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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I started keeping fish in 1971 livebearers are my favorites. I gave my last tank to a friend about 1995. Recently I decided to get back into the hobby. I have a quarinteen tank but the main tank isn't
  2. Hey, I'm a hobbyist for 3 years and webmaster of Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers. (https://louisvilletropicalfish.org/) My daughter got me into the hobby and I'm over 25 tanks in so far. I mainly play with breeding and submit fish to the club's breeders awards program. It was great meeting Cory at AquaShella last year and I love what he's doing for the hobby. Enjoy a few photos while you're here.
  3. Hey everyone im Sean mainly keep shell dwellers atm I have 11 tanks atm main focus will always be shell dwellers but I tend to focus on dawrf/nano and prefer species only I'm in the process of building a fish shed to have 50+ tanks with a water change change system along with a 280g lake tanganyika community tank but main focus is shell dwellers
  4. I bought 4 oto cats a little over 2 weeks ago. Have been looking for them for months, lol. I noticed the largest one has this grey patch on his head. I had not noticed before. All are eating well, especially this one. It is the plumpist of all of them. All are active. They currently have no tank mates except for 6 dwarf neon rainbow fry in a breeder box.
  5. So I was doing a water change Saturday night and noticed 3 small fry. It was after 10pm, so no where to go to get a breeder basket. Went out the next morning and purchased, but the fry were gone, guessing tasty snacks. HOWEVER, I was using the water I removed to partially fill my new tank (all the siphoned yuck from the sand, decor, and plants). Today, I was adding fertilizer and a pinch of food to the new tank and noticed 2 fry! Questions! 1.) is aquarium co op fry food ok, I crushed it in a morter and pedestal to make even finer. 2.) Do I need to put them in a breeder basket or let them have the run of the new tank as there are no other fish, just plants. 3.) Or add them back to the original cycled tank in the breeder basket. I added squeeze out from my intake sponge in my established tank to the new tank. I have no idea what they are. I have glowlight tetra, dwarf neon rainbow fish, and sterabi corydora. Thank you for any insight! First pic is one of the found babies, 2nd is of the original ones I found in main tank.
  6. New to planted community tanks. Excited to find this forum to learn and share. I recently beat Triple Negative Breast Cancer (hence my name) and a friend gifted me a 30g. I have cycled it with plants and just started adding community fish. Will visit the forum often as I also do the aquarium co op site and you tube channel. Will have to also look into the podcasts. Thanks for having me!
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