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Found 5 results

  1. Any ideas what is happening / what can be done? It’s 75/25 sand-garden soil substrate, seeds sprouted after about 10 days, then I topped it with 1/4” sand. 20gal tank with a sub pump filter but no air injection. It’s been running for about 3 weeks now & it begins to melt; 4 days ago I had furry see-through and very thin cotton-like stuff gathering on the grass, and now they are going brown from the tips & dying.
  2. I'm getting ready to give up on my montecarlo and am considering dwarf hairgrass. I have a gravel substrate with most pebbles being roughly 3-5mm across. From what I've read dwarf hairgrass likes sand and soil with lots of nutrients, which doesn't sound like a good fit. Is it that much harder to grow in gravel? would root tabs help? should I root tab closer than every 6" in this case? Also will it really carpet like the photos if I'm a mere mortal aqua-scaper? I've only seen photos of insane lush carpets and day 1 planting online. I've got medium light, ph 7.8 gh7 kh4, low nitrogen and phosphate that I'm still working on getting higher.
  3. I changed my aquarium looks with new plants and aquarium grass. It is now getting algae as in attached pic..I am not familiar with this algae. Looks black/brownish and bushy..Can you please suggest the solution..I have kept timer for light so it runs for 4 hours in morning and 4 hours in evening
  4. Hi guys, new to planted aquarium and I have a 40 breeder with a 3 ft. 2-Light 45-Watt White Integrated Utility LED Shop Light from home depot. I ordered some dwarf hair grass from the co op and it was doing well until two weeks ago it developed or exploded in algae. Idk what type it is but I’ve been hitting it with 5ml excel every day right after light goes on. I keep water steady at 0 NH3-4, 0 NO2, and 5-20 NO3. Weekly 25% water change and I house 8 mystery snails, multiple pond snails, 2 SAE and 21 neon tetras. I only feed em in the am before work and when I get home late pm, only what they eat in 2 minutes. I did add a small branch of broccoli for the snails and they devour it in 24hr period. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. I planted this hair grass a few weeks ago and the majority of it looks pretty dead but I can see a few new blades shooting up. Should I remove it and just let it be? Thanks
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