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Found 9 results

  1. todays loss makes me wonder just how long some of these fish live. lost 1 of my 2 bronze cory's today. got them both the same time, and they were fairly well grown. i cant place an exact date, but have had these 2 since at least 2006. ive figured they were on borrowed time for quite a few years now. now to see how long the last 1 holds out.
  2. Hi everyone, So I recently got a Pleco that got ich and it rapidly spread to a couple other fish. I caught it within a day or two of the spots appearing and started treating with Ich-X. I started treatments last week Wednesday and have been dosing daily per the instructions. My question is, how long should I keep dosing? I've heard/read that you should keep dosing up to a week after the spots dissipate to kill any free swimming parasites. My issue is I'm possibly going away for this upcoming weekend, and I dont want my absence of dosing to promote the parasite to repopulate. That being said, I can cancel my plans for the weekend as it's just a short trip up north and not some long planned vacation. Thoughts or recommendations?
  3. I got a jungle Val plant about a month ago and it's looking pretty good, but I was wondering if anyone knew about how long it takes for it to start expanding?
  4. Seven days ago, I pulled 5 of my 6 gold barbs from my 75 gallon because all five were lethargic and sometimes tilting head down. One was also missing it's tail. No other outward signs of problems with these fish and only thing odd that happened in the tank was the barbs gorged on Congo tetra eggs that morning. I put them in quarantine and started treating them with Kanaplex. So far, I've lost one Monday and probably losing the tailless one today (so will be down to 3 barbs in quarantine tank). I've given the max of three Kanaplex dosages (Thursday, Saturday, and Monday), but only one of the barbs looks normal now. My question is: when can I pull the one healthy barb out of quarantine? Since it's a schooling fish, I don't want it to get too stressed by being in there by itself, assuming the other barbs also pass away, but I don't know what is going on with them and don't want to give something to the rest of the fish in the main tank.
  5. Hello everybody, i was wondering when everyone started? I started about 2 years and i have been hooked ever since! I have a 37 gallon, a 29 gallon and a 4.5 gallon Betta tank. I have 10 fish in the 37 gallon (3 guppy's, 4 platys, 2 bristle nose Plecos and one Dalmatian Mollie), i have 1 Betta in the 4.5 gallon named midnight, and my 29 gallon is currently in a blackout since I had algae problems.
  6. How long do you quarantine your fish before adding them to your main tank? Is one week long enough?
  7. I am looking into breeding angelfish and was wondering how old angelfish have to be to be able to reproduce.
  8. Hi! I just got some new Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters for my tank and am planning on replacing the old ones. I have a 10 gallon betta tank with a center divider and a sponge filter on each side. The tank has been established for over a year. I know that I will need to set the new filters in the tank while the old ones continue running, and that I should only add one new filter at a time, but how long should I wait before taking the old ones out? My brother said a month, but I’ve also seen 1 week. My bettas love their plants and I don’t have a lot of spare room in the base of the tank, plus one of the old filters has gotten noisy and it’s driving me crazy. Any advise would be appreciated! Thank you!
  9. Hi, I bought some corydoras, snails, and shrimp last night so they're in a quarantine tank with the med trio. The invertebrates came out of tanks with fish and will be going into a tank with fish and snails (though I'm not really attached to the ramshorn's tbh). Should they do the full quarantine with the cities, or can they move sooner after soaking in the meds for a bit? Thanks!
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