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Found 7 results

  1. It seems too often that I have failed ideas. Things that are sometimes interesting and maybe worth learning from but aren't worth a new thread. I am making this thread as a singular place to share them, for me, and for anyone else who wants to share any failed ideas too. To start it off, I'm not a huge fan of picking eggs off of yarn spawning mops and I made an attempt at designing a 3d printed modular chain for my rice fish to lay eggs on. My test was not successful. Back to yarn for now.
  2. Hello so im looking to rescape my aquarium as the substrate isnt to my liking i currently have 3mm black gravel along with some tetra fertiliser for the living plants i have various fish such as an eel ammarno shrimp wood shrimp hillstream loaches and various average fish like neon tetras The reason for the rescape is that the eel has dug up all of the fertiliser now and it looks horrible as well it has stained my water in the tank Im looking for some inspiration or ideas has anyone had any similar problems with this also he pulls plants out of the substrate so there floating in my tank lol Any help or ideas to prevent these issues would be appreciated Thanks
  3. I have a request/question. I am looking at some ideas on how to set up my hardscape for my new tank. I have these three bahai stones, this piece of Manzanita wood, and some seiryu shavings for detail. Would anyone who is artistic be able to put together 2 or 3 ideas for how I can put it together?
  4. *New to fish keeping so... sorry if I forget anything important* I guess a bit of preamble, I have a 29 gallon aquarium, inside, where at the moment I have five 1-1.5 inch comets. Yes, this is currently my only tank. My plan was to give the ones in there back to the pet store when I actually decided what to do (and find the fish I want) with my indoor tank. My problem is I kinda fell in love with them and now I wanna keep them too(MTS already hitting me). Sooooo.... I have an idea for a 35 gallon pond in my back yard year around. I’d like to keep it simple and use a medium sponge filter for both agitation and filtration. I’m not sure if I should use a substrate or not but if I do it’ll be some gravel from my other tank. I’ve also already put some extra bio rings in my filter so when I do set it up I already have some good cultures on there as well. I’d like to keep duck weed in both my indoor tank and in this pond. That way, (as I don’t plan on having anything indoors that’ll eat it) as the goldfish outside eat it all, I can transfer some from my indoor tank to the pond as it propagates. I do have food in case the duckweed dies or can’t keep up with the fish. My climate is fairly mild here in central California with winters only having a few nights per year below 32*F and no snow. The summers frequently go into triple digits for weeks at a time. I am concerned about it getting too hot as I know goldfish like cooler water. The place I’m thinking of gets afternoon sun as well. I’m hoping the duckweed will help with water temperature as well. Id like some advise on this. About any of it really. Is this an ok set up for them? Is there something more I should do? Maybe you see an obvious problem that I just don’t see. Like I said, new fish keeper here, so I don’t even know what questions to ask. Maybe you’ve done something similar and I’d love to learn from someone else’s experience. I’ve tried to educate myself the best I can but there’s no way I found ALL the info. I guess I’m nervous as I want my fish to be happy. Thank you
  5. Hi Forums, I had this idea to setup a new 55 gallon "cichlid" tank, with these fish in the tank: Panda Cory - 12 Amano Shrimp - 2 Dwarf Cockatoo Apistogramma - 2 Blue King Tetra - 24 Bolivian Ram - 6 Marble Angelfish - 2 It's not 100% cichlid, more of a community tank, but the majority of fish are cichlids, so I'm calling a "cichlid" community tank. Could you give me some insight on if this tank seems suitable on paper, because obviously cichlids are SO unpredictable. Thanks!
  6. Got the initial surge of plants I wanted, a few as pots and tissue culture so wanted to ask some advice of you better then me. Still waiting on a few select plants and weeping moss to finish but here it goes. Cyptocoryne Retrospiralis, out of all 21 plants these ones seemed worse for wear. They (all plants) have only been in their new home for about 36 hours. They have a bit more green now instead of brown and sadness. But my question is what's best way to perk this guy back up ? Monte Carlo, I've read a lot on this plant cause I absolute love the way it looks. But my question is, will it work? Right now they aren't really pushed into the substrate, just resting on top with a rock, bit of glue here and there. Should I try thinning and pushing further in? Or let it do its thing? And pray it takes hold? Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, tissue culture. Everything I've read is hit or miss of them acclimating to the environment, this one I really wanted. So an insight? One is kinda losing some red and turn green a bit so idk if that's a melting trait or what. Haven't added the Java moss, or weeping moss (waiting) might add some more anubias petites. But that's what I'm working with so far.
  7. Starting off with, hey! I just joined because I thought this place might be able to help. I tried Google and FB to try and find this out to not much avail. But would real bird feathers work as aquarium decor? Plastic ornaments always make me nervous because they can be pretty sharp at times. I know feathers are part of the debris of aquatic nature and if they would be safe as more... homemade aquarium decor ideas. Obviously after enough inspection for things like mites and such. Thanks for any insight on this. :)
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