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  1. Let's start with the swim bladder most case of swim bladder are cause by over feeding and the stomach putting pressure on the swim bladder constipation or bacterial infection of the swim bladder and injury to the swim bladder Frist I would recommend fasting your fish for a couple of days and doing epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 2 gallons for no more than 15 minutes 2-3 times a day as eposm salt acts as a muscle relaxants to help with constipation if that has no effect then I would treat with antibiotic medication in food Kanaplex is my go to antibiotic treatment you could also use maracyn2 and furan2 are not very effective at a higher pH above 7.8 if your in the UK I would treat with Sera baktopur direct tables if it's a damage swim bladder caused by an injury it case of wait and see some will improve given time other will not improve and may have to be euthanize if you think there suffering clove oil is one of the most humane ways to euthanize your fish
  2. Hi Everyone! This is my first post on the "aquarium coop forum" and I'm coming with a disease on my betta fish called ich or ick. It comes in the form of white/gold "dust-like" spots, which are tiny and they can fall off, because it's actually a parasite that latches onto fish (and thankfully not humans). I watched a few videos on how to cure this, but I didn't find much. (Can't figure out what this one means) Any suggestions on medication/treatment? Thanks!!!
  3. Reasonably new to the hobby - well cycled planted 9 gal tank is about 3 mos old. Temp 78.8 Nitrate/Nitrite/CL = not detected ph ~7 (I need an ammonia test kit...) Pygmy corys have been in the tank for a couple of months, and maybe I just never noticed but one (on the wood, on the right) seems to have white coloring the others do not. I haven't seen Ich before, so not sure if I should be concerned. I also don't have a QT so if I need to treat, can I safely treat the community (sunset honey gourami, emerald-eye rasboras, dwarf snowball pleco, nerite snail) and what is the best approach? How's that for a compound question? Thanks for any guidance!
  4. Ok so kinda a 3 part story… Had my 29G tank up and running for about a month explosive plant and algae growth and 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0-10 Nitrate. Added my betta, week later added a bolivian ram, another week later 9 cherry barbs. was going to quarantine but shop said not to as they do it (very good shop so i trust) Yay everything worked PERFECT. gonna let the tank develop a little more and get some algae eaters/loaches. Part 2 smh. So basically the 3 Otocinclus i got did fine but the 3 yo-yo loaches I got were a whole other story… I’m new to this but do extensive research so I know they weren’t like in shock or anything but the next day i noticed them acting a little strange… I look it up online “oh loaches are just weird” hmmmmm ok. next day they are like really starting to freak out and i’m like ok something is wrong and then I find out about flashing and all that but still can’t tell exactly what is wrong. Day 3 BOOM the 3 yoyo loaches EXPLODED with Ich (oh they were scratching) I honestly thought since it was later stage I was going to lose them all. On the 5th I Got Ich-X and treated whole tank (store instruction)raised temp to 82 (I heard barbs can handle temp up to 79/82 from different places and I figured there would be leniency on a shorter timeframe.) My barbs weren’t very schooling but were very active and now they all were just hiding in the bottom back corner of the tank around my dwarf aquarium lily. and usually they don’t even want to be that close to each other. Part 3 :(… I figured it must be because heat rises so they were chilling at the bottom I turned it back down from 82 to the regular temp of 79 and left for work… come home and Lil Red (smallest male barb) passed away and i’m just soooo confused… I figure maybe his body was just too small and couldn’t handle it? Sad but only 1 loss and all the yoyo made an incredible recovery not the worst right. Also all of the other barbs were back out swimming after I took him out last night… ok back to normal right ? But then this morning I wake up to another dead female barb (still smaller one tho) and all of them hiding like face down in the corner of the tank. I dont get it they weren’t even the fish with the disease but idk maybe I just cooked them I feel so bad… Water Parameters: pH 7.4 Nitrates 0~10 (super fast plants) Hardness… Sorry idk but they were fine for a month so! Nitrite… Always 0 Ammonia… Always 0 KH/Buffer… Sorry idk but they were fine for a month so! Water Temperature… Plz read story to fully understand. Im including a link to a video below because I feel as if it is soooooo much better if a look and breathing and everything. Please help me save the rest of my barbs! https://imgur.com/a/yjRrlrT
  5. Hello Aquarium Co-Op community! Help! I have my poor betta fish in a 5 gal planted tank. He has white skin tags around gills and now close to the eye. I have tried maracyn because I thought it look like body fungus. Also been using salt to treat the aquarium. I live in a tropical area but the water is usually 78-80 degrees F°. But, I placed a heater and turned it up to 82 F°. When I raised the temperature the first skin tag reduced in size. That was the day before yesterday. Yesterday per se I turned off heater and temperature went back to normal 78-80 F°. Also yesterday I did a sixth day of maracyn treatment without high temperature. Today when I woke up at 7:30 saw what you can see in the picture. I am doing a 50% water change, added salt and raised the temperature. Should I use Ich X? Can this be Ich. I have paracleanse and Expel P. Should I use one of those. Also checked for amonia, nitrites, nitrates and ph and all checks well. He is eating though and that's a good sign. But could you help me 🥺?
  6. Hi Folks, My daughters and I recently started a new planted tank. The tank was cycled and ready for life, and we decided to add some oto's (3) to help with the brown diatoms. Shortly after, one of the oto's looked like someone sprinkled salt on it (ich). We turned up the temp to 81 and treated the tank, however we still lost 2 of the 3 oto's. We both want to avoid this from reoccurring and are looking into getting a quarantine tank for new fish. What is a good quarantine tank size? Should I set up a second planted tank with shrimp as a quarantine tank? What is an appropriate quarantine time before adding fish to the main tank? Thanks in advance.
  7. Been treating my tank for ich and while vacuuming my gravel I think I might have injured one of my fish. What should I do?
  8. I have several tanks with ich like symptoms right now. I’ve been using ich-x to treat them and I have been following the treatment exactly. But they’re doesn’t seem to be any improvement. tank one: the neons in the pictures. Been treating for a week so far. Temp is at 78. No improvement. The dots are raised. Tank 2: my quarantine tank. The guppy pictures. Couldn’t get him to ever hold still so I can’t tell what it is aside from white dots. Been treating about 5 days with the disease only spreading more. Temp 77. tank 3: main tank with the female swordtail. Been treating 2-3 days but what started with one fish has now spread to several with no improvement. Temp at 81 I don’t know what to do. Things are only getting worse and not better update 2/20: the ich is still ongoing, the neons definitely had epistylis but the others were ich. still been using ich x and nothing has improved. some spots will go away and them more appear later on more fish. the spots are only on the fins. ive been feeding them food soaked in kanaplex throughout this but nothing is helping
  9. First noticed ich on Wednesday AM. Got new fish Sunday and Sunday afternoon did med trio. Then Wednesday AM saw ich only on the rummy nose tetras. Did partial water change after work and redosed Ich-X. Looked worse in the morning, did another change and another dose. Looked better after work on Thursday. Changed water and redosed. Now it's spread to other fish. Everyone is eating OK and I think med trio cleared some worms out of a couple of cardinal tetras that were pretty thin, they seem to be gaining a little weight. Been changing water and dosing Ich-X about every 12 hours since Wednesday afternoon. And it's not clearing up. Rummy nose look worse again today than last night. I know it's only 'killable' in the free-swimming stage... I bumped the temp up a couple of degrees (was at 76 got it to 78 now). If no difference in the AM, I might bump it to 80 when I redose. One thing I've noticed is that the blue color in the water is darn near gone within... half an hour? It's not there for long at all. Maybe that's normal. I've never used Ich-X and I haven't treated ich in probably two decades. Pic is best I could get on one of the rummy nose. Water Parameters: pH - my tap water comes out of the tap at 7 and ages to 8.2, this tank has Fluval Stratum which seems to drop pH to about 6.5. I change water straight out of the tap. Nitrates - tons of plants also in quarantine, nitrates are rock bottom... MAYBE "5" on the test strip this morning. Hardness - 18 degrees/320 ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 16 degrees/285 ppm Water Temperature - 76 before this afternoon, now increased to 78 Thanks!
  10. Please help….it’s been since before Xmas that my fish have been dying. My first run to the fish store turned out to be a batch of diseased fish that killed off my existing fish. I believe it was ich or the other white spot disease. I wrote in and someone had mentioned to immediately start a treatment of melafix for 7 days. I lost two more fish in the process of the treatment but managed to save 1. Did my 7 days, all was good, did a water change, went to the store and got 8 tetras. I didn’t do the recommended quarantine tank, but I did 3 days of treatment of the melafix to make sure the new fish were not bringing any baggage with them. All went well for two days, then the first tetra died. The day after I noticed that two fish were covered in white spots. So I immediately started another 7 day treatment, 1 more tetra died 2 days after. Now today on my day 7, another tetra has passed. So I did a water test, all is good, did a 25% water change and checked the fish for white spots….and they are all gone. Any one have any ideas of what is going on? Am I doing something wrong? I posted some pics of the fish after water change, please help!
  11. i saw this on my swordtail. i cant tell what it is. it looks like a white patch that is mostly smooth. some of the scale appear to be white but it is really hard to tell cause she wont let me see it. she currently has ich and im in the process of treating the tank with ich-x.
  12. Nitrate: 5 Nitrite: 0 gh: 300 kh: 120 ph: 8 chlorine: 0 ammonia: 0 temp: 80f Ok, bit of a long story but bear with me. I got 4 platies and 4 mollies from ac about 4 weeks ago. I quarantined them and treated maracyn then para cleanse, near the end of the para cleanse treatment the male molly got a few cloudy white spots and died about 4 days later. I then dosed ich x every day for 3 days. During that time A platty died, I hadn’t seen any spots on her or any of the other fish the whole time. Her body was quite crooked and she hadn’t eaten for several days so that makes me think it was unrelated? I then put the 6 remaining fish in my 30 gal planted community tank. (6 petricola cats and a bristlenose). The next day I noticed one tiny white spot on one of the platies so I put her in quarantine and started treating with ich x. She kept just the one spot for about a week then got like five more. The cloudy white spots seam to have gotten a bit lighter since. I read about stress ich and am wondering if it could be that? See dots on her tail. A week ago I noticed 2 of the Molly’s had lots of cloudy white spots so I quarantined them to. Their spots mostly went away after a few days but there are still some cloudy ones that don’t look quite like their white markings. (Looks like there are more spots that there really are due to plant bits in water) Another thing I noticed is that my aquarium glass had a bunch of cloudy white spots. See third pic. Idk if it’s related or just algae. I cleaned them off since then. I have been treating ich x inconsistently for about 2 weeks. They seam to have gotten a bit better but I guess I am wondering if I should continue or do something else? I am also wondering if it is really ich or if it could be velvet? They all eat and act normally. I might be overreacting as it seams to be getting better, but I want to be sure that I am doing the right thing. thank you! And again sorry for the long explanation!
  13. Is this ich on my betta fish? It just got out of quarantine and I premedicated with ich X so if it is I’m not sure what to do
  14. Greetings all! I'm really hoping the collecting knowledge & experience here can figure this out. I'm stumped The basics: these are "green lightning" platies. I have four in a 10 gal hospital tank, separated when I realized they had a problem. It started with a small black spot on top of one's head and I started researching it. Soon after I noticed all four of these same type (no other platies in main tank) were looking ratty and I moved them out. That was weeks ago and things have slowly gotten worse. I have tried treating with Melafix first, then added Pimafix to a daily alternating schedule, no improvement. I later noticed a few little while spots on one tail and then switched to ich-x for several days now. They've all four just continued getting worse and now there are black spots on one or two of the others, one having very pale and scraggly looking scales with red showing through... My first question is if they can even be saved. Their activity and appetite are unchanged and totally normal still, which made getting any useful pics difficult. I'm attaching the best I could manage. I've regularly checked water params and all are normal, and did a 50% water change last night as part of the ich-x instructions. Here's the current... very soft water params. Seems I'd forgotten to check more than the API master kit does. Will start trying to figure out how much SeaChem Equilibrium the tank needs. I have a RO/DI system for tank water. Tank size: 10 gal Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 Hardness: 0-25ppm Buffer: 40ppm PH: 6.8 Now that I see the water is so soft, could that be hurting or preventing their recovery? Any recommendations on how to adjust the hardness/buffer/ph without doing a chemistry experiment? I tried the Equilibrium in the main tank once and the hardness went to what I wanted (I think) but the PH shot to 8.4+, which I did not expect... I've let that come back down on it's own from water changes. Hopefully I've included enough info. Any and all help is appreciated.
  15. Sorry for the long post but there's been a lot. If you just want to know the details of right now it's the last paragraph. I started this tank 3 weeks ago and probably tried to many things at once. Sorry fist tank. I started with a few plants and added frits ammonia and frits 700 to seed the tank. I also used some koi tank filter sponge water in my HOB. I then went on a trip for several days and dropped a couple small pieces of raw chicken in there to hold the ammonia. Came back and the tank was at 6 ammonia so got them out and did a change. After that I added some fish food and kept it around 2-3 ammonia. A week later I ended up getting a few nerite snails and since it was my sons birthday I got 6 cardinals and kept dosing with prime every 24-36 hours in small amounts for the tank. I did a 50% water change a week later and this whole time I never saw any nitrites. After talking with some people they suggested getting more bioload and use stability instead so I added the cardinals and betta and I've been dosing stability and prime. The day they got in I also did the med trio per the article below and everyone did fine and I fed them a little here and there. Well 2 days ago I decided to get the rest of my fish as its been 3 weeks and the LFS has been holding them for me but they don't have alot of space. I got them in and fed them the next day a little pinch of food and some betta bites. Everyone was fine. Last night I fed them bloodworms to build up some strength before having to fast again during being medicated again. I also did a 50% water change last night and while the water was low trimmed some plants back and added a banana plant and duck weed. SO I'm sure they're stressed. I also turned the lights out and left them alone the rest of the night. The water change did leave a ton of oxygen in the tank. Everything was coated in small bubbles so I left the air filter off for about an hour and it cleared up eventually. Just dosed the med trio again this morning and just now saw my khulis are all out and swimming like crazy and have a few white spots. They never come out in a group and if they do they're all hiding under a plant. My betta is acting stressed too but that might be because the khulis are all in his spot and going crazy. I also found my Hillstream loach dead. He must have been dead a couple days and died in the house where the khulis list as he was stripped of skin and all his fins were chewed off. I honestly thought he was a rock at first since he was all white. My question is, is this really ich and is that why my khulis are swimming around like crazy? Tank - 29 gallon Chemicals and meds used Stability - 10 mls as I just changed the water Prime - dosed for 20 gallons Flourish dosed for 30 gallons so half a cap Ich-X - 15 mls Fritz Paracleanse - 3 packs Mardel Maracyn - 3 packs Dosed per - How to Treat Sick Aquarium Fish (Even If You’re Not Sure What’s Wrong) – Aquarium Co-Op (aquariumcoop.com) Water pH - 6.8 GH - 6-7 Kh - 1-2 ammonia - 1.5 nitrites - 0 nitrates - 5 Temp - 78 Fish Cardinals - 18 Harlequins - 6 Pygmy Corries - 8 Khuli loaches - 6 Betta - 1 Snails - 6ish
  16. Iris


    I’m not having luck with getting rid of ick using ichx using per instructions since 8/27 thought it was gone so treated for 2 more days and it came back ordered more ichx. How long do I wait to begin new medication. 29 gal planted tank. Raised Temp to 80 Bolivian ram, hill stream loach, tetras & Ottos.
  17. FredF


    Hi, I am requested some help from someone who has a more experience with these types of diseases. The water parameters are as follows: pH 6.8 - fluval stratum is substrate so pH is lower Nitrates Less than 10 per test strip Hardness - higher than 150, lower than 300 on the Coop test strips Nitrite - 0 Ammonia -0 KH/Buffer - low 40 (again due to fluval stratum) Water Temperature - 78 This seems to be only affecting my 4 or 5 cardinal tetras. I thought initially it was ick, but none of the fish have a ton of spots. The pics you see below are typical, there are one or two spots on them, and its only a few fish. All fish appear to be acting normal (including the infected ones), and eating well. The tank is a month old. I think maybe I might have added too many fish at once on my last round of finalizing the tank, 12 cardinals 6 rummynose and 2 angels (quarter size body) and a red bristlenose pleco. That said, the tank is planted fairly heavy, and I have not had any ammonia readings on any tests I have run, which include test strips and the seachem alert. I am not injecting C02. I was out of the hobby for 10 years but now am hooked again, so I'm not new, but not necessarily up to date either. Right now I am treating the tank with Tetra Life Guard (which on a 75 is not cheap), because I really wasn't certain what this is. However, after day 4, nothing appears to have changed on these fish. That said all inhabitants seem fine as well. I'm at a bit of a loss what to do. Thanks in advance for any advice
  18. I bought some Rummynose Tetras and they have come down with what I believe is Ich. The problem is that I have been dosing Ich X as directed for the past 8 days and while during the first 4 days it seemed to have been working, it never completely left and the now is as bad as it has ever been. I don't want to raise the temp because I have a hill stream loach in the tank and this is my only tank. 20 gallon, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate (I have been doing daily water changes dosing Ich X), 150ppm GH, 40ppm KH, 6.4-6.8 pH
  19. I’ve had 5 ottos and a BN pleco in iso since 8/4. 4 days ago my BN had white spots all over. It was starting on the ottos too. I raised temp to 80 and started ich x treatment per the label. The ottos are already doing great (I did lose one). The pleco now looks like gold spots instead of white spots and its tail is frayed. Everyone is eating and active. pH 7.8 A 0 Ni 0 Na 5 kh 3 gh 7 Do I have two diseases going on? thanks!
  20. Stacy Z


    It looks like the new Cherry Barbs are not going to make it to the display tank from Quarantine. From Petco. They got ick and even though it cleared on the 4th day in the 10 gallon with daily water changes, they are dying from ulcers daily now. Went from 9 to 3. It’s sad they are my FAV nano fish. I wanted more for my display tank. I’m just sad for them now. It’s hard to buy from Online because you can’t get a 2/1 male to female ratio but Petco isn’t any better. Ugh Poor Guys. I got other CB from Petco before and no problems. Though I can say the Ick X worked right away. It was just a bad batch of fish!
  21. I have 2 Amazon puffers I got from someone locally almost 4 weeks ago. They were doing well originally in the 10 gallon quarantine tank I have for just them and a sponge filter. I noticed a couple white dots so I did ich-x and daily water changes and they looked better in 4 days. Then all of a sudden they were completely covered in white spots, too many to count. I continued the ich-x and this time added 1TBS salt (replacing about 1 tsp after each 30% water change), and Maracyn because their fins looked a little torn up. With no signs of improvement after 3 days I added paraclense too. So they are on the Med trio now and I upped the temp to 80 and covered the top of the tank so it’s not as bright. Their fins are really clamped and they have been itching themselves on the bottom of the tank. Now one of them hangs out near the top of the tank vertically with tail up and did not eat. I’m really unsure what to do now and don’t want to lose them. Please any suggestions. <5 nitrates 0 nitrite 0 ammonia 150 gh 40 kh 6.8 ph 80* F (The white stuff in the photo is meds I just put in)
  22. I made a rookie mistake and introduced Ich to one of my display tanks via some plants that I got from Petco. I have removed all of the fish, and they are being treated separately in a hospital tank. I cranked the temperature in the display tank up to 92, hoping to kill the Ich without killing my BB. Does anyone know if this is an effective method, and how long I will need to keep the temperature raised to ensure the Ich is gone?
  23. MaxM

    Ich and Heaters

    I have a Betta fish that I think has Ich. I only have a 1 gallon tank I can use right now (until next week) to use as a quarantine tank. They recommend heating the water to 28-30 Celsius. The smallest heater I have is a 50W heater. That is clearly overkill. The question is whether I can use it or is it dangerous to use too strong a heater? I have Ich medication in that quarantine tank. Is it better to hold off for Sunday/Monday to add a heater?
  24. Ph 7.2 nitrate, nitrite, ammonia all 0 (still doing a fish in cycle) hardness 300 kh 80 My fish have ich. I’m actually a little happy about it, ive never had to treat ich before so it’s another notch in the fish keeping belt and my tank is still getting set up and is minimally stocked. 3 HRP and a fire mouth, all about 1” and a 2.5” bristlenose. I had a RTS who died the day after purchase (patient zero for ich). So far only 2 of the HRP are showing the spots but the Firemouth has lost a lot of color, although he is also bottom of the food chain int the tank. So far I have started treating with doing a 50% water change, adding 45 tablespoons of aquarium salt (90g tank) and cranking the heat from 78 to 82. Anything else recommended to do? Should I adjust feeding or lighting or anything like that? What should I be looking out for?
  25. I bought 4 clown loaches from the LFS to get rid of my pond snails. 2 weeks later and they have tiny white spots over them. I don't have a quarantine tank so they went straight into my 300 litre tank. In that tank I also have 20 neon tetras, 4 Cory's, 3 kuhli loaches, 4 Otto's, 5 Harlequin rasboras, 2 mystery snails that have just laid eggs, and a dwarf gourami. I do have one other small 20l tank that has 5 guppies and a molly as residents. I have read that clown loaches have their own specific white spot that they get, so I'm hoping it doesn't spread to the other fish. What would be my best course of action to cure my loaches? I don't mind utilising the smaller tank if needed. Also should I be asking for my money back on the infested loaches?
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