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Found 14 results

  1. I had a tank for about 6 years when I was younger, so I'm not a total newbie. I decided to start a tank up for my daughter who just learned about fish at school. I don't have a great local store anywhere near me, so PetSmart was my only option. I made the mistake of listening to them when they suggested just filling the tank so the way instead of starting small or doing a fishless cycle. Needless to say I'm starting over. I tested twice a day, and watched a cycle. I'm not sure if I lost the fish to a disease (two dead danios had red gills, and the pleco who died was pretty white). I'm going to bleach and scrub the tank, then start over and go slowly this time. Thoughts/advice on a fishless cycle?
  2. I'm currently doing a fishless water cycle and picking out my fish for a 75 gal and was wondering if I can you keep White Cloud Mountain Minnows with Hoplo Catfish.
  3. Hi so I have had my tank setup for 4 days now I used the fritz turbo start and fishless fuel to help boost the cycle and here on day 4 i am seeing a bit of nitrites, my ammonia levels are going down, and i have been seeing a bit of nitrate surprisingly. I have a 5 gallon with a hygger heater my tank fluctuates between 78-80 degrees and I have an aquariumcoop nano sponge filter with eco complete as my substrate I have a nice handful of species of plants; crypts, anubias, bacopa, java fern but recently my ph levels have been rising I started off with 7.4 on the high range of the api water test kit and within 2 days it has gone up to 7.8 I have 0 livestock in my tank but I plan on stocking my tank with a betta and 2 or 3 amano shrimp is there anything i should be concerned about adjusting? thankyou!
  4. Hello, @Cory I have a question about the Ammonia test strips. What type of test are they. I am starting a new tank and was putting in Ammonium Chloride (DR. Tims) to do a fishless cycle. I put in the stated amount for my tank waited 30 min to all mix together and test with the strip but the test strip said I had hardly any so I added a bit more ammonia. Waited 30 more min but the reading in the strip did not change. I found that odd so I broke out my API test kit and the ammonia was reading off the charts high. I had to do a large water change to bring it down to get the 3 ppm level I was looking for. My guess is that the reagent that is used in the strip does not react with ammonium chloride but would like to confirm this as to help others who may want to start the cycle in their tank in this manner. I absolutely love the multi test strips they have made my life much easier lol. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. I have a 37 gallon tank cycling right now. I also have a 90 gallon but I havent set that one up yet. I plan on using media from the 37 to jumpstart the 90 but right now im struggling with the 37. I started the cycle on Wed. I added ammonia to the tank, its at 2 ppm. I also added API quick start to the tank. I havent seen any progress whatsoever on it. I know it takes 6-8 weeks to cycle but even the first step? I thought I should see progress within the first week. Is there an easier way to do this? I dont have any established media unfortunately to use 😞 Maybe theres a better bottle with bacteria I can buy to use? Or should I just empty it all out and do a fish in cycle?
  6. I’m on the tail end of doing a fish-less cycle. I’ve been running a canister filter during that time. In the canister is that fine poly-fil, polishing type of media. Since there is no actual fish to gunk it up. Would you replace it as if there were fish gunk in it or leave it until there are actual fish in the tank to gunk it up? It’s been about a month + a week since day one. Trying to figure out a game plan for when the tank is ready for fish. Leave the media in place and reset the maintenance clock to zero after adding fish or go through maintenance like normal when you have an established tank before adding the fish?
  7. I have tested it both With API and strips, I don’t know why my API test shows that high level of ammonia. Didn’t do any water change. Any suggestions on what to do?
  8. This Saturday I will be 4 weeks into my fishless cycle (fresh water; 3 gallons). Just looking for some input. My ammonia is about .25ppm, nitrite is 5.0 and nitrates 20ppm. Should I consider a partial water change, or keep letting it do it's thing. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am new to the hobby and have just started my first low tech 20g long freshwater tank. Fishless cycling with a hardscape is going well (using Stability and Brightwell's Quick Cycl Ammonia additive). I am also using Eco-Complete as the substrate. I am planning to add live plants before any fish. So do I do this once the tank is fully cycled? How do I keep the tank cycled while the plants are settling in to their new environment (no fish, so no ammonia... is that right?) I would really appreciate some tips and advice in this area. Thank you!
  10. I’m kinda new to the hobby. I was the person that went out and got fish and threw them in my tank. Luckily killing very few fishies! However, this time I’m educating myself, thank you Aquarium Coop YouTube videos, and I have questions. I got my test kit and these are my readings. 2ppm ammonia. 8.2 ph, 0 nitrites and nitrates. No fish, but I did add food to “ghost feed”. After doing further research, I learned that my a penguin 100 probably isn’t filtering my 29 gallon adequately. So I’ve ordered a prefilter, and a medium or large sponge filter from you. And a Java fern. I don’t want to burn up my Java in ammonia. But I’m concerned what to do. I don’t believe I have cycled completely yet. My tank has been set up about 2 weeks.
  11. Hi I am currently in a fishless cycle in a planted tank and have been for approximately 3 weeks adding 2-4ppm ammonia this is now being reduced to 0ppm within 12/16 hours. The Nitrites have stayed steady at .25ppm all the time and not increased or decreased. The Nitrates are around 5-10 ppm closer to 5. I have also added stability on a regular basis. What is happening ?? Can I do a partial water change to dilute the Nitrites and then safely add fish and stability at the recommended dose and time period along with Prime. Your advice is very much appreciated.
  12. In the middle of my first fishless cycle after watching @Irene (Girl talks fish) youtube videos. Ammonia at 0 and gets back to 0 24 hours after dosing up to 2ppm of ammonia. Nitrites were a little high and nitrates were at almost 80 ppm. Decided to do a 50% water change and continue waiting for nitrites to get to 0. Should I continue adding ammonia every few days? Any other advice besides giving the tank time? Also do you think itd be a good idea to add a few nerite snails to clean up some of the dying leaves on the new plants? 75g tank with an Aquaclear 110 and a large COOP sponge filter. Lightly planted right now as I wait to buy more plants from the COOP.
  13. Hello my name is Bladimir, I have a new 40 Gallon tank that is currently on a fish-less cycle (3rd day) I have some live plants, gravel, and smaller lightweight gravel where my plants are planted, I also have some wood that I’ve sterilized. I am looking for some nutrient for my plants to thrive. plant food that I could get for my plants so they can grow and saw your product easy green fertilizer. My question is will easy green fertilizer disrupt or cancel out my fish less cycles?
  14. I'm starting up a 30 Gallon Half-moon tank and I'm wanting to use fish food to cycle my tank. Any recommendations on how much or how often I should add fish food? I've always had and still do have seasoned filters but I'm in no rush to set this up! My Son has always wanted a puffer fish so I'm thinking of getting him one for his birthday in early December! I haven't yet figured out which puffer yet. I've got bigger tanks if we decide to go with a larger breed of puffer but would rather just keep a smaller one that could live out its life in a 30 to 75 Gallon tank. A tank that wont be too big for his room! So recommendations on a specific puffer would also be helpful
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