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Found 8 results

  1. We had our first death since Kismet and Karma died last year. Fed the spouse's Memorial tank this morning at 10 am, everyone looked great. Went in at noon to prune plants, and discovered a dead endler female in the top of the plants... and she definitely wasn't there when I fed the tank earlier. Oldest fish in the tank are the original 6 females who are just over a year old.,, rest of fish have been bred in this tank except 3 endler males I introduced after first batch of babies were born. I did treat this area of the tank with H2O2 3 days ago, due to a small patch of cyanobacteria in the hornwort. Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrites: 0 ppm Nitrates: 0 ppm pH 7.2 kH ~120 ppm GH ~75 ppm Temp: 72.4 F TDS: 480 This is a 4' tank and approximately 30 gallons. Heavily planted, well established tank since May last year. Has had an on again/off again cyanobacteria issue that is (thank you @Mmiller2001) getting under control as I slowly lower the TDS, remove contaminated plants, siphon out, and spot treat the occasional spot that shows back up in the plants with H2O2. Last H2O2 treatment was Sunday evening. I don't know if the fish died of natural causes, and was bumped up to the top due to the feeding frenzy earlier, and the camera simply picked up the beginning of decom? Or if the fuzzy growth around the gills and mouth is what killed the fish, and I need to treat the entire tank. @Colu and @Odd Duck I no longer have a microscope. This tank has been really stable, I really don't want to have to treat if at all possible. I spent the past hour looking for any other fish showing any symptoms, and everyone looks healthy... I do need to trim out about 20% of the plant matter again to see clearly into the majority of the tank. Nerites and ramshorns are very happy with water quality, and I do pre-emptively treat my fish in quarantine. What is your opinion? Died of natural causes and I'm seeing fungus or something that set in after the fact? Or am I looking at cause of death?
  2. What are these red spots on my guppy? Just noticed them today. pH 8.0 Nitrates 10 Hardness 150 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 180 Water Temperature 78
  3. Hi, I just noticed that the area below my betta's gills seems to be either pushed back, or damaged, it's enough that you can see the tissue that's normally covered up by the gills. (please excuse the cloudy water, I just added some crushed coral about 5 minutes ago.) I've noticed him flashing for a bit, and hard Cory say in a livestream somewhere that low pH could cause issues with irritating the skin and gills. I ordered some crushed coral and added it to help raise the pH to get him to stop flashing. He is still eating, but with a bit of difficulty, it almost looks like he wants to eat, has trouble chewing it. Mostly he's resting in the plants. My parameters are: NH3 & NH4: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm (The tank has been cycled for about a month or two, with plants taking a lot of nitrogen from what i can tell.) GH: 75 ppm KH: 40 ppm pH: 6.4 Temperature: 79ºF Source of Results: Tetra Easy Strips Ammonia, Tetra Easy Strips Six in One, and Marina Thermometer Could this be from misjudging when he was flashing and accidentally hitting this area? His tankmates are several red cherry shrimp, a few bladder snails and their eggs, and various worms, small inverts, etc in a planted 5.5 gallon. (To clarify on the picture, he does not have fin rot, his tail was pointed towards the camera making his tail look a bit shorter) Also if someone happens to know will this be permanent? Anything helps, thanks! UPDATE 2:03PM UTC: Last night he jumped out of the tank, and was out for probably a minute at most. He doesn't seem to have any injuries. He's still resting in the plants and still eating with difficulty. Right now I'm feeding freeze dried spirulina brineshrimp to try to give him good food.
  4. I’ve had this betta for a couple of months now. As you can see, his fins are frayed. I put him through the med trio twice and it only seemed to get better just a little bit before coming back. I even put him in a separate tank and dosed aquarium salt for four days. After that his fins do seem to be slowly growing back. I’m hoping that continues. Now he has a noticeable lump on one of his fins and also some white stuff growing around that fin. What could this be? His tank is a heavily planted 10 gallon that I keep at 78F. The PH is 7.0 last I checked, and the GH of my tap water is 6 drops of the API test kit. There is both a sponge filter and a hang on back filter. I change water 1-2x per week. He has shrimp and a single juvenile guppy for tank mates.
  5. Bruce

    Goldfish Gills

    Please help guys my goldfish has something sticking out his left side gills. I just got him today he's in quarantine he's very active eating duckweed and swimming around.
  6. Hi! I recently picked up some goldfish from someone and I noticed that one of them had curled gill plates. It was really odd, I started reading some of the topics online and I wanted to know what the cause could be. Many people said it was because of the ammonia in the water which is very likely. Do the curled gill plates cause fish to have problems breathing or swimming. That same fish seem to also has a swimming problem as well. It flips upside down sometimes but it swims upright. It seems to be having a hard time trying to swim upright almost as if it were tired of swimming upright. What can I do to deal with the curled gill plates and with the swimming problem?
  7. Hello guys my goldfish has something sticking out of his left gill I believe it to be an external parasite. I know the pictures don't show it the best but if you zoom in you can see it.
  8. One of my zebra danios came from petsmart with this gill issue. Any ideas as to what it is and if I should move to QT and treat?
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