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Found 6 results

  1. Iv finally gotten a paid of GBR to not eat their eggs and protect their fry. But today i get home from work and i watch them... and i dont see the fry. Then i see a few and the dad rushed to pick em up. But I assumed he was just moving them. But he was chomping away and then grabbed another one!? Are they never gonna give me fry !?
  2. I've got a yellow lab mbuna holding for a few days now. Got a cheap 20 gallon tank I'm setting up with spare plants and filters. Going to be in an outdoors screened patio , in tx so it's going to be warm ( if that's a issue lmk ) . Any advice on dos and don'ts? Cycle issues? Will be putting some gravel, water and rock from 55 gallon in there. And anything else that is a must please share . Thanks yall
  3. So I stupidly thought that it was a good idea to put 30 Platy fry in a 40 gallon breeder tank all by themselves. This morning, I saw Ich on 2 of them. One with a speck on the pectoral fin and the other fry with two specks on its gill plate and mouth. I have begun treatment by raising the temperature to 86F. It’s an open-top with a HOB, so the depletion of Oxygen is not an issue. Unfortunately, it is also a planted and graveled tank. Does anyone have tips for me? Any would greatly be appreciated. I also want to add salt, but all I have at home is Great Value Plain Salt: no Iodide, but has Prussiate of Soda ? I should’ve left them in their little 3 gallon, but Petco was having a deal on tanks, so I bought the 40 gallon for $50, quickly seeded it from another tank, and added the fry, thinking that more room = faster growth rates. What a mistake that was. edit: added "fry" to Platy in first sentence
  4. I have baby German Blues! 😱😃😁😱 First time I’ve ever bred fish. Any help or advice welcomed PLEASE. What do I do with them at this point? Couldn’t find any Dean videos about this stage.
  5. I have some guppies in the QT tank and they have been through their first QT trio, and 1 round of de worming. They are in the 2 week rest period and will receive their second round of deworming. Last night I saw a baby in the fake plants I have in there. Both the females are pregnant, and on is VERY preggo. She may have had more, but they may have been a nice delicious snack 😞 But there is 1 in there that I can see, swimming in the plants. Probably more to come. Question: Can I continue to de worm if there are babies in the tank? I do have a breeding net box ready to go, but not sure if it will stress them out more or not. AND.. I have a bacterial bloom happening in there suddenly as well UGH! This tank has been PERFECT till now..ALL chemistry is normal. I am feeding them now only to protect the babies from being a snack. But once the de worming #2 starts, I will not feed them till post treatment.
  6. here is a update on my 2.5 gallon fry tank
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