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  1. I live in Mexico, after new year my family and I went for an outdoor trail walk ideal activity now a days because of Covid-19. The walk was on a local creek that starts off from a natural underground spring. I didn't expect much since we live in a pretty dry area, most rivers and creeks are dry all year round and when there is creeks they are stationary and have no life other than basic frogs or insects. The creek was thin, shallow and slow moving mostly looked like any other creek I've seen, but Suddenly I spotted it, it almost looked like some algae, but it was a massive floater colony ( if you can call it that) The colors basic green and a hue of red - pink. Upon spotting them I realized this could be a much more special place than I originally thought, along the trail I kept an eye on the creek and that helped me spot movement in the water, there was fish! it was small and it was quick to hide. Before leaving I remembered the floaters and took a sample with my empty plastic water bottle to analyze through observation. Since I got the sample I've been taking pictures and I'm creating a log of photos and video with my camera. From the very first moments of observing it I noticed micro fauna in the water. 10 days have passed and I've noticed Miniature snails and a few fly or mosquito larvae, thus I decided to enclose it every night and whenever I'm not around to look at it, wouldn't want them to morph into mosquitos in my room. The following pictures are from my cellphone, I haven't gone through all the video and pictures in my camera(higher quality) though so I wont post that now. I'm jumping the gun sharing these since I tried really hard to get Cory's attention in today's live stream and was unsuccessful. Since I got them I've done heavy searching for this plant on the internet, and I cant find anything on it. Mind you all I have little to no experience with aquariums but I've been following the YouTube channel for a long time a little under a year and every video I get closer to actually going all out in on the hobby. I'm really interested in aqua scaping maybe its cause I'm an architect and I feel its almost like landscaping duh, lol. But in all reality I'm a noob at this, literally haven't had a fish since I was like 12, I'm 29 now. And because of the sudden discovery that I just couldn't ignore I jumped the gun took the sample and here I am 10 days later, when I really wasn't thinking about investing in a tank etc. until much further, when I know more and am 100% sure this hobby was for me. Luckily when I was a kid I had multiple bettas and I had 3 small spherical aquariums which are perfect for my tests. I used the smallest one I had, and plan on if possible to grow these plants and get enough for all three aquariums and eventually enough for a much larger aquarium in a not so far future. Anyways, I'm sorry for the super long text, I really wanted to fully explain the context of where, when, who and why I'm doing this. And my intent with this is to get help identifying the plant and whether its a good option for an aquarium with fish. And if indeed its an unknown then look for help from local biologist or investigate on how to adequately register and name it to be found online. So far in these 10 days I've seen massive root growth and expansion in the little aquarium which I could post in a follow up post. Enough delay here are the photos. The creek, thin, shallow and steady or still flow. The Floaters in their natural environment!!! Discovery for me at least. 🙂 Floaters close up in my small aquarium. (daytime, direct sunlight) At night with dim lighting the edge lights up almost looking phosphorescent! couldn't really capture what it looks like with my cellphone with that dim light. Upon realizing there was mosquito or fly larvae I enclosed it letting it breath when I'm there to check on it. Roots, most where anchored on to a twig. and the pretty much have only one root per petal, and I saw new root growth soon after setting it in my new container. I did notice root curling in the end, I cant tell if that's just a plant characteristic as in maybe used to anchor on to things as seen in the twig, or if it is the result of a certain deficiency in the water since I took the sample and added about an equal amount of drinking water( water bottle) to have the floaters float off the bottom since the container is much bigger than the small water bottle used to take the sample with. I used drinking water to prevent adding any untested unfiltered tap water which I have no idea of its ph etc ( city water). I hope I did the right thing. If yo are still here reading this, THANK YOU ❤️ I will try to keep up with this thread daily until I get the help I need, Happy New Year to all
  2. Hi all! @Hobbit, I've got a male honey gourami in nesting mode. So we picked up a small clump of red root floaters just for him. I don't have anything else floating in my tank. He has pretty much destored the floaters - I think! I hate to "accuse" him when I don't know for sure. 😬😉 He has moved, poked, prodded, chased and darted through the little clump until they are shredded. The red roots have turned dark, the leaves are separating & dropping to the bottom of the tank where the shrimp & snails have created on them. What floaters do you recommend for him & does this behavior sound normal? Alesha
  3. In my 36 gal tank I’m looking to as something to float on top. But can’t decide on what. I have two Java moss balls floating mid level, dwarf hair grass as slight carpet. Amazon sword as background. Only have albino corydoras and nerite snails. Will eventually have loaches and neocardinia shrimps is my goal. So hit me with ideas. Pic of my tank
  4. Hello. We are currently transitioning our tank into a planted tank. Our tank is a Top Fin Corner tank. We are looking for a top floating type of plant that will do well with hard water , low to medium lighting and no co2. We also don't see the very top of the tank, so we want something that would have longer cool looking roots that would hang down into the tank. I was thinking about Red Root Floater possibly, thinking it might add some depth of color to tank , to go along with the scarlet temple in the tank. Photo for reference. Excuse the cloudiness, we completely redid our tank yesterday so everything was clearing. Under the rock is a layer of Fluval Stratum. Plans are to eventually remove the octopus in the back and move the sword in the planter to that location. and then add another piece of driftwood and attach some anubias or more java fern. Also we will be adding in more Scarlett temple plants as well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QVZrLZvnFtsHgoDZA Here's a before the transition just for fun: 🙂 https://photos.app.goo.gl/tVw8NPvjr4znrgei6
  5. I am new to hobby so I never paid much attention to KH, but in my search to discover why I can no longer effectively keep floating plants, I have been testing and analyzing my water a thoroughly and discovered my KH is basically non-existent. I haven't bought the liquid test kit for KH yet, but on both the Tetra and the Coop test strips I test consistently with a brightly colored zero indication. I was surprised because with my limited knowledge of GH and KH I assumed having hard water meant I would have in the least some registerable amounts of KH. I mean I don't even have just hard water, I have SUPER hard water. Coop test strips give me a royal purple every time 😂 I am pretty sure my water is basically a brick out of the tap. So adding crushed coral or wonder shells sound counterintuitive to me when all I want is registerable KH. And just to remove any tank factors out of the equation, the KH is non-existent out of the tap. So weekly water changes seem to do nothing but add zero to zero. Now on to PH concerns...currently I am running peat moss in my tank and the lovely thing about KH being on hiatus, I can lower my PH pretty easily. PH is around 6.8, down from my normal average of 7.4. It actually only took me, maybe two weeks to get there approximately. And my concern is that maybe I shouldn't be playing with PH if I have no KH. It feels like I got in a car to drive in a city with no traffic lights? So while on one hand I can go as I please, the danger of something going horribly wrong is possible as well, unfortunately. So basically I guess my questions are whether I should just keep doing what I am doing regardless of KH absence? Can you just supplement KH without adding more brick to my brick water? And should I even be adding peat if I don't have KH on the premises to police?
  6. Why do I murder floating plants???? I’ve been trying to have some floating plants for the guppies to have fry in. I’ve killed them all! I’ve tried water sprite 3 different times. Hornswort , guppy grass. All my non-floating plants seem to be doing ok. What am I doing wrong??
  7. I've got two types of floating plants in my tank (one was a volunteer that came with the other). I love them, and they are growing quick, but I'd like to coral them a bit. I have high flow and if I could keep them in 2 clumps it would help with feeding and just generally more pleasant visually. Before I DiY I wanted to see if anyone has a design they found works best or even an off the shelf product. Thanks.
  8. I want to put a plant “roof” on my 55 what is the easiest way for a beginner to do it
  9. What is a good plant for bare bottom tanks because I know some plants get there food from the substrate
  10. I’ve tried water lettuce and one other plant I can’t remember the name of and my fish seems to shred the roots and it’s just a floating graveyard of plant bits after a few days. I only have guppies and zebra danios swimming. There are few Cory’s and plecos in the bottom. I am assuming it’s the danios doing the damage? Is this normal? Is there a floating plant they won’t destroy?
  11. Whats some good floating plants for a 5 gal with one betta and low light?
  12. Will floating do better in an open toped tank or one with a lid on it
  13. Ok I live in Hawaii so I just set up a mini pod 2 weeks ago and when I bought some water hyacinth and duckweed I found this strange plant I have never seen before anyone know what it is.
  14. Hello, I have a freshwater fish and shrimp nanotank with about 9"x9" surface area at the top and all our floaty plants died after our homemade tubing ring failed and the waterfall pummeled them. Does anyone have tips on what kind of tubing I should buy and how to make it leakproof, or honestly is there anyone at the store who I can pay to make me one from some thinner tubing? I am looking into feeding rings but the ones I see online are kind of ugly and look like they'd take up too much space since they are attached to an arm that is supposed to stick to the wall of the tank. My ideal solution, though I'm open to better ideas, is a larger ring to keep all the plants inside, so that the corners of the tank (including where the filter water falls) will be plant-less, and that's where I'll drop fish and shrimp food.
  15. Hey friends! I discovered these very tiny crawlers on my floating plants. They hardly move, and they don't leave the tanks, but I was wondering if y'all knew what they were and if they are harmless or if I need to do something about them. They are pretty tiny so I tried to get close but it was hard. They are like little dots! Thanks!
  16. Looking for a great floating plant that will also allow light to enter the tank, as I have lots of plants growing. I have a 40 gallon long, with only a sponge filter.
  17. Can vallisneria live a life as a floating plant? If not, how long can you float it without melting it? Running out of substrate space but trying to accumulate enough plants to make the trip to the LFS worthwhile.
  18. I have a 55 gallon tank and would like to float some plants in it to help me control nitrite/nitrate. I have 3 crayfish in the tank so I can't have any live plants at the bottom for now. Any recommendations?
  19. hey all, not sure if this is allowed but the coop doesnt sell floaters so no conflict of interest? i cleared out a bunch of floaters and would really hate to toss them, if anyone wants them just cover the shipping cost and you can have em. its mostly dwarf lettuce but there is frogbit and some other plants mixed up in there. ill ship them out tomorrow morning. maybe we can start an act of kindness thread? if anyone has any plants/trimmings that they don’t want they can post them in the thread to giveaway to someone who may have a use for them but maybe can’t purchase plants at the moment. might be a good place to share in our extras, thoughts?
  20. My tank is about nine months old - 13g 16" deep with chili rasboras and cherry shrimp, Flourite substrate with root tabs and a Fluval Plant 3.0 light. It has a fair amount of established plants: anubias, java ferns, red flame swords, dwarf water lettuce and hitchhiker duckweed. I mysteriously killed a few supposedly easy plants over the last several months, within a week of getting them: java moss, christmas moss, guppy grass, jungle val. I recently added my first plants that need higher light: scarlet temple, microswords and Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan', and I want to make sure that I'm giving them enough light to grow (or at least stay green and not die) while not encouraging too much algae growth. With the shrimp I'm not worried about most algae types, they'll happily eat it, but they don't eat BBA and I have a tiny bit of BBA already on the leaf of a java fern that's below the filter outtake. What settings should I have my light on to give the higher light plants enough light? I think this light is capable of high light in a tank this size, isn't it? And how often/how much should I dose fertilizers (I currently do two pumps Easy Green twice a week, one pump Easy Iron twice a week, 2.5 ml Flourish Advance once a week) to keep up with the higher light so that I don't develop an algae problem? Also, I have my scarlet temple not properly "planted" or buried in the Flourite, they're just sitting on top of the substrate with plant weights wrapped around the bottoms, because I'd read they're mostly water column feeders - is this okay?
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