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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone have experience with a ghost knife fish and the med trio? I've heard meds can be very hard on them. anyone have any experience with the Trio on them?
  2. Hello everyone of aquarium co-op! Just wanted to say I'm a big fan and appreciate all of the youtube videos! Ive come here with a bit of a problem. My black ghost knifefish is sick! It looks like a bacterial infection going by the white patches on his gills and I'm treating it with a combo of melafix and kanamycin according to their instructions. But his behavior seems to insinuate something other than a bacterial infection. His behaves as though he's drunk for lack of a better description plus today he isn't eating, and every so often he comes to the top and gulps air which tells me it could be nitrate poisoning which I've read that they die really quick after nitrate poisoning and he has been this way for a couple weeks now. If it is nitrate poisoning I think methylene blue will help but I won't assume anything. It is also noteworthy to mention that this happened very shortly after I added some cory cats to his tank as a clean up crew which could mean he got pricked by their spines and aren't catfish poisonous? What I've done so far to try and help: I've attached a dimmer to his aquarium light to reduce his stress a bit I've added 2 brand new air stones to help his breathing as well as I put a small circulation pump at the top to break the waters surface to aid gas exchange In the water My water test results: Ph - 7.6 Kh - 4 (about 60ppm) Gh - 17 (about 340ppm) Ammonia- 0.25 Nitrite- 0 Nitrates - 40ppm - 80ppm
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