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Found 7 results

  1. I'm looking for a cool gift for a young girl, 10 years old, who is pretty into nature. She has a 55-gallon tank in her fish with fish she caught herself, a paludarium with a gecko, and a few tanks with turtles. She loves to collect insects. I was thinking maybe a cool, information book...I don't know. Looking to spend $10-20 (there are a lot of kids to buy for...but she's the only one who is super into nature, like I am). Any suggestions from the crowd?
  2. how do I pay with a gift card?
  3. I was wondering if this Could be possible. I know Co-op has a gift card section, but sometimes I'd like to just send people a surprise gift with a message with murphy printed on it, and a personalized message, that the recipient would see when they open the box. Maybe add an item to the shop for $.99, "Personalized message"?
  4. I have a couple of questions. My boyfriend got me a 36 gallon bow front aquarium for Christmas. There was no place to hide it so I got my present early hahaha. Anyway, what plants do you guys recommend? Right now I have 2 swords, something I can't remember the name of and a dwarf lily thats growing out. I don't have a co2 setup. Also, I have a hang on the back filter for a 30 gallon and a nano sponge filter....would those two combined work until I can get two medium sponge filters?
  5. My fiancé is obsessed with his fish tank but he has almost everything for it. He has a 75 gallon regular water tank. He loves it he’s always messing with the plants and fishes. I know he’ll love something from here because he’s always looking at what to get next lol I just dont know much about tanks but I want him to really love his gift. He has plants, fishes, a sponge filter, the fertilizer kit for the plants, the food for the fishes idk what to get. PLEASE HELP🥰
  6. I'm going to get a couple circulation pumps, air pump and a fine bubble disk diffuser. What are you getting for yourself?
  7. Was thinking of making it a apistogramma tank or pea puffer tank ? What y’all think or what else would look good that can possible breed or just for looks ? Thanks in advance for ur opinions I love getting people’s opinions:). PS got these three plants for it 🙂
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