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Found 5 results

  1. Is my barb ready to lay eggs or is it something else? She didnt look like this 2 days ago.
  2. My green tiger barb has been very bloated for the past week or so and i dont know what to do my friends are telling me that i might have to be ready for it to die but i dont want that to happen.My theory is that it has been eating my sand substrate.i feed once a day and a very good amount for everyone.Any tips or ideas would be great thank you
  3. I know they are just color variants of the same species, but does this affect their schooling behavior?
  4. We've only been back in the hobby of fish keeping for the past year or so. We had lots of different kinds of fish over the years, but I don't really remember too much about them. What I've been fascinated with this time is how they eat. And by eat, I really mean EEEEEEEEAAAAAAT!!! because we have a 55-gallon FULL of hundreds of guppies...mostly juvenile...and continually ravenous! 4 weeks ago, though, we brought some new fish home to quarantine and just added them to our tanks last weekend. The first were Siamese Algae Eaters. I think. We bought the ones whose black stripe continues into their tails. Well, 2 of them, anyway. The third one, the smallest one, has a black stripe that is more jagged and that's the one that eats the most algae, so now I'm not sure if they are all SAEs or if one is a Flying Fox Fish. What's interesting about them is that I tried feeding them Hikari algae wafers during quarantine. For the most part, they just weren't interested. But when I dropped in the Xtreme nano pellets, they went nuts! Jumping right into fray with barbs to get those little yummy bites. So cool to watch. And that brings us to the Green Tiger Barbs. They are gorgeous and fascinating...and hilarious. At least, when it comes to eating those pellets. They chipmunk them!!! Most of them can actually pull THREE pellets into their tiny mouths. Then they carry them around for a while (I guess until they soften) and then you see them munching away. Here's my feeble attempt to capture it. Blurry, but you can see their mouths stuffed with pellets. It's like they're playing the "Chubby Bunny" game!!! What are the feeding behaviors you've observed that were surprising? Or hilarious? Or at least very interesting??? Alesha
  5. Oh my word, y'all! I saw these at one of my LFS tonight. They are gorgeous! Does anybody have these? Are you enjoying them in your tank? What tank mates do you have with them?
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