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Found 8 results

  1. So I've struggled with green spot algae since starting up my 55 ( 8 months ago ) and now my 20 gallon fry tank ( 2 months ) is doing the same. Mainly my sword plants, but almost all my plants will start to get a good bit of green spot then it'll consume whole leaves. I've trimmed the leaves back, do weekly dosing of easy green and iron , water parameters are good. Can't figure it out Read an article about if your phosphates are at 0 then that could be the issue. Honestly don't know much about phosphates and their purpose in the tank so was wondering if someone could explain, and recommend any good fixes for green spot, phosphates dosing. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Have some algae on the glass walls and the magic eraser does well except that stubborn green spot algae that needs a blade. My top fin and magfloat won't touch it. I have a Sungrow with a blade that does decent, but its small when doing a 130g. Anyone use anything larger they can recommend?
  3. What is the safest method to remove GSA from inside of an acrylic tank?
  4. Hi everyone! I'm starting to see green spot algae growing on some of my hardscape and slower growing plants. I've looked online for information but the general consensus seems to be "all algae is bad so we need to kill it with fire". What are your guys' opinions? Can I leave it alone to do its thing or should I be proactive about getting rid of it? I don't care about how it looks, I just don't want it to kill my plants. The tank is a 20gallon medium planted tank with 6 corys and 4 mystery snails btw. It's cycled but only been operational for 3 months.
  5. I've had this nana petite for about 2 months now. It recently got covered in diatoms and then I introduced otos who ate the diatoms off but the edges of some leaves still look brown and some leaves have dark spots now. Is that a new algae? a deficiency? Maybe those were gaps in the diatoms and the plant made more chlorophyll there? I tried rubbing the leaves an nothing came off. I googled a bit and I saw a few people with similar problems do a quick bleach dip to remove the algae, but I don't want to do that if this isn't algae.
  6. My 75 gallon appeared to be in pretty good balance for a number of months, but once I introduced two tiger lotus to the setup I began to loose control. It started with some green spot algae, but the black beard algae quickly began to show up on the endow of leaves and in my gravel/rocks. I have tweaked my lights and and pushed my ferts to the point that the bba is dying, but now the green spot algae is covering leaves. I had hoped solving one would solve the other, but the GSA is getting bad. My research leads me to believe lighting is the number one factor for GSA? So now I am trying to determine where to adjust to find balance. Here is a snapshot of my tank. Temp 76 degrees Nitrates 40 ppm (before yesterday’s water change) pH 8 I am currently dosing Easy Green 8 pumps on Sunday after the water change and on Wednesday morning. I also have root tabs for my Swords, Crypts, and Vals. Light is a 48” Nicrew with a timer. The current settings were tweeked while trying to get rid of BBA. 10:00 5% 12:00 20% 13:00 100% 16:00 20% 18:00 5% 20:00 0% That is a total of 12 hours at various intensities. I can’t find recommendations online for how the lower intensities may be impacting the algae growth. I’m considering cutting it down to 10 hrs total. With you not 30 min of 5, 30 mins of 20, and 8 hours of 100%. But at this point I would live to hear from some of you. Oh! I do have algae eaters. I want some algae, but not GSA because the otos don’t want the hard lettuce. LoL
  7. I have a very small amount of green spot algae on some of leaves of my plants, especially anubias leaves. I know green spot algae means that the light is "too much", but my question is... Is my light brightness too high? or Is my light on for too long? My light is the Nicrew classic LED and is on for 9 hours per day. I have not changed the length of time it is on or the brightness since I started my tank about 5 months ago. The green spot algae appeared only a month or so ago.
  8. Having some issues with GSA lately. Been using easy carbon and im about to get some amano shrimp to help with the other algae in the tank. Any tips on other ways to keep GSA at bay or at least cut down on it?
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