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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have a 15g Fluval Flex and am very interested in loaches, I know of the kuhli loach, the dwarf chain loach, and the hillstream loach. Are there any other small species that could work in my tank? Thanks, Jack
  2. Never done a journal on anything before but I thought it might be fun to post my pics and videos of the redo of my Fluval Flex 15gal tank. Filter: Fluval sponge block with biomax cubes and carbon, usb nano pump and ziss air stone Light: Standard Fluval Flex LED light Substrate: Eco-complete Plants: Water sprite, crypto lucens, crypto wendtii, crypto parva, pogostemon stellatus octopus, red dwarf aquarium lily, banana plant and a drift wood bonsai with java moss. Also been rooting some Song of India cuttings in the cut out feeding hole. Fertilizer: Co-op root tabs and easy green Chemicals: Fritz Complete Water Conditioner and Fluval Cycle Pics from initial planting week of Sept 19 2021. Growth after a week
  3. Greetings! I just received my fluval flex 15 gallons. If you have one, I would like to hear if you’ve done any modifications or if you have ideas. 1- with what to fill the huge empty first compartment 2- Is it ok if I added a sponge filter in the 3rd compartment? It’s mostly so I always have one ready if I need a cycled one. 3- If I want more lights, what do you think of the nicrew submersible led light? Any toughts suggestions or comments are welcome! My population will be 15 chili rasbora, 6 clown killifish, 1 nérite snail and 1 orange dwarf mexicain crayfish (cpo) Thank you!
  4. Hi, My Fluval Flex 15 bulb just quit working a few days ago. I was looking at replacing it and wanted to see if anyone here has had any experience? I would like to use the original lid and have the light where the original one sits. Does the Fluval Planted 3.0 fit under there? Any other lights I should consider? Thanks
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