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About Me

  1. I currently have two threads for both of my aquariums, but I've been thinking that its time to merge the two threads together My current tanks are my Community tank (40 Gallons): Home to: Angelfish, Cardinal Tetras x5, Bristlenose Pleco, Upside down Catfish x2, Zebra Danios x6. Its Planted with: Anubias Nanna, Crypt Wendetii Red, Red Twist Sword, Hygrophiliia Siamensis 53B, My second tank is my Betta Tank (5 Gallons): Its home to: Hugo the Betta, 5 Neon Tetras, and a new addition (more on that below!) Its planted with: Hygrophillia Compact, Hygrophillia Siamensis, Two Species of Anubias, Buce, Red Melon Sword, Little Side Note: Hugo had gone through some Finrot Treatments, his fins are still growing back. I'm also working on a new tank to go below the community tank, hoping to get some supplies for it and to get it up and running! Today I went driving and drove past a petstore, so naturally I had to stop. I picked up a Nirite Snail for the Betta Tank. I want names for this little guy so comment some suggestions! Also just a quick questions. Does this look like a baby nirite? It seems unlikely due to the fact that they only breed in brackish, but what elese could it be? It moves and has the antennas like a snail too. I picked up the snail to add it in so I'm not sure how it could have come into the tank. Unless it came in in one of my plants, but the last time I added a plant was maybe three weeks, and I'm only noticing it now. So maybe we'll need two names, thats exciting! The baby will probably end up in a different tank soon, 5 gallons is probably too small for two snails.
  2. Just wanted to share this find with those who might be looking for a cheap solution. I will say, once it's clipped in, it's sturdy. I don't like how the riser bar looks, but I will cut off the extra once I find the height I need.
  3. I have a Fluval 3.0 48 in light on a 55 gallon tank. what I want to know is: is there a way to look at your settings (percent of brightness of each color) and determine the PAR number at a given depth.
  4. Is one 48 inch fluval 3.0 enough for low to medium light on a 75 gallon or would i need two lights?
  5. Hey Everyone, I recently bought the fluval plant 3.0 LED after reading reviews and it's amazing but I noticed the "Pure White" isn't pure white like the 2nd pic below. was there a update to this color?
  6. Hi everyone if I have a Fluval plant 3.0 and I. Have plants like anuvias that don’t like to much ligth or are low tech to what number do I need to adjust my ligth for them to grow thick leafes and happy
  7. I have a Fluval 3.0 on a 29gal with a custom setup of around 2% blues, 75% reds, and 95% on the whites, set to ramp up and down through the day. I'm noticing it runs REALLY hot--so hot I can't touch it for more than a second, and the tank is hovering around 81F without any supplemental heating, now. I've seen some people say they do run warm, but for an LED, it seems a bit much. Is this normal?
  8. I have the fluval LED plants light but I have seriously hard water. Calcium deposits are on the light so I ordered a glass canopy. In the meantime how do I clean the light? I want the deposits and the splotchy smaller deposits off. I’ve tried glass cleaner and a water vinegar mix. The light was pricey so I don’t want to ruin it. What would you do??
  9. is anyone using a fluval 3.0 nano on fluval flex? How did you mount it? and how successful were you with plants?
  10. Thought I'd compare the Fluval 3.0 24 inch with my NICREW Plus LED. First pic is the Fluval on with all settings at 100%; second pic is the NICREW. Fluval seems brighter up top and with richer colors--however, as it's a 24 inch, it doesn't quite illuminate the 'sides' as well as the NICREW, which runs the full length of the tank. (a 29 gallon), leaving them looking a bit darker in-person. The next size up would obviously be far too wide for the tank. Thoughts?
  11. I'm trying to optimize a planted 55-gallon tank and recently upgrade to the Fluval 3.0 LED light. Some of my plants are really thriving, which is great! But unfortunately, the algae seems to also like all of the light and I now have stringy brown algae all over everything. I'm not really sure how to get rid of it. I have nerite snails and a pleco. I also have some dark green algae growing on the leaves of my anubias plants that does not seem to be able to be scraped off. I'd eventually love to get a CO2 setup, but right now it's out of my price range. I'd love some advice from an experienced aquarist on how to adjust the light settings to reduce the algae growth. I've attached a screen shot of the light cycle I'm currently using. I'm also dosing the aquarium with liquid carbon daily. Appreciate any help from an expert!
  12. The 24" fluval light only has an 18" light surface. I centered it my new 29 galleon tank (30" wide). My aquascape has Pogostemon planted in the corner of the tank with the intention of it growing in to hide the filter behind it. My Pogostemon is actually growing on an angle to recenter itself under the brighter light. It is also growing rather long well spaced out leaves which would indicate to me my lighting is too low at least for it. I run 50% for ten hours and so far have had little to no algae so am hesitant to adjust. Think I should up the top rate at least for some portion of the day or rearrange plants?
  13. So, the wife and I just bought a bigger house, which means I get a bigger living room display tank! (Don't tell her that yet.) I'm upgrading from a 29 to a 75, and have a 24 inch fluval 3.0 on the 29 (a 30 inch tank). That is plenty of light, I actually have it dialed back about 50%. For a 75 gal, would you guys think the 36 inch fluval would enough or just bite the bullet and get a 48 in?
  14. I love my fluval 3.0 nano thats on my guppy tank! But I have a few questions about its programming Can I push a button that lets the light max out temporaily? Like is there a way to make the light go all the way up without messing with the current scehdule. Can I make day specific settings? Like can I have the light turn on at 2pm and turn off at 12 on monday-friday? and then can I have the light turn on at10am and turn off at 8pm on weekends? Heres my scehdule:
  15. Jcdli


    I have a 48 inches plant Fluval 3.0 and I would like to know how wide and deep I can make my tank, I’m planing to do a custom and I’m just wondering how big can I go and the ligth will still cover the full tank
  16. Hello! I am interested in getting into more higher tech planted aquarium. I am curious what led lights will do the job for most aquarium plants (with and w/out Co2). I've heard of brands like ONF but pricing seems to be pretty high whereas lights like Finnex stingray 2 I'm concerned won't be strong enough. Any thoughts of what light brands and models would be best? Thank you very much!
  17. I’m not sure what size of a 3.0 to use for 40 breeder as there is one size that goes to 34 inches and one size that goes from 36 inches to 48 inches.
  18. Hey, I'm getting ready to house/ breed some platys in my 10 gallon! I'm also getting ready for the fluval 3.0 nano thats coming on Monday. My original plan was to not have a lid to begin with and possibly later get a glass lid. But I've heard many stories of platys jumping out of tanks. So my question is, would you consider them "jumpers"? I know all fish jump, but would you especially want a lid for these guys? Or do you guys think its fine if it goes lidless for the first few weeks to a monthish? Thanks so much!
  19. Best setting for a breeding tank of L134 want to get the light right got a couple plants in there well for a South American tank
  20. Question for anyone. My plants in the back and side don't grow straight up. They grow directly to my light (Fluval 3.0). Should I change my settings at all or that's just the way there gonna grow? No major issue just wanted any tips
  21. Love my Fluval 3.0 plant lights I have on my 29g and 75g. I want one for my 10g but the 32W version I have on my 29g is too long. Anyone know if the Nano covers a whole standard 10g tank?
  22. I have a 55 gallon aquarium currently using two Marineland covers with LED lights. Since I started adding live plants, I have found that the Anubias are doing fine after 6 months but the Java Ferns are slowly dying off. First the leaves get brown spots and over several weeks die and need to be removed. All plants are attached to rocks via string, rubber band, or super glue. Water chemistry is generally OK with pH of 7.6, nitrites and ammonia at near zero and nitrates fluctuate between 20 and 50. I want to add more plants to help with nitrates and for appearance so I am considering adding a Fluval 3.0 LED light to be able to provide more light to the plants. The aquarium measures 12 inches by 48 inches with a divider bar in the middle. Height is 18 inches. Should I get the 36 inch/46 watt or 48inch/59 watt light? Also, once I remove the existing Marineland covers, should I replace them with glass covers to reduce evaporation and fish jumping out of the tank or is there something else people would recommend?
  23. I just bought a new light and would like to shadow someone's settings! I guess it could be considered a fairly heavily stocked tank with Plant load that is. I've got 6 Cichlids no more than 3" and a bristle nose. I've been playing with the light but am curious as to others manual settings My tank is a typical 55 48"Lx12"Wx18"T
  24. I had a cheap top fin led strip light that came with the tank. My tank was clear and clean, but the plants always seemed like they were missing something. Yesterday I installed the fluval planted light. I can’t get the color to look right. It always looks dull or off to me. Does anyone have a good setting? Also, there’s seems to be algae growing on the walls already.
  25. I have a 40 tall low tech tank. Wondering if the 24” inch Fluval LED Plant light will be long enough and strong enough for it? It’s 30” long and 24” inches deep. Thanks
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