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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, 3 days ago I purchased 10 Glowligh tetras from a pet shop. Upon arrival at home I noticed one of them had some white spots on the tail and some white on the fins. Another one had some redness on their stomach which now turned into what's seen on the photo, I assume fungus? I'm not sure what the disease is and what medication to treat it with. Water parameters are all perfect. As of now in the house I have: Seachem's Prime, Stability, Clarity Interpet's Anti Fungus and Finrotn, Interpet's Aqualibrium first aid salt additive, AllPondSollutions Aquarium Rescue, King British Disease Clear and King British White spot Control Since I don't have a hospital tank and other fish now started showing some white on their fins I will be treating the whole 58L tank at once. The two fish with the most visible symptoms are in the photo. Any help is much appreciated
  2. My water parameters : Ammonia 0ppm Nitrates 0ppm Nitrates 160 Ppm (from the tap) Ph 7.4? Kh 11° Gh 3 grains or 51.3ppm TDS 455 Temp 82°F My fish were behaving normally last night and this morning. Around 11:30 a.m. I noticed the smaller of the glowlight tetras laying on the floor of the aquarium. Removed it. Then the second tetra started behaving the same. Erratic swimming, floating to bottom. Removed fish. Tested water. Everything was normal except my Ph was extremely high. Did partial water change and they returned to normal which is that 7.4 range. See pics. Fish are still alive. Video will be attached in next post. What can I do?
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