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Found 2 results

  1. This will be my first attempt at a journal. I currently have a 29gal guppy tank with a 10 gallon guppy grow out tank. I wanted to try something new. So I'm setting up a 10 gal neo shrimp tank. Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and advice to get started. I just started setting it up today. So it's only been filled and started the first sponge filter. When I cleaned my hob from the 29 I put all of the dirty tank water from it into the shrimp tank to help jump start the cycle. So the first pics will come one the tank clears up. I will be ordering an additional sponge filter and plants soon as well. It's going to be a slow process but I want to make sure I have it well seasoned before I get some shrimpy friends. So stay tuned for all the fun!
  2. As I sitting here having coffee contemplating the mysteries of the galaxy,something occured to me. I have journaled my shrimp sanctuary, Cory breeding adventure and learning how to hatch and raise mystery snails. But I have never done anything with my main tank! How did that slip by without me noticing?! I mean I have mentioned it in my other journals but never put a lot of focus on it. How rude of me for those tank inhabitants. It has always been a guppy kingdom with a few randoms in the mix. I think it was easy to overlook a nice it has been setup the longest and is established and stable. Then with the help of my main partner in crime @Guppysnail and other accomplice's @Chick-In-Of-TheSea@nabokovfan87 @Cinnebuns just to name a few. They have opened me up to so many other types of fish and other critters. Different styles of setups and modifications. As well as loads of tips and tricks. Out of that it has given birth to my next addiction, I mean adventure. The least Killifish! I have always enjoyed my guppy's and always will but I have a new vision for my main tank. Right now it's a few guppys, 2 mystery snails 1 nerite, my newest crew of 6 paleatus corys and my last solo variatus platy. I have had so many generations of guppy's through this tank. But I think it's time to change directions with a new fish. I love livebearers of all kinds. And the suite the type of water I have very well. Very hard water out the tap. 12-15 gh but surprisingly 0kh. I have a few more guppy's to rehome but I'm going to try and keep my main male guppy gumball and my solo platy brownie. Both names by my daughter. And of course my snails and corys will stay as well. Ever since @Guppysnail introduced me to the least killifish I have been fascinated with them. So I thought my 29 gal would make an awesome killifish mansion. I think with there size and slow rate of reproduction in a sense would work wonderfully. NOw a bit about the tank itself. Standard 29 gal moderately to heavy planted I would say. I took out the driftwood I really like the look of just a planted tank. The only other decor is a smallish fake rock cave. I run 2 med co op sponge filters and a tidal 55. Yeah I'm an over filter junky. Gravel substrate with some crushed coral mixed in and some in the tidal 55 to keep my kh at a 4-5. Lighting is a hygger 24/7 light. Plants are Java ferns,Pogo's, Amazon sword,dwarf aquarium lilly,dwarf sagataria,Anubias nana petite and gold coin. Along with a good amount of floating water sprite. I'm hoping to get my killifish delivered to me in just under 2 weeks. But in the meantime I have a few things to work on. I have some modding to do to my tidal 55 to get it killifish safe. My aquarium silicone will be here today to so I can work on that tomorrow. @nabokovfan87 has done the heavy lifting on that so I know exactly what needs to be done to get it Killifish safe and running at optimal conditions. As well I'm going to order a diffuser for it as well found by @Chick-In-Of-TheSea. I know this is probably the longest post I have ever made on the forum. Sorry not sorry 🤣 but I don't think I would have come this far in 6 months time in my fishkeeping passion if it were not for the people I have mentioned and countless others. Lastly I will post a pic of what the tank looks like right now.
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