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Found 9 results

  1. I have a 10 gallon tank I am currently cycling. There are no fish in it and it does not have a light. I keep the temp at 74ish and run a small sponge filter with an airstone. About a week ago I noticed some debris when I stirred up the substrate while adding a fake plant. The substrate is just cheap colored gravel from a BBS. I was out of town for a few days and came home to find a few beige blobs floating on the surface. It has the texture of a loose paste, no discernable smell. It's also in the substrate and all over the plant and the hardscape. Also, it's gross! Any ideas?
  2. Inspired from aquarium co-ops recent video of cory showing the koi ponds at the German super store. Here I have made the floating moss log using a piece of cork bark, ADA moss wire, Java moss, and a “Swiss cheese” monstera house plant. This little dude now floats in my 50g low-boy aquarium. I plan to make more if this ends up being successful.
  3. We have a guppy that we have decided to name "Bob" because she just seems to bob like a cork. It started about 7 days ago. She was bobbing in a corner and appeared very skinny, so I put her in a separate container. She just kind of floated there, barely breathing, so I assumed I was too late and that the poor thing would pass away over night. After the last few days, she seems much happier, swimming around her little box and eating. She isn't as skinny anymore. She even chases the little babies that wiggle in with her, but she is still bobbing up to the surface. All tank parameters are well within range, and we treated it and her with Maracyn and Paracleanse from Fritz as a precaution. All other fish are happy, swimming, and eating. I've read about giving a mushy pea to help with any swallowed air issues, but I'm worried about how that will go with how small she is. Does anybody have recommendations?
  4. I passed by my main tank and observed a mystery snail floating with the circulation of the water. The snail was as mostly inside the shell but a little on the outside. I have seen my snails sleep this way but never as they are floating around. I went to retrieve my phone for a photo but by the time I got back to the tank the snail was on the floor of the tank. Is this a symptom of illness or even death?
  5. Hi All, I noticed just this morning that one of my male guppies is floating near the surface on his side with his tail drooping into the water. His gills are still moving and he can swim upright for a few seconds but then starts floating on his side again. No visible spots/issues. I treated everyone for parasites before moving to the big display tank and had seen no signs of them since treatment (about 2 months ago). One female who gave birth within the last couple days has a long white piece of poo this morning. So parasites back? 2 separate issues? Everyone else is looking good. Only changes this week were adding floating plants and a couple more crypts. Anything I can do? Parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 10 GH 300 KH 150-200
  6. My dwarf gourami has been acting strange for the past two days and today he has stopped reacting to me outside his tank. All he does is float now, even lets the (not too strong) filter output push him around. He has a very slight spine curve when he moves but not as severe as some pictures I've seen. His fins look fine but he looks a little paler than usual. Stomach is definitely bloated and he is just floating around. He is not upside down although sometimes I see him lean sideways. It is just him in a 10g cycled tank with some mystery snails and shrimp. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10. All other parameters good and what he is always used to, so no changes. In the time I was typing this I watched him sink down to the bottom but quickly fight is way to the top again to float. I have done some research and tried to feed him a boiled frozen pea a few times, but he did not eat it even if I held it right in front of him. I have not fed him for two days at this point. I love this fish, can anyone help!?
  7. Recently purchased a golden mystery snail. Not sure how but it seems as if it has an air bubble in his shell. It always floats to the top. i've tried putting down in my plants but it always gets out and floats to the top. Rarely I've seen it attached to the side of my tank close to the top but then it's floating again. I've tried gently pushing on his "foot" or "trap door" to try to release air but with no success. Any suggestions? I'm afraid it will just slowly starve.
  8. My female mystery snail has been floating for a week. She gets stuck under the water flow and tumbles undernear. Please help!!!
  9. I have had 6 Kuhli loaches in a 20 gallon for several months and they have all grown however one remained quite skinny. She started floating at the top and upside, struggling to get into the guppy grass to right herself. I have treated with dewormer, but it's been 4 days and now it seems she has given up and is just floating aimlessly at the top of the water, upside down, not hanging to the plants. Do you know what could be wrong?
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