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Found 16 results

  1. I got a pack of frozen Rotifers as the shop was out of everything else. Just wondering if it’s ok for fresh water fish. I have rams and tetras, Khuli Loachs.
  2. So last week I picked up some CPDs at my LFS and got to talking with the very nice lady who helped wrangle 18 of the little cuties into bags for me. She fed them BBS while I was there and then showed me where the BBS was in their freezer (it was kind of hidden and I didn't see it at first inspection), bottom line, she was very nice, knowledgeable and patient with any questions I asked her. here's my question - while in the freezer section talking about foods for my CPDs and also the Embers I had at home - she suggested reef plankton because she said it really helps bring out the reds in fish and she "swears by it"...has anyone else ever fed food primarily for reef/saltwater fish to their freshwater fish? LFS lady said she does it all the time, but who knows, maybe she just went loopy or was pulling the wool over my eyes (have not fed frozen in the past, so...)?
  3. I bought a package for Hikari Frozen Tubifex Worms at my LFS. I have never fed these yet, but went down a rabbit hole of reading how tubifex worms should not be fed to fish at any cost, as they are rampant with parasites. Hikari is reputable, but I obviously don't want to take the risk, if it indeed exists. Any thoughts?
  4. I mainly buy slabs of brine shrimp and blood worms as cubes would be too costly and sometimes I do not need to feed a whole cube. But since the slabs are hard to break apart into portions that you want unless you like going crazy with a hammer and then put it in a separate container but then it will still freeze back together lol. My question is can you refrigerate Frozen Foods for any amount of time (even 12 hours would be fine) before they go bad? I like to use Aquarium coop fry feeder bottles to thaw out and feed a lot of my frozen foods and it would be way easier if I could leave some in the fridge for a day. Thanks in advance!
  5. Looking for a small freezer to keep all my frozen fish foods. Any suggestions on brands models?
  6. I'm new to the hobby and am unfamiliar with variety of frozen foods out there - brine shrimp, daphnia, cyclops, bloodworms, etc. Is there a resource/blog article that explains what types of food should be used in which situations or the pros/cons of each? Thanks in advance.
  7. My fish absolutely love bloodworms. I keep reading that frozen is better than freeze-dried but there's no real reason as to why. Some say it's because they expand and cause bloat, some say there's less nutrition in them, and some say that they're functionally identical. I'd love to know. I could get frozen blood worms from my big box pet store but 1) I like supporting the coop (they're one of my 2 LFSs, although I've not been in person yet!) and 2) freeze-dried is just easier
  8. So recently I picked up some frozen blood worms and brine shrimp gumdrops. I didn't have room in the freezer after Thanksgiving so I put them in my cooler in the garage with 20lbs of ice and they became thawed out today I noticed. Dosnt look like anything is broken seal but the food is soft to the touch. Should I throw it away or feed it after refreezing?
  9. Hello everyone, I currently include frozen brine shrimp in the rotation of foods I feed my fish. However I am about to start feeding live baby brine shrimp since everyone raves about how good of a food they are, and because I am getting more into breeding my fish. My question is: does any empirical evidence exist proving that live baby brine shrimp constitutes a superior food to frozen brine shrimp? So far, most of the information I have found seems to present anecdotal evidence. Just curious what everyone on the forum thought.
  10. Why do "they" say to feed fish frozen/live food only as a treat every few days? It it bad for them? I know to vary the diet of omnivorous fish, but what about carnivorous fish like bettas?
  11. How do you all feed frozen daphnia, the little square pieces kind? I have a new (two weeks) 20 gallon tank with tetras, Lambchop Rasboras, 1 reticulated hillstream loach, 2 honey Gouramis, 4 Amano shrimp. It is a planted tank, and the water test numbers are consistently good. I have seen advice that says thaw first, other that says just shave off the amount you need and drop it right in. Other advice mentions that the water they come in may be high in PO4. Thoughts? Thanks!
  12. I've fed frozen foods for a while now, at first he would eat the pellets as well but now he won't touch the pellets and waits it out for frozen, even if I wait a few days. He won't even look at the surface to eat, he just plops his fish butt where he knows the frozen falls. I have northfin pellets. Any other suggestions?
  13. Thanks Aquarium Coop! My baby honeys go crazy for them, I've got the whole blender as well as your eggs, works so good!! I'll do a proper review soon. Michelle
  14. Hi, I got my fish some frozen blood worms and brine shrimp. On the way home I had to do a few things. They were out in open air for about two hours and then were cold for 6 hours, only then did I get them in the freezer. Do you think I can still feed my fish it or is it not safe? Thank you!
  15. This is one product that no one has been able crack. I think this diy version is pretty cool. There have been others to try and solve this, but this is the best one I have come across in awhile. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/diy-auto-frozen-food-feeder.753039/#post-7893236
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