different? Just wanna know in case I decide to buy some in the future, because I’d hate to end up with some random species that I’ve no idea how to care for.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a Kuhli loach and it’s been really active lately there is 2 of them but I everything I read it says they stay hidden and are nocturnal but mine are super active and I’m sorry something is wrong All test looks good on water and it’s hard water i try to post a video put i can’t and they are swing across the tank up and down all over I do have a air stone and the other fish seem normal
  10. So my son (3) and daughter (7) are absolutely obsessed with fish and especially Kuhli loaches. They very much want us to breed them. Have any of y’all done it? If so, do you have any pointers? Our LFS already said they’d take them but knowing my kids we will end up with a 75gal With only Kuhlis!🤣🤣 Thanks in advance for any help you have to offer
  11. Hello Fish Fam! I've got 8 kuhlis in this tank that live happily with a colony of endlers (and a smattering of guppies). The kuhlis are active always, happily playing and visible at all times of the day. The kuhli in question isn't the exception to this, in fact it's as active as all the others, but what's so different is its coloring. It's washed out and utterly pale, vastly different to the others. It's gills are obviously red, and I can't know if it's because it's so pale or because something is wrong and it's sick. I'm posting pics of the other kuhlis for comparison. Anyone have an opinion on this? I'd appreciate any input. Collette
  12. Hi all, I have a 10 gallon aquarium with several fish (female betta, killifish, 6 harlequin rasboras, 2 kuhli loaches). I got the first kuhli about a month ago after seeing the aquarium co-op video about how they are bottom feeders and do well with bettas and are relatively easy to care for. It’s pretty thin and tiny. I knew they are nocturnal and liked to hide, and there is a house/castle structure that offers a decent sized dark space for them to hide in that also has ridges along the inside rim they can hide in. I noticed the little one burrows into my gravel, which I didn’t even know they did (my fault for not doing my research but I thought they just needed hiding places). The gravel is not small, but not huge. It’s relatively smooth edged. Anyway, I went and got a second loach yesterday after reading they might do better if there’s more than 1 (and I know aquarium coop mentioned they can be in 10 gallon tanks). It’s thicker than my first one and he can’t seem to burrow into the bigger gravel yet (it’s only been 24 hours and I think the first one didn’t burrow for a couple days). I researched and I am now seeing they do better with fine gravel or sand. Now I feel guilty that I am causing them (especially the new one if he can’t ever get to burrow) unneeded stress or possible injury. this is the gravel: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/imagitarium-snowy-river-aquarium-gravel and this tank has been established for a year now. Like I said the edges are not really jagged, maybe even smoother than the picture in the link provided as it’s been in the tank and vacuumed and moved around for a year. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but should I try to replace the gravel even though I have other fish in there, hope the kuhlis do ok (especially the new one since he can’t seem to burrow yet, and maybe he’s too thick to do so), or try to donate the kuhlis to an experienced store that will take them? 😞 thanks in advance, I also attached a pic of the actual gravel in my tank
  13. I have kuhli loaches and pygmy corys and feed them Xtreme Community Crave.
  14. Is this fungus on my kuhli loach? Any advise on treatment? Thanks! This is my first experience with kuhli loaches.
  15. So I wanted to put some kuhli loaches in my 55 (I’m thing 6-10) and I’m wondering if there compatible the stocking is 3x discus 1x angel fish 2x rope fish 1x pleco( Will eventually remove it) I also want to add around 10 cherry shrimp
  16. shaddai8


    like to know what medication is safe for kuhli loaches in quarantine
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