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Found 7 results

  1. Does Fritz ParaCleanse treat the tank also or just the fish? I think I may have brought in parasites, either on wet gravel stored outside, or a new cypress knee or a outdoor tub sponge filter I temporarily used in a holding tub I used to transfer fish and plants to new tank. Three stupid mistakes on my part. Newbie lesson learned. Thanks for any input. PS FYI I found this on this Disease Guide Poster on Fritz website. https://fritzaquatics.com/assets/files/uploads/Disease_Guide_Poster_Sm.pdf
  2. I got some fritz zyme 7 from aquarium co op recently and was wondering if the product gives false testing for ammonia. I originally bought a bottle from amazon but was unsure if it was safe because one of the reviews said that you should test the product for ammonia to make sure it is not spoiled. I tried that, and it tested for 4-8 ppm ammonia. I thought it was spoiled, so I bought another from aquarium co op. I tested that bottle, and got the same results. I contacted fritz zyme and they said it is a false reading because it was not meant to be tested for ammonia, which I thought made sense. So, I used the fritz zyme in one of my betta tanks. I waited a little and when I tested the water the ammonia rose from 1-2 ppm to 4 ppm. I think the product worked though, because right now I am seeing almost no ammonia and some nitrites. But I was wondering if the reading when I first added the product to the tank was false, because I am planning on using it in a quarantine tank and a new tank. I don't want to use it if the ammonia actually was that high because that wouldn't be safe for the new fish.
  3. Do you prefer Fritz products or Seachem. I’m a life long seachem user but thinking of switching to Fritz. Would love opinions.
  4. I have switched from prime to fritz's ACCR powder. I just find ACCR easier to use than prime, just a quick scoop with the Co-ops very own, convenient measuring spoon. I can even do smaller doses super easy cause the spoon has 4 different measures. But I wonder if they're the same or if prime has any advantage ACCR doesn't have, or viceversa? If I remember correctly, prime is supossed to also neutralize/detoxify heavy metals or something like that? What does that even mean? Like, if my tap water had large amounts of copper, would prime make it safe for my fish? Is this something ACCR would not do? I haven't had any issue with ACCR, and been loving it, but what are your thoughts on them? Btw, green terror approved! XD
  5. Hi can i add fritzzyme 7 and stability together for avoiding new tank syndrome or both are mutually exclusive. my new tank has some guppies. Any experiences / recommendations
  6. can i add Fritz Complete Water Conditioner and prime together for avoiding new tank syndrome or both are mutually exclusive. my new tank has some guppies. Any experiences / recommendations
  7. I was doing independent research after my dissolved oxygen dropped today in my qt tank and apparently Fritz Complete is unsafe to use with Ich-X. The FAQ on the company webpage states that the sulfoxylate-based conditioner can affect the medication. My question is, how does it affect Ich-X? Does it make the medication ineffective or is there something more immediately threatening (in my case, dropping dissolved oxygen). I know that most conditioners will reduce oxygen levels temporarily but this is my first experience with fish gasping at the surface and I'm trying to troubleshoot to prevent it from happening again. I ended up losing one of my angels as a result of the deoxygenated water and likely would've lost the entire group if I hadn't done a 1/3 water change and added two more sponge filters to the tank. Parameters: 79 Fahrenheit 8 pH 0 Ammonia 0.25 Nitrite <20 Nitrate
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