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Found 22 results

  1. Krib spawn 2 Pelvicachromis subocellatus moanda. There are currently many more fry, 20 or so, in this batch approximately 60 days after the first batch of 7 . I suppose the pair is learning a bit more as they go. More to follow this may be my favorite Kribensis type cichlid.
  2. Hey all, I recently made myself a spawning cave that allows me to watch the activities inside through a camera feed. In case you have ever been curious what it looks like when Kribensis spawn, here it is! Can't wait to try this out on apistos.
  3. hi! i got 6 kribs and want to breed them. i have them in my 240 gallon tank with a turtle and a lot of other cichlids, i think they are not breeding due to the stress from the other fish and turtle, even though the female has a large red "stomach". any idea what i can do to make them breed within the tank, or do i have to make a breeding tank for them. thanks
  4. Hi all, I have a breeding project in a 75 gallon tank, Kribensis and Cherry Barbs. Now I know the cherry barbs won't breed in there but we are taking a pair out today. This may be confusing but I'll sort of list it below 75g Tank with 12 Kribs and 8 Kribensis Over a lot of months fighting and die offs led to 2 pairs of kribs and 4 extra males, and 6 cherry barbs (5 males to 1 female) Moved 1 pair of Nigerian Reds to a 20 H to breed, Other pair still in there That pair has had 2 small batches of babies before, first time they ate them, second time they started eating them so we moved the babies to a net breeder box and the babies got stuck and none survived. Most don't like doing Kribs for profit but I'd like to try and spawn almost every fish. This is the third spawn, huge (50+) babies, they have survived a few days but now a lot disappear. We are sucking the babies out of the tank with airline hose (because of gentle flow) and a small bucket. We are doing this because I want to try and save the babies. My big question here is what do they babies eat. They are going on one of those hang on the side breeder boxes that are all plastic and have a gentle bubble flow, continuously circulating water throughout.I know that the parents take them throughout the tank and let them eat detritus and microorganisms, the parents also take any bits of food and crush them to a fine dust for the babies. So would small vinegar eels work? Or maybe Walter/Banana worms? Or would they be large enough for microworms? I have them all
  5. My kribs had baby's!!!!! what should I do? I plan to order san Francisco bay brine shrimp eggs, penn plax breeder net, easy fry food. should I lower the water level? do I need to worry about the parents(fighting, eating fry, etc). can I use reef salt for hatching brine shrimp? how do I know how old they are? they are sort of swimming but they can't swim open water for very long.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if 1 male kribensis would work with a small colony of guppies in a community tank? Thanks!
  7. Have had my kribs for a few months now, in a 40G with some neon tetras, Khuli Loachs and hillstream locahes. The Kribs are definately in the mood, turning pink and dancing around each other. They also have a few caves etc that the female will sit in every now and then. But.....no fry. I have seen eggs, but pretty sure that they are not viable and have been dumped just outside the cave. Any thoughts? worried that the male is inferitle. He does not seem to go into the cave with the female, but does do all the dancing, shaking and what not!
  8. So, I just got 7 of these guys but for the life of me I am having a hard time sexing them out. Well, let’s say I have an easy time determining females but not so much males. I would appreciate any help! I could only get six. My question are any of these males?
  9. Just had what I believe is my first set of kribensis fry. Not 100% sure but sure seems to be. Mama krib chases off all other fish and they stay near her!
  10. A big hello from Denmark. Sadly my female angelfish past away a couple weeks ago. It took about a year from buying 8 juvenile angelfish to having a pair to lay eggs. Once i was sure i had a pair, i found new homes for the rest of the angelfish. The big dream was having a breeding pair of angels, in the living room tank. It was a sad day when i came home to a dead female angelfish. I have other cold water tanks in my workshop for my overvintering of my mini pond species. But i only have that one tank in the house. Since then i have decided that i want to try my luck at Breeding Kribensis instead. I have considered having congo tetras, siamese algae eaters and maybe some Cory catfish with them. Not sure about the Corys yet. Im not sure about the amount of Congos and Sae's though. What would you suggest? Any other good suggestions on tank mates is very much apreciated too. I think the tank is what you would call medium planted. Not sure though. Kim Esbye Blomberg (Denmark)
  11. I have two tanks. In my 40gallon I have a 3 inch kribensis. He’s very chill and doesn’t disturb any of his tank mates. In my 29 gallon I have a 1.2-1.5 inch male kribensis that I took from a friend that didn’t want him. the issue is he’s aggressive towards the corydoras. My corys are full grown but their fins are getting destroyed. should I put the little male kribensis in with the big one in the 40 gallon? anyone with experience would be highly appreciated. this lil krib is stressing me out. thanks 🙏🙏
  12. I've had my pair of Kribensis for about 2 months. The female (Blue Jean Baby) has chased off the male (Tiny Dancer) until about a week ago when they both started digging. Today the male is protruding I believe. Below is a photo, is this a male? Does this signify the actual mating may begin? This is my first experience with this breed, and the first possible breeding of fish. Any help is most appreciated.
  13. Paul

    Krib fry

    Mama taking the kids for a swim.
  14. After watching the Aquarium Co-Op video on breeding his Albino Kribensis I took all of the advice and applied it to my Moliwe Kribensis pair and IT WORKS! This is a picture I was able to get of the female hiding in the coconut hut with the entrance blocked off with the substrate. You can see the male in the reflection and he now has his own territory under an Easy Planter that is in the tank. This is a huge success for me as this is the first I hope successful Kribensis breeding in my fish room!
  15. 40 gallon Kribs I like how this tank is maturing.
  16. Paul

    40 gallon Kribs

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    40 gallon community tank
  17. Hello, First post here, from Brit in Singapore! I have three Kribensis (two females and a male) in a 40 gallon (also in the tank, 5 khuli loach, two hillstream loach and a couple of leopard corys - will be getting more soon to get it to about 10) The tank is island style (two islands and two caves) in the main cave on the left the male has been digging the sand out and guards the main island ferouciously! The substrate is fine sand. He chases the females whenever they come out of their hiding spots (one on the left behind the filter intake and one who hides on the right behind the heater). I want them to breed but am concerned that he is going to stress them out and kill them. They all come from the same shop (a great local shop), but got the male and females about a week apart. I have heard that I could/maybe should get some dither fish (neons?) perhaps more hiding spots, more caves, also planning on planting some vallisneria at the back on the right. Any thoughts?
  18. First, Temp78 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20 Gh/kh 3/3 Ph 7.0 I have a pair of pelviachromis taeniatus alone in a 29g with about 2 week old fry. Today I noticed the females color has completely changed and she looks a bit ragged. There's no change in her towards the fry but she is now hyper aggressive towards the male. This is their first spawn and also mine with dwarf cichlids. My concern is obviously what might be going on with her, but also if it would be a good idea to remove the fry to grow out in their own tank. Thanks all
  19. I was super excited to find my kribensis pair had spawned today. I only bought them last weekend because I couldn't resist. I'm fairly new to the hobby, only have two tanks but am ready to upgrade once I have redecorated my spare bedroom.
  20. https://youtu.be/RtzBLXIGddE?t=699 I have added a blocker on the left side so they cannot see the fish in that tank, and under the tank so they cannot see the fish below them. Aldo added some plants. Currently using a Logitech C922 Pro Stream HD Webcam. I'm not totally thrilled with it, any input on cameras welcomed.
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