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Found 6 results

  1. So Hygrophila Pinnatifida is a rather unique plant in my opinion in that it is commonly grown both as a stem plant planted in substrate and as an epiphyte plant attached to hardscape. It was one of the first plants that I saw and absolutely needed to get it. I love its unique leaf shape. I finally got some when I did my 40 breeder and it's growing nicely. I planted it as a stem. How do you like to grow it? Does anyone know how it grows in nature? If anyone has experience growing it both ways have you noticed differences is the plant depending on how its grown? Which way do you prefer?
  2. I have a 5 gallon tank as an "extra" I was putting the fry from my guppies in there, but now only have a pair of platties which gave birth the day after I got them. I'm looking for a single plant to put in here to combat the algae. It's not out of control. my other tank cleared up nicely after I added my last round of coop plants. More and more ramshorn snails are appearing daily, but I will be removing them manually. Just curious if anyone had experimented with single plants that can starve out the algae in the water. (I already reduced the light)
  3. Okay, My local online plant distrubuter has some Alternanthera reineckii Minni and they always seem to have some instock. I've always loved the red it gave off and is defentley a plant I want to try. Soo, I have some questions: Currently all my tanks are low tech and somewhat low light. The only one being maybe on the verge of medium - high light is my 10 gallon. But I want to place the Alternanthera reineckii Minni in my betta tank. I have modified the fluval spec tank to have it dimmed, i found that it just grew algae. Do you think Alternanthera reineckii Minni can do fine in a somewhat low light tank? from what I've read its low light-medium light, thoughts on this? does this plant need co2? I understand it will give off more reds if it does, but for it to grow and be happy do I need co2? Okay now for my other plant questions: Hygrophillia Rosenvaris and Rotala rotundifolia orange juice according to tropica are easy, low light plants that dont require co2, whats your experiance with that? I want these plants to make my current tanks feel more densed. I am thinking the Rotala goes in my betta tank, and the hygrophillia in my 10 gallon. Thoughts?
  4. I have some holes starting to show up on my Hygrophila Siamensis I dose the 75 gallon 7 pumps once a week with the East green. I was reading more and this plant takes a lot. Should I dose the equivalent twice a week or maybe daily? Is is there anything else? It’s the only plant besides a few buce leaves with holes. thank ya!
  5. Does any one here have an experience with hygrophila? The plant is growing a lot I had to trim it because it got out of the tank but the leaves are melting ... There are new green leaves coming out everyday , there is plenty of nutrition in the tank (too much I am getting algae as you can see form the cloudy water ) what do I do with the dying leaves ?
  6. Hi all, so recently I wanted to start a new 10 gallon tank, and I'm really eyeing on using Hygrophila to fill the background. However, after days of Google and Youtube, I can't seem to gather much comprehensive information on this species in general. All the information I found either missed certain data, or had conflicting info with another source. The only thing consistent across the board is that they are fast growing weeds. So I decided to come to the nerms for help! Here are some species/variations that caught my attention: Hygrophila Corymbosa Hygrophila Stricta Hygrophila Compacta Hygrophila Siamensis and Siamensis 53b (this one I'm most interested in) Hygrophila Angustifolia Hygrophila Salicifolia (Hygro Blue?) Some questions I have in mind: 1. Key appearance differences? (many species just look similar to me, or I don't know how they'll look once established) 2. Plant height and suitable tank size? (have a 10 gal, 12" tall tank) 3. Growth when dosed only with Easy Green and no root tab? 4. Some species say they make many "offshoots," does this mean runners, or the stem branches out? Many thanks in advance!
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