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Found 8 results

  1. Dean and Cory produced a couple of youtube videos detailing how Dean raises fry. They showed and discussed the fry containers but not the tank in which the containers were suspended. Is there a video I missed that focuses on the tank?
  2. Hey everyone I’ve been tryna figure out where dean has been getting his fry breeder boxes that he places on his tanks in his videos with the white bottom but water is still able to flow through with a sponge as the filter. Any ideas is his custom made or ordered??
  3. I've heard a lot about a "no drip" turkey baster being the one to get for tiny water changes and transporting fry. Is there a specific one that's best?
  4. Hello! Does anyone know if I have to add a line of water to the rack like Dean has? In 3 videos of people building them there has been a line of water that runs to each container, I was wondering if I cut more holes in the side plugged with sponge would I get away with not having a water line? The rack system would be for plecos, ricefish, praecox, apistos, cories, maybe guppies.
  5. Hey guys, So I have a mated pair of angelfish that produce eggs every 8 days or so. The problem is that I am having a difficult time getting the fry to survive past wiggler stage. I have had one successful spawn by keeping the eggs with the parents, but they ate the fry after laying another clutch of eggs and have eaten two other clutches when I tried to replicate that. They have had roughly 20 spawns so far, and I have tried various things to keep them alive including but not limited to: switching from methylene blue to peroxide, aerating at different rates, varying sizes of water changes, keeping them in a glass jar in the fish tank to keep the temperature the same. I am getting discouraged but I don't want to give up yet. Any help or tips would be appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I began this hobby around six months ago and have had our ups and downs but seem to be at a stable place with most of our aquariums. We have nine aquariums at this point but we set up the 10 gallon guppy tank about three months ago. Needless to say, we have had many batches of fry at this point and have had success with continuing to grow them out until this time. We have not changed anything with the setup for the fry but over the past two days, we have had 4-5 fry pass away each day. We just changed the water on Sunday (our water change day) and the tank parameters are stable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. The new fry system hard at work in the fish room. Trying to get more active in the forum and I thought this was a good starting point. This has changed the way I breed fish. Thanks Master Breeder Dean for being willing to share your knowledge.
  8. Obviously inspired by Deans fry system, mine is also a 20 long. Water is pumped up using an MJ1200 with a co-op prefilter. I also have two sponge filters and a bag of co-op biomedia. With winter coming and being in my basement I want to add lids to hold in heat and evaporation. I made the lids using a single sheet of Lexan cut to fit over each tray with a lift off lid. To cover end space on the ends I used 1/4 thick acrylic, which I ripped with my table saw and a fine toothed blade. I installed a 1/2 bulkhead, for a cleaner look, to run the water through the cover from the pump I used rubber grommets to run the air and water through the cover into each tray. I used a piece of rigid airline tubing to go through each grommet. Blue tubing is water, clear is air. I'm pretty happy with the end result. I think using blue tubing for the water will help keep it cleaner. I'll switch it to co-op black tubing if I still get algae growing in it. I also like to think the evaporation on the lids helps the fry too, subduing the lighting, reducing stress. Currently I'm raising 50-ish Black Neon Tetra fry in one of the trays. e
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