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Found 6 results

  1. Aloha, I recently added two juvenile green spotted puffers (~1.3") into a 55gal tank. They have tons of room as the tank is oversized and one is bullying the other only when its feeding time. Otherwise there's no fighting other than when its feeding time. Not sure how to make them get along. I know they have personalities but after watching them together in the same tank for around 45 minutes in the store they didn't fight at all and they were pretty overcrowded in the store tank. I didn't get a chance to see what happens when they feed. One is starting to not eat because I think stress from getting bullied. What should I do? I want two of them and to upgrade to a 75gal when they get a little bigger. Any help is appreciated. Much love from Hawaii.
  2. Woke up and started working on the big move for my green spotted puffer. He is getting graduated from my fish room to our living room where he can be more interactive with the family and give me the space for more things in the fishroom. Went to check on my rescue tank (a tank I just recently rescued a bunch of fish in) and the angel passed. No one has had any sign of illness, typical great parameters (0/0/25-50 - today is WC day). No signs of injury, it ate healthily and eagerly like it always does last night. Not really looking for a direct reason, these things happen and its nothing I can easily determine, just expressing my sadness, as I did the best to help give it a better life (It was in a 29g that was super over populated). Anyhow, I do have my new tank almost ready to go, waiting for it to heat up and the ammonia to calm down after moving live rock/sand (the fun of saltwater) which should be gone by this evening (just a slight trace) and my puffer, piggy, gets to be moved. I'm super excited as this is a long process, I got a tank I had to reseal, do some other odds and ends to get the sump system going and voila, its going! Very rewarding to be close to the finish line, and to have him in my living room to interact with everyone. It has a pretty canopy too, but I had to cut a few holes in it for the return and the HOB skimmer. I plan on replacing my DIY spray bar you see with the loc-tite later.
  3. Hi everyone, Please help. My name is Tony nice to meet everyone. So I got Rover our green spotted puffer fish about 6 months ago. Everything has went well he is in a community tank with our other green spotted puffer spot along with a couple Molly fish and gobies. A while back I had noticed on top of Rover's head that he had a lump. I kept watching the lump and had noticed that the lump seemed to get a little larger. I reached out and talked to some people and due to its location and it not moving or doing anything else but slightly growing basically the conclusion was it was a tumor and he would just live with it. So unfortunately all of a sudden this what we will refer to as the parasite, was on the side of his body. Rapidly within a couple days it hadn't moved to his underbelly. Amongst my panic I've been searching for answers for our little Rover. About four or five days ago this parasite split. Now he has a lump on his stomach and he has a lump on the side. I came to conclusion that it was a worm because I literally saw it trying to burrow out of his stomach few days ago. Unfortunately it went back up in. Last night I treated my tank with levamisole hydrochloride 2 mg per liter or for all intense purposes 9 mg per gallon. I blacked the tank out and checked on them this morning. It had no effect for my poor green spotted puffer. I see the lumps are still present. I am out of answers and searching for them if anybody has any suggestions or ideas or ways to handle this please let me know. I can add some photos but it is very hard to see in a picture. basically impossible. Thank s. Ok little update. I examined him and I see the lump still on his side however it looks like the spot is darker now almost looks dark. I was able to snap some pics. ReplyForward
  4. Hello I am new to this forum and have been keeping fish for about 5 years now. I am wondering if anyone has experience with gsp’s I am wondering if I can put 1 in 29. Gallon tank for at most 1 year until I am done building my fish room I am asl wondering if they can be fed frozen bloodworms if thawed in tank water first or are they like figure 8s who need things like snails
  5. I am wondering if anyone has experience with gsp’s and could give me some advice/answer questions. I am wondering if I can put 1 in 29. Gallon tank for at most 1 year until I am done building my fish room I am also wondering if they can be fed frozen bloodworms if thawed in tank water first or are they like figure 8s who need things like snails to trim there teeth
  6. pH - 7 Nitrates - <10 Hardness - unknown Nitrite - 0 Ammonia -0 KH/Buffer - unknown Water Temperature - 78* Our GSP, Chompies, we've had for about 8 months now with no issues. In brackish water. Solitary tank. Until today was eating well, super active. We woke up to him being listless at the bottom of his tank, belly and face color are off and he seems like he's gasping. Upon closer inspection, his gill flaps have something coming out of them but I'm unsure if it's a parasite or a fungus. <a href="https://ibb.co/gybSH5H"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/Y24cYzY/20201118-165941jpg" alt="20201118-165941" border="0"></a>
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