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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, The water in my planted tank is testing in the range of 150 ppm GH (I'm using Aquarium Coop test strips). I don't have any rocks or substrate in that tank that would raise general hardness so much, so I am wondering if it's the fertilizers. I'm using ADA Green Brighty N, Neutral K, Iron, and Mineral. Coyld any of these affect GH? (Note: I was using Green Brighty K until a couple of weeks ago when I changed to Neutral K, but the GH high levels persist). Thanks!
  2. I'm just figuring out GH & KH and could use some direction. With the API Test Kit I have a KH of 5 and GH of 25. Which, if I'm right, means I have super hard water. What does that mean for keeping fish? I believe it means shrimp are out of the question. I have fish now that are fine, but going forward do I need to adjust it at all? Use distilled or RO water? How would either of those affect my KG? How would a water softener (for the whole house) affect fish keeping? Generally, what do I need to know or do any this high GH? TIA
  3. I've tested my water out of my tap and it only measures between 0 to 25ppm I usually use wonder shells and equilibrium to harden the water. I have recently "restarted" my 75g aquarium after a couple years of it sitting empty I power washed and cleaned it and filled it with water from my tap and treated with fritz complete. The only things in the tank when I measured it was 2 medium sponge filters and 2 aqueon heaters otherwise it was an empty tank and it measured over 300 ppm. Very confused as to what could cause this I have 2 10g tanks and a 29g and none of them have this issue any ideas what this could be?
  4. Help! Please. I tested my water with the Aq.Coop test strips and an odd reading came up! The water hardness portion of the strip turned a darker shade of pink, not a shade of blue as the chart indicated it should. What does this mean? Any help would be extremely appreciated since I have fish coming and no where to put them! Best regards Troy B.
  5. I am trying to start up an aquarium and have been hearing about how water hardness impacts the pH and the ability to affect the pH. I am using the Tetra Easy Strips and using the app they have that reads the strips and the results have been the same. The results show very soft water and Low Alkalinity. The recommendation is to do a 3 gallon water exchange and add 2ml of Tetra AquaSafe Plus and add 10 ml of Tetra Easy Balance Plus for my 10 gallon tank. Before jumping to adding chemicals I checked my city water to see what it had as far as hardness in concerned since I heard it impacted the water parameters. Below is what I found but can't make heads or tails of. Need a little education and direction. Total Alkalinity 87.2 mg/L as CaCo3 Total Hardness 144 mg/L as CaCO3 Langelier Index .2887
  6. How long does it take for a Wonder Shell to have an effect? Prior to the addition of a small Wonder Shell to a 10 gallon tank, my dGH was ~6 and my dKH was essentially 0. After the addition of the Wonder Shell and waiting 24 hours, my dGH was about 6.5 while my dKH was still essentially 0. Should I expect a rise in dKH in a 24 hour period? Would my plants be absorbing the extra minerals released by the Wonder Shell hence the apparent failure to raise the calcium hardness? Thanks in advance for your input.
  7. I have a pair of endlers and I am concerned about my water parameters. My ph is 7 gh is between 75 ppm and 140 ppm and KH is 75 ppm. I was wondering if I should raise my hardness or if it is ok as is. If I need to raise my hardness what would be the best way to do so.
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