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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I set up some tubs outside this spring for the first time, with guppies and shrimp. They don't have any filtration, but have abundant amounts of guppy grass and hornwort. I'm in southeast Texas, so while the temperature will get down into the single digits once every 10 - 20 years, we go years with it never getting below 25°. I know I'll need to bring the guppies in long before that, but I'm wondering if I can leave the tubs set up with the plants in them to get a head start on next spring?
  2. Very excited to be trying out two new plants in our water. First up is Guppy Grass (Najas). I know it’s common... but we’ve never had it before. It’s going to get a lot of nitrate floating in this grow-out tank! The second is Crinum. Was so pleased to find it at a local store. Very pricey... but going to try a single. Gave it a root tab. Lots of life in the Killi colony to encourage it...
  3. This may be a stupid question, but why doesn't Aquarium Coop sell guppy grass? For how widely it seems to be used throughout the hobby, I'm having trouble finding it from a reputable seller. Sure, I can find it on eBay or esty, but why do none of the major online plant sellers seem to carry it? Where does everyone else source theirs from? Thanks, Grant
  4. Hi all and happy new year. Can anyone help identifying this plant? I just got it as a freebie with my susswastertang order and have no clue what it is 🙂.
  5. Hey gang, I have a problem I could use some help with: My guppy grass in one of my nano-ponds is being overtaken with green hair algae. The algae seems to be choking off the grass: I really need the grass to be more accessible to guppy fry, but the hair algae is so entangling. I can't pull the algae off the stemps of the grass without breaking it all up. There are also a couple small water hyacinths eating up nitrates. I know the typical approach of managing the balance of light vs. nutrients, but I'm not sure which way to take it, because the two plants seem so similar to me. Is mantaining the 20ppm Easy Green target still the best approach here? Or is there a particular nutrient that gives guppy grass the edge over the algae? Should I pull the hyacinths to give the grass a better chance? The pond only gets 1-2 hours of direct sunlight each day. Thank you! Bill
  6. I have gold fish in an outdoor stock tank pond. They have plenty of floating plants in with them and they love to munch the duckweed to the point were it doesn’t grow fast enough to keep up. I do grow it in a separate container too. I had an abundance of guppy grass in my other tanks so I threw some in the gold fish pond. Just wanted to see if they would eat it too. Any one have gold fish eat it before?
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