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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I’m new to the forum but not new to the site, I’ve purchased many plants in the last couple years I’ve been in the hobby and I just cannot get my plants to grow, I’ve been using easy green about once a week with the recommended dosage, as well as api co2 booster (liquid) as often as I remember to do so (about 3x a week). Like the title says, I just cannot get any plants to grow in any of my tanks! Please let me know what other information is needed to get some help, I’ve spent a concerning amount of money on plants… The photo attached is of my Jungle Val which has shown no signs of growth and looks very sad.
  2. Hello! I received my jungle val in a kind of browned condition but was advised to still plant it. I had a new sprout in just 3 days and saw new growth on the big leaves! Now all my Val is shrinking though after about a week and a half in the tank and I can't seem to figure out why. They are getting brown spots all across their leaves and are fairly thin, is this still the melting process? I do frequent water changes and check my parameters to make sure my levels are good 1-2 times a week and everything seems fine. Could the 3 hours of extra light I add from another light bar a day for my other plants be too much and causing it to wither away maybe? I currently have the extra light off to test if that's the problem. I also use a seachem all around fertilizer about once a week or less.
  3. Hey all! Just a question about jungle val and how it grows. I'm trying to encourage it to grow over the back left to center in my 75, and it's been growing for several months. I've noticed that when I trim it, it seems to get... sad; the cut ends wither and die down to the roots. For a long while I let it just get long and cover the top, but it was getting out of control and not letting in hardly any light. I trimmed it again about a week ago, as I have heard that trimming encourages it to grow thicker. But the same shrively unhappiness is happening again. One clump (in the middle) seems happy though, and has grown some since the trim. What's your experience with jungle val? Do you trim yours regularly? Have you had this same problem? Nitrates range from 20 to 40, and I use root tabs. No liquid ferts.
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