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Found 2 results

  1. @Plantdudei saw your post a decided to do a bigger thing of tips: Note: this is from my experience, but please tell me if you've had different results. 1.1m 2f is great, but make sure the females are similar sized to each other, or the male. Otherwise the male will only follow around the female closest to his size, meaning the extra female to reduce aggression is proved useless. 2.I cannot emphasize this enough, platies are OMNIVORES. i have had platies eat a stem plant when i wasnt feeding them such good vegetable content 3. platies are often considered "very peaceful" the males will fight. I have seen 2 versions on this; a.the dominant male chases the other male around or b.they will swim in circles at each other, taking nips. however i have not observed any damage done of these spars, but just a warning. 4. this is an obvious one, but be prepared for a population boom, they breed, and the fry are suprisingly fast. ( i should know, ive tried to catch them before). 5.platies are often added to a tank as a fun addition, but a mostly platy tank can be REALLY fun to watch, while they have the size of a tetra, they have the social interactions of a cichlid, give a platy based community tank a try, you wont regret it. (if you do we cannot be friends 😄)
  2. Hi, Sorry I don't have a photo, but I noticed a small tiny worm inching along my betta tonight. It was maybe a milimeter or 2mm in length, very small. Didn't look to me like an anchor worm. It also did not look like a flathead worm, but it was very tiny. It was moving around my betta's body, on top of his scales, near his head and gills. My fish has been showing some signs of distress lately, including lethargy and tears in the fins. He is also approx. 2.5 years old. Can someone help me identify if this should be a cause for concern? Additionally, I have API Fungus Cure, Tetra Fungus Guard, and Tetra Lifeguard all-in-one treatment. Please advise if any of these chemicals might be helpful to use. Thank you!
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