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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Folks, My java ferns' outlook is looking bleak (I hope it makes a comeback). I spoke to the staff at my local aquarium shop about the java fern and they suggested my lights might be burning the fern... This is our first tank and we bought a starter set from petsmart that came with stock led lights... could these be causing the issue? I currently have the timer set to 4 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness, cycled twice a day. This is a 20 gal tank and gets feed 2 pumps of easy green everweek, with 2 pumps of iron every other week. Should I look at a co2 bubbler... are there any other options I can do to help the fern out? Also, what can I do to help my plants grow? Thanks
  2. I'm looking for any insight people may have. One of my neon tetras developed a black type growth on his side. I've been monitoring it and it slowly seemed to be growing over months, so quite slow. None of my other tetras got it and he swims and eats and generally seems in good health but it is obviously something and was spreading. I am limited with meds in Canada. Melafix, Pimafix and aquarium salt didn't seem to do much. Seachem Paraguard seemed to reduce it's size a bit but nothing seems to have got rid of it and I worry it will continue to spread. My next attempt will be Jungle Fungus Clear which I managed to get my hands on. I did treatments spaced out over time I haven't been inundating the poor guy with meds after meds but I'm at a loss and would like him healthy so I can move him in my community tank and keep the rest of my fish safe and healthy. Hard to get a pic but this is the best I can do. Tank is fully cycled, no water issues and heated. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
  3. Has anyone ever tried barley Straw to get rid of algae in their aquarium? I have read it works even on the black beard algae. I'm thinking of trying to see if it works, I read its slow but natrual so I'm thinking of trying it out. Any info yall might have plz chime in.
  4. Not exactly sure what this is, but it is only affecting one fish - should I move to a hospital tank (assuming I can grab him) or should I treat the whole tank? If I treat, what should I use? I have ParaCleanse and Maracyn Any help is greatly appreciated!! (**current tank setup is 29 Gallon, 18 Embers, 18 CPDs and 3 Otos)
  5. Leibs

    Growth on Angel

    Came home from a few days away and this guy had this growth. Anything to do besides quarantine/med trio? Water parameters normal good with regular water changes.
  6. How fast or slow do Siamese algae eaters grow? I just got mine from Aqua Huna. There are eight of them and they are about 1/2" and about the diameter of a pencil lead.
  7. hi! i got a 1.5 inch pleco around 3 months ago and will get 3 more of the same size soon. any idea how long it will take for them to start breeding/ achieve maximum size? thanks!
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