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  1. Been treating my tank for ich and while vacuuming my gravel I think I might have injured one of my fish. What should I do?
  2. Recently found my Mexican dwarf crayfish in his filter. I quickly took him out and put him back in the aquarium. he seemed to have no injuries and is eating fine, but is being a bit shy. I assume he's doing okay and I don't need to give him any medication? Sorry for the poor image, shot it on chromebook
  3. Info in photos !!! Please let me know if I’m doing the right thing. Anyone else ever gone through this ??
  4. My Betta is looking rough. Everyone else is fine. I moved her to a bucket. I have salt and the med trio. I could really use some help, as I haven’t used medication before, besides trying salt once.
  5. In my nano desk tank I kept 2 endlers, one male dumbo guppy, and 3 female endlers. The point of this was to get off spring that look like the males, went great for awhile until one day I woke up and my dumbo has been torn to shreds. His tail was missing chunks, his dorsal fin had a hole, and it looks like the top half of the base on his right side was torn as well. He is now in the tank with a scarlet badis (have had it for a very long time, for sure not the culprit ), shrimps, and snails. He is healing very well, only a small bit turned black from rot but I cleared that up in a day. But his pectoral fin doesn't seem to be improving. Though it has only been 2 days. He is plenty active, still uses the fin but not as much as left side. Still eating good, practically healthy except his fin. He's super hardy and will put up a good fight against anything so... really any treatment would be good. Does anybody know if it will reconnect with the fin? or regrow? or heal back to what it once was?
  6. I can’t figure out what this red thing is on the tail fin of my Male Black Skirt tetra. I’ve tried google with no luck. He’s the only one in the tank with this issue and I’m not sure if it’s contagious or how to go about treating him. Any idea what it is??
  7. A week ago I posted about some white lip stuff on 2 of my rainbowfish. I was told it was likely a fungal infection so I used maracyn and treated the tank. 6 treatments later nothing has changed really, besides some stringy stuff no longer being on the lip. One of the rainbows looks a little better possibly though. I finally got some clear pictures of the lip issue and now wanted to ask again if you think it’s still fungal or if it’s just an injury? Should I do another round of medication or just be done and watch carefully? What is my best course of action here? Thanks for any help you can offer me!
  8. So the Terror of my Tank, my female koi angelfish, is injured. She's ruled the tank for a long time but I recently replaced the severum I'd lost about a year and a half ago. So far they were getting along well enough- she'd chase the severum like she would the other angels, but he'd turn around and scare her off. Well, today I looked at my tank and found the koi angel swimming upside down at the bottom. She must have injured her swim bladder, either the severum fought back or she spooked from him turning at her and hurt herself. I've got her in a net box at the top of the tank, separated from other fish. She's still actively swimming but can't flip herself over. What should I do to maximize her chances of healing from this?
  9. This showed up yesterday morning. He lives in a fluval 10 gallon, one small wood piece and a few shrimp as well as one bristlenose pleco. No sharp edges that I can figure out. Treated with kanaplex yesterday fearing that it was an infection but I’m not seeing any fuzz or fluffy stuff on the cut. Any ideas how this happened?
  10. My gourami injured himself about 1.5 weeks ago. He ripped off part of his tail fin, part of his dorsal fin is almost see-through, and he scraped some of the scales off the top of his head. I moved him to my quarantine tank and have been keeping the tank clean with water changes every 2-3 days. I've also been dosing with melafix for the fin damage. He seems to be doing well now, eating normally, swimming around a lot, etc. He doesn't have any open sores but I'm not sure how vulnerable the torn fins/area on his head are. 2 questions: 1: When can I ease up on the water changes? 2: How will I know it's okay to put him back in the main tank? My main tank is a 20 gal planted community tank with peaceful tetras and corys, so he wouldn't have to deal with any aggressive fish, but he can be a little territorial in that tank.
  11. Hello everyone today i decided to turn on my aquarium lights and found that my gourami was hurt from the side of the body.I believe it was one of my angelfish that did it because he didnt have it before.I just want to know if it is dangerous for him or if i need to act now.ive heard that angelfish and gouramis can be feisty and aggressive but i dont want my fish to be in danger.if anyone has any advice or instructions on what to do i would really appreciate them thank you
  12. My guppy tore a hole in its tail. But the fin that is ripped is still attached. Looks like a window. 10 gallons, temp 75, pH 7.6, gh 8, kh 4, 0/0/20 most likely done because he always fight with the other male. will it heal despite some part dragging? Is there something I should do?
  13. Hey, I just got that betta yesterday. I actually saw her a week before the purchase and she had a very dark blue color. A week after, she was still very active, and she was doing great compared to other bettas on the show wall, so I picked her. The moment the worker took her out she lost all color, I assume due to stress, which I guess is normal. My tank is planted and I've made sure it's cycled. It has some hiding places so I was hoping she will color back up pretty fast. She did get some color back but she gets stressed again every few minutes and goes back to her stress stripes coloration. She's very active and was very curious, exploring her new tank when I put her in. Her only tank mates are 4 shrimp that were there from before, and 1 Otto I got along with her. A few hours later, she began acting strange. She started hitting her side against the plants and walls. I waited overnight and she is still doing that so I decided to try and treat with Maracyn and I ordered Fritz ParaCleanse as well (sadly, this item is no where to be found here in Israel so I had to order it online, and it might take up to 2 weeks to get here). Hopefully this either passes by itself, or the Maracyn helps that. I don't see any signs of Ich, or fungus so maybe it's something I'm not yet familiar with. She is not used to feeding yet, but I did manage to get her to eat at least a bit of flake food. Water parameters: pH - 7.2 Nitrates - 20 Hardness - says 400 mg/L on my test strips Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 Water Temperature - 25C Tank is a 10gal. I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. What would you do next?
  14. Hi! My big sailfin molly has had this white splotch on his sail fin, not letting him completely open his majestic sail. Until a few days ago it turned red, and now I'm getting worried. He had this on him when I got him, an I really need advice on how to get rid of it or what it is. I got help from Petco and they said add Maracyn, so I've done that. Anything would help. I think it's a fungal disease, but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I just noticed that the area below my betta's gills seems to be either pushed back, or damaged, it's enough that you can see the tissue that's normally covered up by the gills. (please excuse the cloudy water, I just added some crushed coral about 5 minutes ago.) I've noticed him flashing for a bit, and hard Cory say in a livestream somewhere that low pH could cause issues with irritating the skin and gills. I ordered some crushed coral and added it to help raise the pH to get him to stop flashing. He is still eating, but with a bit of difficulty, it almost looks like he wants to eat, has trouble chewing it. Mostly he's resting in the plants. My parameters are: NH3 & NH4: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm (The tank has been cycled for about a month or two, with plants taking a lot of nitrogen from what i can tell.) GH: 75 ppm KH: 40 ppm pH: 6.4 Temperature: 79ºF Source of Results: Tetra Easy Strips Ammonia, Tetra Easy Strips Six in One, and Marina Thermometer Could this be from misjudging when he was flashing and accidentally hitting this area? His tankmates are several red cherry shrimp, a few bladder snails and their eggs, and various worms, small inverts, etc in a planted 5.5 gallon. (To clarify on the picture, he does not have fin rot, his tail was pointed towards the camera making his tail look a bit shorter) Also if someone happens to know will this be permanent? Anything helps, thanks! UPDATE 2:03PM UTC: Last night he jumped out of the tank, and was out for probably a minute at most. He doesn't seem to have any injuries. He's still resting in the plants and still eating with difficulty. Right now I'm feeding freeze dried spirulina brineshrimp to try to give him good food.
  16. Hello, I knocked my lighting unit into the tank and it struck my giant female betta. She now has popeye and a gash near her eye. She is eating, thank goodness. Should I start treating her with anything in the event it becomes infected? She is in a planted 20gallon long with 15 tetras, some snails, and shrimp. Water peramiters are all good. Temp is approx 81 degrees. I turned the light off to make her eye more comfortable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  17. I'm not sure what to do, some of the smaller Cory's have a little bit missing on the tips of their dorsal fins but are acting fine, this guy who is the biggest has allot missing on his dorsal fin and some white marks on his back
  18. Francis has an odd growth near the base of his tail. This came on within the last week. He’s acting and eating as normal. I’ve treated him for fin rot twice in the last 6 months with Kanaplex. He responded to it well. His only other tank mate is a pleco and they ignore each other. Any thoughts are appreciated! May try a salt bath later (in a separate container) and do a 50% water change. Ph- 7.3 Ammonia- 0 Nitrate- ~10 Nitrite - 0 Gh - 150 Kh- 40 Temp - 78
  19. Hello friends, My female gourami (garganzola) does not appear to be living her best life. She has some marks on her head and side. I tried to get as close and as clear as physically possible of the marks but this girl does not stop moving. Part of that is because my male gourami (garbanzo) seems to chase her around constantly (AND he is a huge attention hog, so when he noticed I was snapping her pictures, he said "move". Ok I may he anthropomorphizing a touch). Anyway she's got these marks on her and I am not sure what they are. Is it a fungus? Does she have a disease? Is she the victim of relentless attention from her live-in boyfriend? I know the chasing thing is just something he will do as a part of courtship or whatever. They have mated a couple of times. But if she is injured or ill then I would/should separate her and treat her in her own hospital tank. I appreciate any feedback.
  20. I have a male double red apisto, in 30 gallon with a breeding pair of angels and one male betta. It’s is kinda my angelfish breeding tank but it is currently holding the apisto and the betta. I’m not sure who or what was responsible for a chunk of tail missing. I have seen the betta chase him but never seen the angels pay any mind to him. The angelfish DO NOT have eggs currently.
  21. Hi everyone, I have an otto cat that got caught in an ornament and has pretty bad scrapes. I moved him to a quarantine tank and hes been there for 36 hours. What can I treat him with to help aid to fight infection and skin care. Thank in advance
  22. What do you guys think, Hole in the head? Or maybe an injury from getting spooked. Because that has happened before
  23. My tanks 1 month old, this green common Cory was one of the first fish I got and he has another green Cory and then I have 3 of the jeweled variety. All in my 20 gallon community. The water checks out the same as has over last few days. Yesterday morning I saw him in a hidden away place in the tank and he looked all twisted?, definetly not right. I watched for a while then got him out. He tried to swim away but he just went in circles and really couldn't swim so I put him in a bucket outside thinking he would be dead but he was still alive this morning. I picked him up and held the little but his body just flopped. Anyone familiar with this? I put him in a guppy pond I have outside, I hope he doesn't have a disease? I should have put in my little holding tank but didn't think of that, I truly thought he would be dead. All the other fish seem fine.
  24. Erik G

    Eye injury?

    I have a number of emperor tetras (didn’t know about territory/alpha male being an issue, I know..) and one of the males has an eye issue. It started out with a clear protrusion on one eye, and now looks like the attached picture. All other fish have no signs of illness. At first thought it might be an injury from the alpha male? Water parameters are 0 ammonia 0 nitrite, 40 nitrate, ph is 7.0.
  25. I have found an interesting issue in my tank late yesterday after doing a water change, specifically a cooler water change. One of my hillstream loaches (Beaufortia kweichowensis) suddenly appeared to have a fairly large wound on top of their head (was still red with blood when I first observed it a few hours after the water change), along with a moderate amount of fin damage. I have gotten the individual moved into a hospital tank (2.5 gallon kit from walmart, with small power filter and an air stone) with aquarium salt. However, I am kind of baffled as to what could have happened. My tank is populated by white cloud mountain minnows, a single otocinclus, 4 total hillstream loaches (one is now in the hospital tank), a fairly large number of red cherry shrimp, malaysian trumpet snails, bladder snails, and a small assemblage of things like detritus worms, planaria, and hydra. I am not entirely sure what could have caused the wounds (I haven't gotten a good chance with good lighting to get a good picture of the wounded individual). Nothing in particular is known to be super aggressive and mean. I'm not sure if it was a territorial spat between loaches or one of the whiteclouds getting nibbly. From what I've read, the loaches supposedly don't have the right kind of mouth to nibble on each other, and fights are normally just 'topping' where they scoot around and determine their pecking order. The white clouds have been a bit more rambunctious in their mating displays as of late, but that is almost entirely done in the middle of the water column, and it's usually just the males flaring their fins and looking intimidatingly at one another (though a few of the males do have nibble marks in their fins, but it's not always the easiest thing to spot). The otocinclus is usually super friendly, and i think has basically zero possibility of harming anything but algae and biofilm. The snails and shrimp I think are in a similar situation as the otocinclus; harmless to any of the major denizens of my tank. I wonder if the cooler water change (~65 F water into a ~72 F tank) just set off some slightly more aggressive tendencies related to spawning among my fish, and the one poor individual was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if I should be more worried about returning them from the hospital tank to the main tank. Any thoughts?
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