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Found 10 results

  1. MaxM

    Ich and Heaters

    I have a Betta fish that I think has Ich. I only have a 1 gallon tank I can use right now (until next week) to use as a quarantine tank. They recommend heating the water to 28-30 Celsius. The smallest heater I have is a 50W heater. That is clearly overkill. The question is whether I can use it or is it dangerous to use too strong a heater? I have Ich medication in that quarantine tank. Is it better to hold off for Sunday/Monday to add a heater?
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering what you guys are using for heaters in your fish racks. I would love to go all out on heaters and spend some serious money on some cobalts or something like that but unfortunately with the quantity of tanks I'm looking at its kind of beginning to be a budget built at this point. I saw a video with dean and took a snip of the heater he was using does anyone know what type this is? I'm familiar with the aqueon pros or the jagers but this one looks really interesting.
  3. Hello guys, just a curious question I’m going back and watching all of deans fish room videos on YouTube ( getting ideas for my new fish rack I’m piecing together) does anyone know what type of heaters he is using? They have green power bricks that are adjustable!? I really like that idea of easy access for adjustments. And they look small I have a bunch of 10 gallons! Thanks guys in advance!!
  4. When I was into making hard cider a couple years ago I would buy these electric Mats to heat up the cider so it would’nt freeze. Has anyone tried to do this on a full size tank?? I have a temp control module I would use as a regulator? Anyone ever heard of someone trying this?!?
  5. I have this heater, rated for up to 80 gallons, in a 65 gallon tank. The temperature in the tank was about 74.5 degrees F. Over a day ago I set the thermostat on the heater for about 83 degrees, in preparation for some fish I plan to acquire that prefer warmer waters. After over a day, the water is still only about 77.8 degrees, although it is getting gradually warmer. Is that the expected performance for such a heater? Is this a safety feature of some sort? Will it ever reach the set temperature? How should I set the thermostat to ensure the water is 80 +/- degrees?
  6. I see lots of people who have tanks in the mid 70s in their homes without heaters, what I'm wondering is if those people just have their house pretty warm or do they not have ac? I'm wondering because my fishroom stays at 69/70 year round with heat and ac, and was wondering if there was some tricks to keeping tanks warmer that I didn't know about? And to answer a few questions ahead of time, all my tanks have lights and custom glass tops that I cut and drill myself
  7. I don'r have much experience with heaters but I think I'll need one for my future multi's tank. What size heater would I need to heat a tank to 77ish degrees?
  8. I am thinking about ways to keep a tub outdoors year-round in a cold climate. How much heat can a compost pile generate to keep a tub warm?
  9. So I'm looking for a heater for a 5 gallon tank that I can use for breeding my pygmy sunfish. Im using 5 gallons as I'm limited for space and have lots of fry. Room temp for my tanks is around 71-72 degrees but it's not really the cold I'm worried about, I just want the temp to stay a pretty consistent 74-75 without having to worry about room temps getting too low. What I'm looking for is a heater that can raise temps only a few degrees and keep it there. I can't find any that I trust enough to buy. Would like something compact and accurate and reliable.
  10. What’s the best heater for it ? And would two sicce shark ADV 800 be enough filtration for 5 placidochromis jalo reef
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