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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so I get that flow rate is important for oxygenation/gaseous exchange, plus plays a role in filtration. But hypothetically speaking, if oxygen level and filtration was taken care of by other means unaffected by flow - is flow still important? Do fish that 'prefer high flow' actually just prefer higher oxygen levels or is there more to it? Do any fish require the flow for breeding? Or feeding even? Get stressed without it?
  2. Hi All~ So I noticed that my 40G breeder has what looks like diatome "dust" on the plants. I have a Seachem Tidal 55 HOB, a large sponge filter (ACO) and an air stone. Current stocking is 2 plecos, 7 panda cory's, 10 otto's... lots of plants (getting ready to add more over the weekend). Is my flow not enough? I clean the sponge filter every 2 weeks (or sooner if needed) and HOB has filter floss to keep the water clear. I have a sponge filter on the return tube. I have it on full flow as well. Here are my questions? 1) Do I need a larger filter (maybe a 75?) 2) Should I take the sponge filter off the intake tube? 3) do I need a power head/wave maker (or whatever you call it) to get that stuff off my plants/rocks etc. and into the filter where it belongs? Any suggestions/recommendations are very welcomed!
  3. Hi I’m wondering I always hear commmunity fish need a tank with no current at all but it seems they are equip for current tanks
  4. I am moving my discus into a 4’x2’ 120 gallon from their 150 to give me more room in the living room. I want to set the tank up with a sump, mostly to add water volume. I just want to make sure my plan is solid before I start spending money. 75 gallon sump. The 120 isn’t drilled and I don’t know if it’s tempered or not so I’m planning on doing a eshopps HOB over flow. I was planning on the PF-1000 which does 1000 GPH (I’ve read it’s better to have more GPH on the overflow than the return) I will do a spray bar on the return and I want to shoot for 5x water turnover (based on what I’ve read on discus forums) I was thinking of getting the Sicce Syncra, I’m unsure if I should go with the 3.5 (660 GPH) or the 4.0 (951 GPH) It’s going to be pushing water up roughly 5-6 feet and I know the pumps don’t flow as well when they have to push the water up high. If I’m reading their chart correctly the 4.0 will have 660 GPH at 5 feet. I attached a picture of the page with the chart regarding the flow and height I mostly need help with deciding which pump to go with. And if I’m over looking anything or misinterpreting anything, please let me know. Any and all advice is appreciated!
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