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Found 9 results

  1. So my betta jumped out of his tank ,thankfully I got to him quite quickly and back into the tank, but his fins are clamped and he seems to be struggling to breathe and go up to the surface, what do I do?, have used saltand tannins so far
  2. Have a bunch of caridina shrimp that jumped ship the last few days. Quite sad to see their dried little corpses around the tank. Its got a pretty good lid too, but there is a cut out that the tubing goes in for the airline to sponge filter (It would typically be a cutout on the tank for a heater). I've had them for over a month and it just happened after I moved the tank a little.. so frustrating. Parameters are 0/0/<10 and about 7.0 ph, 180-120 KH and about 75 GH (Aquarium Coop test strips). I use RODI water and mix in Brightwell Caridina GH+ and really do tiny water changes (1/2 a gallon - they are in a 5g tank every 2-3 weeks - so I've only done it twice so far). My recent change was adding some plants, I'm assuming that's where things went wrong :(, its the only major change (other than a physical move where I picked up the tank and put it in a diff spot, remember its only 5g lol). Anyhow this is my first experience with Caridina's... I had 8, now down to 3. Put something to close the hole, but hoping they stay in and survive. Any hints/tricks/thoughts are appreciated. Edit: I do use Thrive-S for the plants. But I don't use a lot and it doesnt have copper, which is why I use it for this tank.
  3. This morning... Rainbow learned the hard way that not every Shiner can be John Carter. Fatal trip to the red planet...
  4. I moved my common pleco to a larger tank four weeks ago. He was alone before for a long time. He occasionally did some fast turning in the past but not a lot of flopping around. Now he's smacking the lid of the tank many times a day. He never did this before. The other tank had a black hood, this has a glass flat lid. Our water is very soft (I will address that shortly) but the other numbers are good. He sticks to the glass sometimes, as usual, but also does that leap face-first straight up. He used to come to the surface when I dropped in some flakes, but no longer does this. He sometimes grabbed his algae wafers and carried them around eating them, but does not do this now. I add a pinch of flake in the morning and give him his wafer at night. His companions now are three mollies. Is this normal? Was his generally placid behavior in the past NOT normal? I've had this guy for maybe eight years. I'm concerned. Also on edge bc his leaping is startling me.
  5. This morning as I was getting ready to feed my betta and minnows I noticed my betta wasn't the first one at the surface waiting for food. Ended up finding her just behind the aquarium on the table, gentle scooped her up and was able to get her into the water rather quickly. She couldn't have been out for long considering I saw her just before I took the lid off the tank. By the time I turned around with the food I noticed her, so maybe a minute at max? She still felt wet when I picked her up so that's luckily at the very least. She immediately sank to the bottom after the fact hiding in a corner of the tank. She was breathing deeply and swimming in an odd way when she did move. A minute or two later she was able to dart to the surface for air and after that started swimming more or less like normal even coming to the surface to eat and acting normal. Really my big thing here is just wanting some advice. What should I be looking out for or doing as a precaution? She looked fine minus some small tears in her fins and what appeared to be lost scales left where she landed. She already has what I think may or may not be fin rot(I have medication on the way from the co-op) so I will have that at my disposal. I am really just looking for some sort of advice, i know she wasn't out for long but I'm just trying to be careful. What should I be looking out for and what precautions should I take? Any advice id appreciated, I have additional info on my tank below. Tank size: 10 gallon (top fin starter set) pH: 7.8~ ammonia: 0ppm nitrite: 10ppm nitrate: 25-30 ppm kH: N/A gH: N/A tank temp: 76-78 degrees F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): White coloring on the tip of her "main" fin (it was torn on a decoration, now removed), smaller holes that are new from the fall and probably a few lost scales Volume and Frequency of water changes: Once every week and a half to 2 weeks Chemical Additives or Media in your tank: Seachem stability when adding new fish and tetra or prime for conditioner. Media consists of the 10 gallon HOB filter, the cartridge it came with and the blue bacteria grid. Plus a sponge filter on the other end of the tank for aeration and extra filtration. Plus I have some java ferns that have been in the for awhile. Tank inhabitants: betta (splendens) female. 5 white cloud minnows (3 male, 2 female), two java ferns, a dwarf aquarium Lilly, a water sprite and some moss balls. Recent additions to your tank (living or decoration): minnows we gotten 2 weeks ago along with the sprite. Lilly was added just before new years(sprouting fine so far) Exposure to chemicals: I use easy green and plan to add root tabs soon for the Lilly. Sorry if this is long, just wanted to offer as much info as I can.
  6. I generally do not put lids on any of my aquariums. While I do get evaporation, I've never had a problem with fish jumping out. I have had a consistent problem with plants jumping out witness this photo from July: But now I think I know what is happening: Anyone one else have a problem with plants being jumpers?
  7. I am seeing that the Waterbox style rimless aquariums are all the rage in Europe. I am also noticing that they seldom use a lid. I would be worried about jumpers, but it does not seem to be a concern with them. What are your thoughts?
  8. I was wondering if a betta will jump out of a rimless tank without a top because I wanted to upgrade my grandma's betta tank but I only have a 11 gallon rimless laying around and it has no top. If you have any betta experience it would be greatly appreciated.
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