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Found 13 results

  1. I swear it wasn't there yesterday and now it's here....wth....It's so pretty though. (full tank view it's the plant attached to wood front left corner). If any of my clever fish friends know which Anubias this is that'd be appreciated, it's the only one I've purchased that had no label.
  2. Have any of y’all been able to get your aquarium lily to flower? I’d love to get this one to flower since it’s very visible in our living room.
  3. Do dwarf aquarium lilies flower? I’ve had one in a tank almost a year and yesterday morning I discovered a very thick stem with a bulb pushing against the lid.
  4. .....when you wake up and one of your anubias flowers open
  5. I’m sorry I’m really excited if this is and it doesn’t look like the usual leaf and idk this just is awesome if it is bc I also just got my first ever shrimplets born and my head is exploding
  6. I got a flower stalk on my dwarf sagittaria! It started sending the flower stalk up a couple days ago, and there would be a bloom and then the stalk would grow more until it finally reached the surface. Tank has a mixed substrate with Fluval stratum, eco-complate, and gravel, lighting is Fluval 3.0, no co2 in this tank.
  7. Just a few days ago my Tiger Lotus flowered, almost exactly 1 month after last time it last sent out a flower. Such a fascinating and beautiful plant!
  8. Haven't been here in a while since not much is happening in my world since I'm working on moving, but i had a surprise last night that turned into a bigger surprise this morning. This is the 3rd attempt at growing a flower for this plant and probably the fastest ive seen it go from the base of the plant to pressing against the lid, so i left it open over night.
  9. This was when we first noticed it: And now it has growwwwnnnn SO much! And it's beautiful! But I'm wondering if these flowers somehow turn into new ruffle sword plants. I've researched it, but cannot find a definitive answer on that. AND I don't know how to propagate the flowers, if it's possible. Does anybody know??? We're going to have LOTS of them! It is just SO much FUN to have something flowering in your tank...so fascinating!!!
  10. So I found these really weird things in my hornwort I don’t know what they are they look like eggs but white and big... Thanks
  11. I was wondering if anyone knows what my Amazon sword is up to? Based on non aquatic plants, to me it looks like a flower spike.. it's growing really fast... I'd guess 1-2 inches a day. Is there anything I need to do? Like more/less light? I'm assuming it must be happy 😃 I'm so excited by it, even if I don't know what it is!
  12. this is charlie mint i had in an aquarium previously and converted it to partially submerged, partially emersed. it is vining like crazy but it has also started flowering! ive never had this plant flower before. this is the nano pond style tank i have going with shrimp and juvenile daisy ricefish
  13. Well I had no idea an amazon sword could flower but look what I found today. Not particularly impressive but I was surprised!
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