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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, Quick question just looking for some opinions! I’ve got a 29 gallon with a pair of sub adult convicts. Male is about 3 inches, female is right at the 2 inch mark. Right now I’ve got an Aquaclear 70 running as well as a Medium size Aquarium Co Op sponge filter. I’m curious what you all think about running this tanks filtration with just the sponge filter. This AC70 just seems huge for this tank bow. Plus, every time the convicts breed, the fry only stay at the side of the tank with the sponge filter. I imagine this is because even on its lowest setting, the Aquaclear is throwing too strong of a current for them to swim in. The Aquaclear70 also makes it frustratingly hard to keep floating plants without putting together plant barriers around the filter. Could this tank with this stock be handled by just the sponge filter? As it stands my water quality is always fine, I do my weekly changes each week and I have multiple pothos plants growing with their roots submerged so I never see nitrates creep above 10ppm by the time it’s water change day. Would taking off the Aquaclear totally overwhelm the bacteria in the tank? And could it be fine long term with just a sponge filter (or 2 sponges if need be)? Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  2. I have an aquaclear 20 and every time I do a water change and try to start it back up (filled with water of course) It doesn't start and I have to fettle around with the impeller and sometimes clean it just to get the thing to start. Its really annoying me and I don't know how or if I can fix this. has anyone had this problem before? Its making me wish I got a tidal filter instead. 😞
  3. I have a new 6 gallon cube tank and I'm looking for a HOB filter for it. I have a Seachem Tidal 35 on my 20 gallon tank and love the media basket. I'd like to put the same set up on the 6 gallon and run the flow at the lowest setting but I'm not sure if that will work. Are there any other HOB units that will give me the same flexibility with the media basket? I don't want to put an inside filter inside the tank because it just takes up too much space.
  4. Hi everyone! I recently have seen more and more tanks with two Hang on back filters instead of one, and I was wondering if there is a significant difference between having only one and having two? And is there pros and cons to having 2?
  5. Alongside many fellow aquarists/aquascapists, I find myself dealing with surface film far more often than I'd like. Also alongside my fellow a/a's, I've spent far more money than I could have ever imagined when I first decided to grow underwater plants. In an attempt to arbitrarily draw the money line somewhere, at least until I gave a DIY system a try, I decided that purchasing a skimmer system for my "nano" tank was out of the question. Not to mention the lack of real estate in my 5 gallon cube, of which I decided HAD to have exactly half of its space taken up by substrate in an attempt to mimic something I saw in a recent Aquarium Hobbyist Mag—a decision I highly regret and appreciate at the same time. Surprisingly, the first attempt at a DIY skimmer worked! Now the question is whether or not the snorkel looks worse than the film it removes. Nonetheless, I've decided to show my work and how I did it, as well as my notes in case any fellow a/a would like to cheaply rid their tanks of surface film. Equipment: -Dymax Slim Flo HOB filter (the smallest they make) -length of 1/4” tubing (grab a piece longer than required, trim as needed) -scissors -patience Steps: 1: cut a small notch out of the 1/4” tube near one end. The notch will be a triangle shape with the narrowest part aiming down (toward the opposite end). My notch is about 1” in length and gets to as wide as half the tube’s circumference. 2: feed the other side of the 1/4” tube up the bottom of the intake tube to the filter. I had to cut a small opening in the intake tube in order for the 1/4” tube to fit through. 3: feed the 1/4” tube until one end is about halfway up the intake tube while the notch you cut from step 1 is at the waterline. Make sure to round the bottom of the 1/4” tube as it exits the intake tube so it doesn’t kink. If it’s too long, just trim it. Notes: -You’ll have to fiddle with the waterline on the notch as well as the amount of flow on the filter. You want a small amount of waterfall action. I found the best to be about 1” of a gap of air for the waterfall action (this is what brings the surface water into the tube) -The waterline too high on the notch and there will be no waterfall, so surface water will pretty much be stagnant unless you crank up the filter to max flow, but even then, you likely won't get surface water entering. -The waterline too low on the notch and you'll have a gap of air for the waterfall but surface tension will prevent water from entering the tube. -Filter flow too low and it won’t pull water from the tube into the filter. -Filter flow too high and you’ll get lots of skimming action but you might also suck in a tiny fish…like a phoenix rasbora…don’t ask how I know. -Keep in mind you’ll have to adjust the tube as evaporation lowers the waterline. -I routed my 1/4” tube in a quite visible location because I was fiddling with it and wanted to be able to move and see it easily. You can just as effectively route the 1/4” tube under the filter or behind some plants; something I’ll definitely do in the near future. -My tank is quite small, so, the 1/4” tube is perfect for me. Larger tanks might need a larger tube, but I imagine the same steps apply. Hope this was useful for anyone. If you make your own (using mine or a different setup) please share your project! Would love to see what’s out there. Cheers!
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