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Found 4 results

  1. Just got the fish room set up and I'm having an issue with the tanks not reaching room temp. I read that heat is lost through evaporation and I've been running my dehumidifier at 40%. Just upped it to 60%. Room has been 76-80 for 2 days and water is 71.8 as of this morning. Any suggestions, tips, or info would be much appreciated.
  2. It seems like i narrowly avoided disaster tonight in the mini pond. I walked out into my patio and noticed that steam was rolling off of the pond, which is weird because it was about 66*F out and i only keep the heater set to around 68*. Stuck my hand in and sure enough it felt like bathwater. I unplugged the heater(Marineland 200W) and when i pulled it out of the water it was super hot. Checked the temp after and it was above 90*F! I thought these heaters had some sortve safety to prevent them from cooking the tank, but apparently not. So Im looking for suggestions on how i can prevent this in the future without spending a fortune. Im guessing there are temperature activated circuits i can plug the heater into? Im so lucky to have walked out and noticed this before it killed my fish this time, i dont want to allow this to happen in the future. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Hi all, I was curious on which heaters that were somewhat compact people have went to when buying or setting up a 10g fish tank. In aq co op’s tutorial on breeding apistogrammas where dean setups the tank he puts in a heater and I was curious if anyone knew the brand or a similar one that works well? Appreciate any help on this!!
  4. I have a 75 long with a nice Eheim heater. I have the thermometer set up on the complete opposite side of the tank to monitor the temp. This is a newer tank - about 5 weeks now. The temp has maintained at what I've set the heater to. However, I have seen recommendations that two heaters for a tank of this size is ideal. Thoughts on that? Seems to be working fine as is, but would it increase the life span of the heated??
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