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Found 4 results

  1. My neighbor asked for help yesterday to hang something on their porch, while I was there she started feeding her koi. We got to talking and I said something about not feeding much because I think they are in “hibernation mode” I don’t know if it’s true was kinda asking her. She found out I have aquariums, long story short. I’m now in charge of the koi for the winter. I asked for a couple days to research, this morning a knock at my door I have no clue what type they are or any clue what to do. Not worried about long term care I will research later when I have time. But for immediate time is there anything else I should do? I put a cycled sponge filter in and have wrapped in a blanket to start heating water up. Where should I take the temp to? Room temperature ? It stays around 68* in there. will be moving them to a 10G or should I go with a 20G later today?
  2. As the title say I'm pretty sure I bought 3 2in koi for a 130 gallon pond when they were sold to me as only goldfish. I was wondering how long I could keep them in there or if they will get too big. The pond is 18 in deep and 72 x 58 in I believe. There's no other fish in there and perfect conditions for them as of now. If anyone has any experience with this and can help with how I should proceed, I would appreciate it 🙂
  3. Hello all! I wondered If i could get your opinions on the minimum size pond to keep a few Koi realistically, not to grow out as show koi I.e. 3ft size, but just to keep generic koi long term. I currently have 3 babies (3" koi) in my 130 US Gallon above ground goldfish pond, and i would like to give them a permanent home as they get larger ofcourse. any advice or recommendations would be appreciated, I can build the pond from wood to save money
  4. I don't much care for the youtube algorithm, but sometimes it gives me a fascinating experience, like watching someone design a giant indoor koi pond with viewing windows: https://youtu.be/AXVInRxTOko Which helps me appreciate the forces involved in that much water weight, and how freaky giant koi look!
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